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Dan Bongino Launches As Alternative To Drudge Report

Dan Bongino Launches As Alternative To Drudge Report

He “started the site because he felt that in recent months, Drudge has highlighted too many anti-Trump stories he believes aren’t true”

If you read conservative news sites, you may have heard complaints that the Drudge Report is drifting too far left. FOX News contributor Dan Bongino has responded by creating a new site called Bongino Report.

Paul Bedard reports at the Washington Examiner:

Media split: Bongino Report, Drudge alternative, competes in news aggregator space

GOP media battler Dan Bongino has made good on his plans to create a news site that would be more like the Drudge Report than the real Drudge Report. And it almost imploded his server.

Bongino, who hosts a widely subscribed Dan Bongino Show podcast, had 20,000 users on his site just an hour after it went live on Wednesday. “Interest has been through the roof,” he said of the Bongino Report.

Like Drudge, it aggregates stories, especially those of interest to conservatives. Unlike Drudge, it generally won’t pick up stories from sources critics dub “fake news,” such as the New York Times or CNN.

Bongino started the site because he felt that in recent months, Drudge has highlighted too many anti-Trump stories he believes aren’t true. It’s a complaint also heard in the White House.

But he doesn’t call his page a competitor or Drudge challenger. “I am not competing with anybody. I wish them all the best,” he said.

“I don’t want to steal Drudge’s thing,” he told me. “I have an agenda: Freedom and liberty. It’s no more complicated than that.”

Take a look at the Bongino Report and judge for yourself.

Bongino has already received some major endorsements:

As far as the Drudge Report is concerned, Derek Hunter recently offered a possible explanation at Townhall:

What Happened To Drudge?

To say he’s private is an understatement.

So as the Drudge Report turns more anti-Trump, we’re left to wonder why. Because Matt won’t say.

I did get a hint. I have a friend who is actual, real-life friends with Matt. I asked them what the deal is. After all, no website was more pro-Trump in 2016 than the Drudge Report. Matt even ventured to a debate to see it all firsthand. The answer was telling, if only because there’s so little to go on.

“Maybe he’s sick of nothing being done on the border,” was the gist of the answer.

If that’s the case, it would be good to know. Because the entire tone of the Drudge Report has changed.

Best of luck to Dan Bongino in his new venture.


It’s great to see the media success Dan has had on Fox News and his hugely successful podcast. I know from experience that it’s really tough to get people to change their internet clicking habits, but Dan’s new venture may be in the right place, at the right time. I’ve added Bongino Report near the top of my desktop bookmarks bar to remind me to check, and also to my favorites on my phone. We’ve also added Bongino Report to our “Blogs I Read” scroll bar in the sidebar.

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Best of luck Mr. Bongino, count me in. Is it me, or does Drudge Report run an article on Scorcese’s “The Irishman” EVERY DAY? Why?

For those who would like to consider other Drudge alternatives, I really like Rantingly.

I don’t think Matt Drudge runs the Drudge Report anymore. I suspect the new owner thought that by linking only to anti-Trump screed, the President would lose supporters.

All that move achieved is the Drudge Report losing audience. Trumpenfreude!!!

I’m in. Unlinked from Drudge Report months ago and haven’t returned since. I’ve been going to WhatFinger instead. I’ll look at I’m not looking for echo chambers but we desperately need alternatives competing to report the truth so we can figure it out for ourselves. And I like Dan Bongino alot.

Drudge changed a while ago to be further and further leftward. It’s been more than a year, and I haven’t bothered with it for a long time.
Everything he links comes from leftist sources, and there is rarely a balance of any alternative news stories.
He is obsessed with NE sports, but ignores any other teams which break records or produce something special. To me, it seems he is a NE person who probably is more liberal than conservative leaning.
There have also been rumors that he has sold his business to a Soros type organization. This might just be babble as nothing has been officially reported on it. Yet, Drudge was often the major complaint of the leftists, right behind Rush Limbaugh, now you never hear the left saying a thing about the site. Traffic is down a huge amount and continues to shrink.
In any event, whether it was from selling or by his more natural leanings, he has gone the way of Little Green Footballs. He was at best a NeoCon convert who has reverted.
I don’t buy the border excuse. I think he saw an opportunity to make good money through conservative sources, sort of like Ann Coulter, and possibly due to a single issue type of political stance.
He used to slip in plenty of things which didn’t make much sense as they were known to be red herring stories if you followed the news at all.
Drudge is pretty close to being a non-entity again.

“Maybe he’s sick of nothing being done on the border,” was the gist of the answer.”

What a sorry cover story.

The ind I and others am sick of from Never-Trumpers who just don’t want to admit that is who they are in the hopes they can lead the GOP again after Trump is gone.

I think it is about money. Trump traffic was good money in 2016 and now Drudge was offered more money to switch sides and promte the NYT, WaPo, CNN, and the GOPe, etc.

I’m unclear as to the hoop-la surrounding Bongino’s new site. True, Drudge was the news monster in the conservative neighborhood until it went to the dark side, but there have been great news ‘gater sites for years.

Doug Ross has had Bad Blue up and running for years, there is (even though she won’t let me promote my own blog there, like in the old days * nudge, nudge), and the insta-lanche hisself, Instapundit.

Plus, the latest rock star of traffic stats,,

and the venerable link collectors like,,

Bongino’s new site is simply one more alternative – not a ground breaker like Drudge 20 years ago. I’ll simply leave it at God bless and good luck, Dan.

If it’s true that, like Ann Coulter, Drudge’s support is based 100% on illegal immigration, then he should only cover that issue. He is too naive to be involved in presidential politics.

Illegal immigration is certainly a critical issue but Trump needs to focus on bigger issues for now. Like save the economy and begin undoing our surrender foreign trade policy and the military engagements that have little to do with American interests yet are bankrupting us. Those are issue Trump can and IS acting on.

Let’s get him re-elected and help him drain the Swamp so he doesn’t have to carry the fight by himself and start addressing the need for finding a successor. His next term will be an opportunity for people to make their case and so far, Ted Cruz has been largely AWOL. But he grew a beard.

    You really need to get over that Cruz Derangement Syndrome. He’s been one of Trump’s strongest supporters ever since the election, and is out again today with another strong defense, which received an acknowledgement from your hero.

Drudge was my default home page for years because it would reliably lead me to lots of interesting stuff. Changed & deleted the bookmark about 6 months ago after it pretty much morphed into the Kristol Report.

Bongino’s site is on home screen. Seems very reliable. Can always use more sources.

2smartforlibs | December 8, 2019 at 1:24 pm

I checked it out before it was even populated.

Works for me.

Have not looked at drugged in a couple years other than to see what the latest anti-Trump drivel was being displayed. Stopped that to make sure he gets no clicks from me. is another good one.

It’s great we’re all in touch and organizing. We are at war, after all.

There’s also and

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to bw222. | December 8, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    The Liberty daily has many great links. But, their alliterative name calling (Stomach Stapled Stalinist for Nadler) get a old.

    And, South Bend’s mayor is not named Buttplug.

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Politipage, given that it has direct links to LI. Bongino’s site looks promising and I noted thought-provoking article.

As long as we’re sharing our favorite aggregators, here’s one I like:

Rasmussen on Drudge Report: ‘We don’t think Matt is there anymore,word is he sold, just waiting for confirmation’