TV host, radio host, and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has once again felt the wrath of leftists over an NRA video thanks to a few scumbag journalists who purposely twisted her words.

In the video, released back in April, Loesch calls out The New York Times for the publication’s lies and fake news. Pathetic leftist journalists freaked out over ONE word in the almost four minute video. They insisted she said that “we’re going to fist the New York Times” instead of FISK.

Claiming that Dana used a sexual term led to a lot of Twitter users threatening her with sexual violence.

Here is the full video:

The NRA tweeted out the FISK portion on Thursday:

She clearly says FISK. Even closed captioning on YouTube shows FISK:

Here’s a quick vocabulary lesson for people:




(slang) to refute or criticize (a journalistic article or blog) point by point

The left claims Loesch said fist, which has a sexual connotation for some. I don’t want to type it out, but in case you did not know, here is the definition for fisting.

The left went INSANE:

Adam Goldman from The New York Times:

Mark Follman from Mother Jones:

Dave Weigel from The Washington Post:

Yashar Ali from Huffington Post:

Oh to make it even more precious, they started to blame the HASHTAG! The NRA used the #ClenchedFistofTruth hashtag, which goes with another video Loesch hosted. She received a smear campaign over that one, too.

But instead of admitting fault, they BLAME THE HASHTAG like Parker Malloy at Upworthy:

Wait. It gets better. Then they blame Dana for using a word that isn’t used as much anymore!!

Dana laughed at the ridiculous argument:


So of course these people, who have numerous followers on Twitter, spread this lie and led to Dana receiving tons of threats: