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Women’s March Holding NRA Protest Over Dana Loesch Ad

Women’s March Holding NRA Protest Over Dana Loesch Ad

They won’t be silenced, but want to silence the NRA and Loesch.

Women’s March group is at it again. This time they’ve decided to protest against the NRA, partially over an ad that features radio host Dana Loesch.

Organizers of the group, which include Sharia-loving Linda Sarsour, claim the ad called “for armed conflict against our communities” and insulted people of color. Of course it didn’t. The ad actually highlighted the rising violence the left has used lately. But that didn’t stop the left from engaging in a smear campaign against Loesch, which Professor Jacobson described in this post.

As the professor points out, “there isn’t a single thing in it that calls for violence.” Loesch just wants us “to confront Democrat and ‘Resistance’ violence with the truth.”

Tamika Mallory, founder of Women’s March, asked NRA executive vice president and chief executive Wayne LaPierre to remove the ad and apologize for it. NRA responded with another video titled We Don’t Apologize for the Truth.

So now Women’s March, along with Black Lives Matter, decided to engage in a protest from the NRA to the DOJ today. They want to show that they “will not be intimidated from exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Last night, Loesch appeared on Tucker Carlson and she noted the irony of that statement. They won’t be silenced, but yet they want to silence Loesch and the NRA.

Loesch also reminds viewers that groups like Women’s March are not inclusive:

She explained that they don’t want pro-life women or women who want to be empowered to use the Second Amendment.

“Somehow leftism or progressivism has the patent on being a female, it has the patent on being gay or a lesbian, it has the patent on being black or being a Muslim,” Loesch said. “And it doesn’t. And that’s what I find discriminatory.”

And not wanting females “who want to be empowered to use the Second Amendment” excludes a large chunk of females in the country. From Fox News:

According to an Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll from early last year, 49 percent of married women say that they or someone in their home owns a gun. A new PEW survey shows that 40 percent of women generally live in a home with a gun, and that almost a quarter of women personally own a gun. But even for those women who don’t own a gun, 45 percent say that they could see themselves as owning one at some point.

Among female gun owners, 71 percent told PEW that they own a gun for protection, 40 percent say that all or most of their friends own guns, and 29 percent say they keep a loaded gun that is always easily accessible.

A 2014 PEW poll found that women view gun ownership positively. By a 51 to 43 percent margin they said that gun ownership is more likely to protect people from being crime victims than it is to put people’s safety at risk. Women were more supportive of gun control than men were (54 percent for women and 37 percent for men), but women are also much more likely than men to cite violence in television and movies as contributing at least a fair amount to gun violence (64 percent vs 46 percent). They were also far more likely to cite violence in video games as a contributing factor (70 percent vs 49 percent).

People have started to gather outside of the NRA headquarters. All hundreds of them?


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Eighteen miles? Sixteen by bus? Don’t forget to wear your Fitbit so you can show your friend how far you walked. LOL!

    fscarn in reply to Old0311. | July 14, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    If it’s anywhere similar to the typical SJW type of march, the following advisory is found on all printed materials: You Must Be Overweight To Participate In This March.

Do these people not know that 2nd amendment rights is a very important issue for most Americans? It’s not a Dem vs Rep, lib vs con issue. Law-abiding Americans have a constitutional right to own guns and we aren’t going to give them up! Certainly because a few ugly women hold another march to screech about what evil people most of us law-abiding Americans are.


    They know, but don’t care – the “Women’s March” is just another leftist/fascist cult group whose interests have very little to do with ‘women,’ much like leftist/fascist cult groups advertising themselves as ‘Jewish’ have to do with ‘Jews,’ and the leftist/fascist cult BLM (bureau of land management?) has to do with ‘blacks,’ and the bigoted ‘Dykes on Bikes’ has do to with ‘lesbians.’

    Then there’s Screaming Linda Sourpuss and her magic headscarf, who reminds one of Screaming Fauxahontas Warren.

    And then there is obama, soros, pelosi, and the dnc.

    And then there are the rats of the GOPe.

    In conclusion… We’re in beginnings of a civil war. The side seeking to enslave us does not want us to have guns.

      Even an exasperated Barney “Nipples” Frank advised Democrats to drop the control crap. It was a non-partisan issue that American citizens were overwhelmingly united in supporting.

      But these globalist bankster leftists don’t care what voters want. They keep losing at the ballot box so they buy politicians and judges to reverse the ballot box decisions. Abortion, DOMA, small government, national sovereignty, freedom of religion,…. it just doesn’t matter. The Masters of the Universe are just going to persist until they win.

      So start the shooting part of the civil war already. We all know it’s coming.

Nice having the burka wearing ladies marching with their heads covered.
Wouldn’t want them to risk stoning when they got home that night by appearing in public uncovered.

Dana is a strong individual. She does not make a good victim so she is an enemy of the ruling class.

Women’s March is a Marxist collective — a group of victims useful to the ruling class. Losers and useful idiots.

I’ve never understood how a feminist can be for gun control.

OleDirtyBarrister | July 14, 2017 at 11:53 am

I don’t believe that many of those fat feminists are going to make it anywhere near 18 miles in the daylight in July. I wish I were there to sell bottled water and ambulance rides.

Who, exactly, is trying to silence these women? No one, unless ridicule is considered silencing.

    VaGentleman in reply to topcat69. | July 15, 2017 at 1:54 am

    No one is trying to silence them.
    Claiming that your opponents are trying to silence you is a tactic used to silence your opposition without having to debate the fundamentals and thereby exposing your own lack of rational argument. When they ask you to explain your position, you accuse them of trying to silence you and claim you have already answered the question. The tactic is about trying to keep them off balance and not about honest debate, which you would probably lose.

    Old0311 in reply to topcat69. | July 15, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    They sure turn a hearing loss into a plus.

thalesofmiletus | July 14, 2017 at 12:24 pm


The whole panties-in-a-twist uproar over the NRA ad is two-fold; BLM does not want to see their cash cow [suing LE for using force in self defense] dry up and violent activists do not want to get shot by ordinary citizens who are simply protecting themselves and their property. The real threat of the NRA ad is that ordinary people, who are largely fed up with the activists, will side with LE and start using deadly force to protect themselves.

These thugs are basically cowards. They only cause disturbances when they are in little danger of suffering injury, themselves. What happened in Portland when a mob, which was destroying private property, was confronted by a man with a pistol outside his apartment building? It went on down the road, quietly. These thugs will confront armed LE because they know that, under the ROE that the police operate under, they are unlikely to be hurt and certainly not shot and killed. And, as ordinary armed citizens vastly outnumber these violent activists, they are terrified of anyone who may fight back.

Anti-Choice… unless it’s a rite to deny lives deemed unworthy or inconvenient to a woman’s pursuit of wealth, pleasure, leisure, or narcissistic indulgence, and political progress.

As for guns, they are merely machines that lack causal capacity. The humans that wield them have to exercise a judicious use of rights and responsibilities for self-defense, ecological conservation, feeding the population, etc.

Guns are not causal choices. Elective abortion is a causal choice that terminates a wholly innocent human life that has no voice to protest nor arms to defend her life.

Then there is the Planned Parenthood Mengele/clinical cannibalism thing, which profits from the establishment of a Pro-Choice Church. Good for the investors, good for the Church, but a clear and irreconcilable conflict of interest with universal human rights throughout our evolution from conception.

Rights and responsibilities.

It’s your right to have sex. It’s your duty to be responsible.

It’s your right to wield a gun. It’s your duty to be responsible.

Rights and responsibilities. Not rites and avoidance.

Those are women??

I bet not one of those women can make a decent sandwich.

Who are they?

Here’s who these ignorant, narcissistic hysterics are:

Democrat Women Most Likely to Block ‘Friends’ Because of Political Views:

The Left’s Toxic Identity Obsession

Erick Erickson: A day without overly privileged leftist women is a great idea

Liberals are drunk on a political poison called intersectionality

The difference between a liberal and a leftist

HILARIOUS: White Leftist Women Protesters Learn That Black Leftist Women Protesters Hate Them

These lefty heifers are going to cry “wolf” one time too often.

baloneyisfree | July 14, 2017 at 1:33 pm

I want to see exactly how they are spending the $92,757. that they raised so far for this “march “.

I think we need a bigger bus. These heifers are two seats apiece.

Looking at the Twitter for #NRA2DOJ now. Looks like quite a few people are marching in the 95 degree weather, with thunderstorm warnings and…

um… Wait a minute. (Looks closely at the pictures)

There’s quite a few pictures in the feed that show the marchers in heavy coats and gloves. Either these women are made of steel and rawhide, or they’re reusing photographs from previous marches in the winter.

amatuerwrangler | July 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm

Did I miss the giant march that celebrated the seating of another woman in the House of Representatives, that one elected in the recent special election in Georgia? You would think that they would see that as a good thing, especially when she defeated a male candidate to get the seat.

What??! You don’t say…

Note the sign “What about PHILANDO”. Just what does that mean? Philando was killed by a cop – an agent of the government. How does his killing relate to opposition to the right of citizens to arms?

Does it mean that Philando was killed because he was exercising his right to be armed, and therefore being armed is a “bad thing”? I don’t see how having untrustworthy, trigger-happy government agents equates to “It’s best if citizens were disarmed.”

I’m pretty sure the person carrying that sign couldn’t give a rational explanation of its meaning – certainly not one in relation to the message of the march.

David Block | July 14, 2017 at 6:13 pm

Loesch is better looking than 99.95% of the marchers.

    Old0311 in reply to David Block. | July 14, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    I have to call bull shit to that. She is way better looking than any of those heifers. Which is one reason they are heifers.

Interesting that you are quoting a PEW PEW poll. I’m inspired to head to the range today.