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Some changes are coming to the FOX News Channel as it revamps its programming this summer. Conservative commentator Dan Bongino and former GOP congressman Trey Gowdy will have weekend shows starting in June. Both men increased their presence on the network in recent months.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino has announced that he is leaving Twitter for good after his account was suspended for sharing the video of President Trump telling DC protesters to go home. Social media censorship and bans have increased in recent days, as even Trump was locked out of multiple accounts.

We are quickly moving towards two internet universes, one controlled by liberal and leftist tech giants, the other controlled by upstart conservative services providing a refuge for deplatformed, demonetized, and throttled conservatives.

Remove yourself from the monotonous political rhetoric for just a moment, as difficult as that may be at this point in an election year. Consider a reality that needs no embellishment. Consider a race that stands on its own as a stark choice of great consequence. A story of the longshot. The kind of story that Americans are proud to say can happen here. In a recent Facebook post, Maryland’s Dan Bongino decided the time was now to silence his opponent’s downright fallacious — but all too commonplace — political rhetoric. The kind of rhetoric that, if given enough money, stamps out the potential of great candidates for office.
After a long day of campaigning in the rain I just returned from the grocery store. Diapers are really expensive, as many of you already know.

Why am I telling you about the price of diapers? Because my multimillionaire opponent has spent over $600,000 of his $250,000,000 net worth on television ads attacking me for, get ready for it, a "war on women." I've tried to let it go, but I won't any longer. Does this fake know anything about me? He has no idea how hard my wife and I have to work to pay for little things like diapers for my daughter.

"A better tomorrow is ahead -- I have absolutely no doubt -- but it's going to require a significant change in how we operate in Washington, D.C."...

“His check only votes once.” That’s what Dan Bongino, congressional candidate in Maryland’s 6th district said of his opponent, who also happens to be the sixth wealthiest member of Congress. In between campaign stops yesterday, I was able to catch up with Bongino on the phone to discuss his progress as we rapidly approach election day in just under two months. Naturally, I first asked him about what is too often the primary driver in politics: Money. Despite the economic disparity between the two candidates, Bongino seemed comfortable with how the finances have played out during the campaign.
He can write himself a check for ten million dollars but it only votes once. We have tens of thousands of donors, many of which are within the district in Maryland… Those are people who I know are not only going to show up, but they’re gonna get 10 friends as well. If you look at individual donors — take out the PAC stuff — we are just wiping the floor with him in fundraising… At one point we even quadrupled what he was bringing in, in individual donations. He’s in a lot of trouble, and he knows it now.
Bongino has drawn national attention to a race that might have been considered a lock for the Democrats had anyone else's name been next the (R) on the ballot. But Bongino, a former Secret Service Agent and NYPD Officer with a background in boxing and mixed-martial arts (MMA), brings a fighter’s mentality to the race, along with a profile that is refreshingly unique when compared with his wealthy Democrat opponent.

Not in Maryland where it's just starting Former senate candidate, Dan Bongino, discussed the "rain tax" on Fox and Friends. One of our blessings in Maryland is that the legislature is only in session for three months. It limits the amount of damage our legislators can do....

Legal Insurrection supported Dan Bongino in the 2012 Maryland Senate race. Unfortunately, Dan was up against huge odds in Blue Maryland, and had a faux third party supposedly conservative candidate in the race, and Dan lost. This video shows what we missed. The video has garnered...

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