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Maryland pols have been standing in the rain too long

Maryland pols have been standing in the rain too long

Because they seem to have lost their minds.

It’s raining taxes in Maryland.

Via Common Cents:

There is an obvious way to return sanity to Maryland:


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Dan Bongino is an amazing candidate. Are MD voters smart enough to come in out of the rain? If anyone could coax them it would be Dan Bongino.

BannedbytheGuardian | April 14, 2013 at 4:09 pm

I hope they have that lid nailed down or Maggie would spring out & declare –

A rain tax – why did I not think of that ?

Involuntary exploitation (e.g. redistributive change) is not the solution. It is the problem. We can neither enslave the consumer nor the producer and hope to avoid progressive corruption of individuals, institutions, government, and society.

It is not just elective abortion (i.e. premeditated murder) which has sponsored corruption; although, a general devaluation of human life does have far reaching consequences.

Forward… to dysfunctional convergence.

It’s a good thing that my roof leaks.
Cough. Cough. How about a tax on the air that we breathe? The governor can hook up a device that measures the volume of air that I inhale, the CO2 that I exhale and tax the O. Then he can tax the device. Whoops. Too late. Obamacare already taxes medical devices.
The good news for the remaining 49 states: O’Malley wants to be President. Now we can all suffer together.

1. Maryland pols have been standing in the rain too long
Because they seem to have lost their minds.

I don’t follow this. IMO they’re using the EPA mandate as a pretext to raise taxes, presumably well beyond what the mandate requires.

The parasites in MD state government win. The parasites at the EPA win. Who’s lost their minds?

2. I’m all for electing MD Republicans, but I don’t see how making Bongino a Senator addresses the rain tax. IMHO what’s needed is a lawsuit against the EPA for exceeding its authority via the unfunded mandate.

3. For the reason in #1, the Democrat MD government has no intention of filing such a lawsuit. The GOP and conservatives grassroots organizations should make that decision crystal clear to voters in Maryland and nationwide.

4. Pat Caddell is right, or should be: ‘this country is on the verge of an explosion’, or should be; it is in a ‘pre-revolutionary condition’, or should be.

    gs in reply to gs. | April 14, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Sorry, somehow I thought Bongino was being proposed for Senator. Completely wrong. Jeez. 😳

    Would Governor Bongino be able to sue the feds, or does the state attorney general have that authority? Would he be able to rescind the tax once the preceding administration has put it in place?

    gs in reply to gs. | April 14, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    I gather from LI that MD Gov. O’Malley is a real piece of work—but slick and glib enough to be a 2016 threat, especially if Hillary stays out or blows it again.

    If the GOP is halfway competent, being tagged as Governor Rain Tax should be a major drag on O’Malley’s chances in a nationwide general election.

How did the last Republican governor work out? It didn’t because the majority of Marylanders are serfs.

    Serfs who are kept on the plantation by the democrat controlled legislature. The democrats did everything that they could to subvert Ehrlich. When Owemalley ran against Ehrlich in 2006, he cast him as a tax hiker. Since then, all that Owemalley has done is ask for more taxes. He and the dems stole the Transportation Trust fund to pay for pork and then said that they had to raise the gas tax because there wasn’t enough money in the Transportation Trust fund to pay for road repair. This was just like the dems who stole from the Social Security Trust fund to pay for the War on Poverty and the rest of the democrat giveaways.

Maryland will soon be a deserted wasteland if they keep stupidly taxing their revenue base. Why the hell would anyone want to leave in a blue state that taxes the very rain. If Oregon did that, I’d be out in heartbeat.

In 1999, the federal government issued storm water regulations requiring counties and cities to reduce water pollution associated with storm water runoff.

Maryland cities are collecting Storm Water Utility fees and those on the Bay are paying additional charges for Bay Restoration. Annapolis charges $10 per quarter for storm water and $15 for bay restoration. Commercial customers pay rates according to square feet of impervious coverage of land.

So why do ratepayers have to pay again as taxpayers? Lawsuit time is here.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to gad-fly. | April 14, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    I read that 10 metropolises are now to be fee-ed.

    It does look like extra money is needed to upgrade storm water drainage , quality control & catchment .

    Somebody has to pay – so who do you think ought but the residents?

    Worldwide the fashion trend for Tuscan style paving & minimal vegetation to absorb rainwater has caused urban storm water problems because of increased run off .

    There is a problem that needs a solution . In this case I fail to see why higher land value properties ought pay more as per the usual rates.method .

    This is sort of Margaret Thatcher’s Poll Tax where no one can hide.

and in another liberal paradise

Oregon man in Possession of 13 Million Gallons of Illicit Rainwater Sentenced to Jail

They started doing this in Philadelphia at the beginning of this year. Oh, but it’s a “Stormwater Management Service Charge”, not a tax. Yeah, right.

Property owners are the next targeted class, although they won’t demonized them in the press as they want to encourage people to buy property. It makes the golden goose less able to take flight while they pile on the “charges” and “fees”. The mortgage tax break will begin to go away – the Evil Rich will get it first but like everything else, if you think that the definition of “rich” won’t change over time, you are not paying attention. Just wait – it will get worse and worse for anyone who owns property – the young liberal voting base is less and less able to own property given the lousy economy and job creation, so eventually all property owners will be “rich.”