Yesterday, Dan Bongino released a new ad — and possibly his last — in the lead up to the 2014 election next month.

The ad carries a powerful message, with the beginning invoking a bit of Reagan’s “Morning in America.” Unlike in 1984,  however, basking in the success of the policies of the previous four years is not the intent of this ad. Indeed, the 2 and a half minute spot is keen on ackwnowlding the series of shortcomings our nations leaders have produced of late.

Despite a heavy dose of reality about how our country is currently failing, however, the viewer ultimately comes away with a sense of cautious optimism about what the future holds.

The ad hits on exactly the right message conservative candidates should be conveying, regardless of what state they are running in: A healthy respect for the good that is America, an acknowledgment of our current failures, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Watch Bongino’s “A Better Tomorrow” below.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube)


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