I literally had to walk outside for some fresh air to calm down after I received the email below from David Ferguson, Executive Director of the Maryland GOP.

I wrote, expecting an explanation that it all was just a misunderstanding:

I have read about the restrictions for credentialing bloggers, http://www.quintonreport.com/2013/04/18/md-gop-cracks-down-on-bloggers/.

The operative limitation seems to be this sentence:

“MARYLAND REPUBLICAN PARTY will not allow journalists to register as “media” for the purpose of writing a personal online blog, ….”

Can you explain what you mean by “personal online blog”? For example, would a blog which covers politics be able to get media credentials?

Use Legal Insurrection as an example. If we applied, would you give us media credentials?

I plan on writing about this soon, so please respond as soon as possible..


William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection Blog

The response:

Hey William,

Thanks for your e-mail. Credentials are for members of the press. If you have a sponsoring media outlet like the Washington Post, Annapolis Capital, or WBAL or if you have been registered with the capitol press corps, we would be glad to consider your application.

We’d be happy to have you join us and if you would like to register for the Spring Convention, please visit http://www.mdgop.org/convention/.  The cost is $75.

Please let me know if you need anything else.



[as he shakes at the keyboard trying to frame a reasoned response]

Why would you want to discourage political bloggers from attending your convention? CPAC gave us media credentials, so am I to assume that your Spring Convention is so much more important than CPAC that we’re not good enough for you?

Why would you let in for free The Washington Post which is going to trash, distort and mock anything you do or say, but charge admission to people who support your candidates and want to help?

Must be because the Maryland GOP is doing so well at electing members of Congress without the help of bloggers. Oh wait.

Maryland Congressional Delegation 2013

Nah, must be your success at the state level.  Oh wait.

Maryland State Offices 2013

Da Stuped Parti (that’s blogger speak for #Losers).

Thank God for Dan Bongino, Maryland’s last and best hope:


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