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NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Forced Out of Home Due to Death, Rape Threats

NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Forced Out of Home Due to Death, Rape Threats

People wonder why she’s passionate about her 2nd Amendment right.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who also hosts a popular radio show and TV show on The Blaze, and her family spent the weekend prepping for a move because of all the death and rape threats she has received.

On Sunday, Loesch explained on Twitter how people have tracked down her private cell phone number and posted pictures of her house online.

Females have started to share personal stories of sexual assault and harassment under the #MeToo hashtag on Twitter after the explosive allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Loesch decided to to open up about the threats she has received that has put her and her family in danger.

Thankfully, local law enforcement and private security has worked with her and her children’s school to make sure they remain as safe as possible.

Loesch noted that she cannot speak about most instances publicly, but that she and other 2nd amendment female supporters receive sexual threats on a regular basis. She also points out the hypocrisy shown by some who attack conservative females, but at the same time, condemn Weinstein for the alleged accusations against him.

She concluded her story with these important thoughts:

Despite her testimony, I noticed some people attacking her as she explained how people have made her unsafe. One person kept tweeting at Dana stories that described the victims of gun violence.

In August, a congresswoman actually called Loesch and the NRA domestic terrorist threats after Loesch explained the death of Philando Castile. Loesch said that Castille had marijuana in his possession while carrying his gun, which makes it not a legal carry:

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) decided this means the NRA and Loesch are dangerous to society:

Stay safe, Dana. We have your back.


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It’s how the left works. They truly hate EVERYONE who disagrees with them and couldn’t care less about their safety or welfare. If anything bad happens the left will just shrug their shoulders and say that person deserved it for their hatred for being a right winger.

    Edward in reply to mailman. | October 17, 2017 at 10:34 am

    If all of those on the Left were only to “… shrug their shoulders and say that person deserved it …”, the world would be a little bit better. Making death and sexual assault threats, outlining the hypocrisy of the Left to perfection, goes far beyond “shrugging”. These are the people who dreamed up “SWATting”*, with a stated hope, on the part of some, that some Second Amendment supporter(s) would at least get shot, if not die.

    *Calling 911, usually at night (sometimes late), with an breathless report that a shooting was taking place at the home of a known 2d Amendment supporter, hoping that the SWAT team would shoot first and ask questions later. At the least it causes people a huge interruption in their life while the Police sort it out.

I just joined the NRA.

The haters made me do it.

I don’t even own a gun.

My wife bought a Groupon for the family to go clay pigeon shooting and we had a ball. Afterwards, we took the kids to the Reagan Library. It was a great day. When we were in Las Vegas last spring for our daughter’s volleyball tournament, my son wanted to go to a shooting range there (our first time) where you can shoot modern as well as historic (e.g., from WWII) guns. That was a blast, too!

I grew up with a father who was extremely anti-gun.

He was wrong. When we get the time, I’m hoping the whole family can take some NRA classes. If someone had told me in the not so distant past that I’d be doing this, I would’ve told them they were crazy.

But I like to think I have an open mind, and I evolved.

    Things have changed since your dad’s time. The demographic nature of the US has dramatically changed in many areas since Sen. Ted Kennedy’s 1965 legislative opening of the immigration floodgates with the Hart–Celler Act and subsequent massive illegal migration from Mexico. It wasn’t a paradise: there was still crime, but these days the police are battling to keep themselves safe, let alone coming to protect you. Respect for the law and respect for other people’s rights have been severely degraded.

    When society and the social contract has changed (without our acquiescence or approval) then we must change too.

And the moonbat, arguably treasonous left claims that law-abiding gun owners are the dangerous ones…

    They’re projecting so hard it hurts.

    They’re unstable and know that if they had a gun they would use it to settle their petty grievances. So they can’t imagine that the rest of the country is not a tenth as mercurially violent and hysterical as they are.

Kathleen Rice should read the verdict:

The settlement to be paid to Valerie Castile, who is the family’s trustee, was announced Monday and comes less than two weeks after officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter and other charges connected to her son’s death.

Her moral equivalent is BS and I sure hope someone calls out her race baiting comment as such. Obviously Rice does not know the case very well.

Hopefully the police have the expertise (and the will) to track down those degenerates threatening Dana Loesch.

The left collectively has a complete lack of self awareness. Their vile little thugs do crap like this and then they question why anyone would want to own a weapon for self-protection?

We have seen the collapse of the opposition to Maduro in Venezuela. There was to way to throw off the chains of socialism when the armed forces of the Left are in control. Their socialist revolution continues as suffering increases. The Left hungers for complete control here and believes no sacrifice of freedom and liberty is too great to bring about their perfection of humanity. Even in gross failure they continue on. The Constitution is a hindrance to their goals. The rule of law with its (hopeful) checks and balances is a roadblock to them. As such, anyone upholding the Constitution is a threat to them. Human nature and human history have proven them wrong and for that history must be done away with.

Just checked out Rice’s tweeter site. Don’t waste your time. She is a full blown moonbat. Is there rumors they want to run her for President in 2020. Good luck on that one.

Q. How does a marijuana user legally obtain a firearm or carry permit?
A. He doesn’t, per ATF Form 4473, 11(e).

    The Packetman in reply to CZ75Compact. | October 17, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    It’s just my opinion, but I think the tension between states with medical cannabis and the ATF on 11(e) will be one of the next civil rights battles.

They’re (the left) really not going to like it when we fully embrace and live by their rules.

Everyone who chooses to stand for something- or might be called on to stand for something should consider the above dynamic when choosing a home.

1- Gated property or community.
2- Are your neighbors 2A and will they address someone molesting you or your property.
3- Fenced yard between your house and all property lines… and trees blocking external views to the home.
4- The fence is for their protection and not yours (do you want to trespass and have an intimate conversation with my 3 malinois?… I didn’t think so), but it will be AWESOME when I post it to youtube.

If 2A is required for self defense, there will be no doubt trespassers went to extraordinary efforts to violate your safety.

We live in a dangerous world. Acknowledge that and behave accordingly.

And there are still people who wonder why the 2nd Amendment applies to individual defense. I LOVE IT when jack-wagons MAKE the case for gun rights. And, these idiots even set up the perfect self defense situation by actively threatening a woman with death of great bodily harm. Duh.

This is no time for stilted arguments for gun rights. This is simple, straight-forward self defense.

Pretty much why every state should strive to emulate and surpass the Texas Castle Doctrine.

Dana has a standing invite to come live with any of us, I imagine.

It’s a reflexive, Pavlovian response on the Left’s part to any conservative who DARES object to the Left’s dogma (and catma to, I’m sure), an everyday demonstration the level of (cl)ass act to which they can aspire.

Like some recent commercials state — “It’s what they do.”

Tolerance for all…..but some are not so worthy it would seem.

Un-Suh-Wreckt | October 17, 2017 at 8:40 pm

Doesn’t anyone at NRA have some tech skills? Even just Deplorables who will stand up for Dana. There are ways to find who is making these threats, especially with civil +/or criminal (preferably) subpoenas. Internet traffic carries IP and MAC addresses, mobile phone handset ID, area the connection was from + so on.

But there’s much more than that: there are services that can de-anonomize website visitor data (so you can eventually ID a specific personal computer even without an fixed IP address), others that figure out the actual user behind ‘anonymous’ web postings. A police department typically doesn’t have these resources, but tech-savvy help could be given, or perhaps Dana’s lawyer and the PD could link up, leading eventually to enough evidence for more directed searches. Lotta people will crack under questioning if they are not hardened, experienced criminals.

In parallel, a civil suit for, say, $100K per offender should be launched. Many of these people think threats are free fun, once they gotta pay, or have their future paycheck garnished they’ll become a fine example. If they try working for cash and not reporting it, then it becomes contempt (criminal) not merely civil.

Imagine the names and photos of the perps, posted on the web with a social media challenge: “Have you seen this rapist?” Snap a pic and post their live location here!”