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Dan Bongino (#MD06): A Better Tomorrow

Dan Bongino (#MD06): A Better Tomorrow

“A better tomorrow is ahead — I have absolutely no doubt — but it’s going to require a significant change in how we operate in Washington, D.C.”

Yesterday, Dan Bongino released a new ad — and possibly his last — in the lead up to the 2014 election next month.

The ad carries a powerful message, with the beginning invoking a bit of Reagan’s “Morning in America.” Unlike in 1984,  however, basking in the success of the policies of the previous four years is not the intent of this ad. Indeed, the 2 and a half minute spot is keen on ackwnowlding the series of shortcomings our nations leaders have produced of late.

Despite a heavy dose of reality about how our country is currently failing, however, the viewer ultimately comes away with a sense of cautious optimism about what the future holds.

The ad hits on exactly the right message conservative candidates should be conveying, regardless of what state they are running in: A healthy respect for the good that is America, an acknowledgment of our current failures, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Watch Bongino’s “A Better Tomorrow” below.

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How is he doing in his race?

Tough to say really. Local coverage of this race is nonexistent *insert shocked face*. I live in MD but not in his district. I’ve volunteered for some of his events and can tell you that the support within his community is very strong. My gut tells me has a real shot to win, time will tell. – Javier

    Thanks–it’s tough to find polling on most House races. Another that I’m interested in is the old Cantor seat, VA-7, I believe.

    American Human in reply to Kondor77. | October 14, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    I spoke with him in Frederick recently (2 weeks ago) and he said that he was up in the polls by “a few points”. They must be internal polls because I can’t find any either.

American Human | October 14, 2014 at 12:03 pm

I have met Dan Bongino several times and have had good discussions with him. He is a free-market type guy and believes in our country.
I don’t know how he is polling against the robot who is John Delaney but I’m hoping and praying to have him represent me in the 6th.
BTW, the 6th District in MD was a solid conservative district until re-districting. The MD State Senate President and House Speaker re-drew it and then wound up John Delaney and gave him $$. It stretches almost the length of MD from western MD to the Potomac River and the beltway.

Bongino is a great candidate who would already be in Congress had he lived elsewhere.

Maryland and DC are perhaps the only localities which can look upon the Obama years as “good times” – due entirely to the torrents of wasteful federal spending in the period.

This district, MD-06 flipped 44 points between the 2010 and 2012 elections… In 2010, it was R+23; in 2012, it was D+21…

Good luck to Dan Bongino …