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Dan Bongino and Trey Gowdy Getting Their Own Shows on Fox News

Dan Bongino and Trey Gowdy Getting Their Own Shows on Fox News

New programming launches in early June.

Some changes are coming to the FOX News Channel as it revamps its programming this summer. Conservative commentator Dan Bongino and former GOP congressman Trey Gowdy will have weekend shows starting in June.

Both men increased their presence on the network in recent months.

Bongino will have the 10 PM slot on Saturday nights, which was left open after the Greg Gutfeld show moved to weeknights at 11 PM. Trey Gowdy will have the 7 PM slot on Sunday nights, which will put him directly before the Mark Levin show.

FOX News made the announcement in a press release on Wednesday:

FOX News Channel to Launch New Weekend Programs in Early June

FOX News Channel (FNC) will launch a new weekend slate beginning on June 5-6 naming Trey Gowdy to host a 7 PM/ET Sunday evening program, Dan Bongino to host a primetime Saturday show at 10 PM/ET, and adding The Big Saturday and The Big Sunday Show (5-6 PM/ET) to the schedule permanently.

On Sunday evenings, former South Carolina Congressman and FNC contributor Trey Gowdy will headline a new live program at 7 PM/ET starting on June 6th. Gowdy will utilize his signature mixture of wisdom, humor, historical references and insightful analysis to offer the audience a new outlook on the latest issues facing the country.

Capitalizing on his experiences as a former prosecutor and Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Gowdy will break down the latest legal and political news from across the nation and offer his seasoned perspective while providing viewers with the tools to draw their own conclusions…

FOX News contributor and former U.S. Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino will also join FNC’s weekend primetime lineup as the host of a new 10 PM/ET program launching June 5th. Bongino will tackle the week’s most pressing headlines, drawing on his experiences as a former law enforcement official to discuss Americans’ top priorities: liberty, security and their families. Viewers can expect Bongino’s passionate and powerful voice on topics from policing to censorship.

Each week he will feature stories and interviews that highlight community heroes like veterans and police officers on the front lines keeping America safe. Bongino, who joined FNC as a contributor in 2019, replaces Greg Gutfeld in the weekend time slot who recently launched Gutfeld! at 11 PM/ET on weeknights last month to record ratings.

Congratulations to Dan and Trey.


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I like Don but Trey is a deuce bag

    Trey was a lot of talk. I don’t know a single thing he’s done.

      I’ll pose the same scenario to you, my Fine friend. Tada! You are now Rep. Fine of from whichever district you hail. Go give ’em hell, fix everything, fix anything, fix just one tiny thing!

      What would you do? What impressive things would you accomplish as the rep. from Fineville? And how would you accomplish it (with those other pesky 434 reps. who have an equal vote to your own).

      Lay it out, tell us how you would do it.

        Here in Fineville, we’d become PDJT – or Marjorie Taylor Greene. So it’s not a matter of getting a vote done as much as swaying public opinion by passion.

        Alexandra the Barmaid has the worst record in Congress as far as legislation is concerned. But she is the focus of the democrat party.

        Gowdy was too comfy in the swamp. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, but he’s not a leader of the type that will acomplish much in light of the global fascist onslaught against our nation from without and from within.

        But, being you like him, we’ll fondly nickname him “Fuzzy Gowdy”, adding to “Slippers” theme, along with”Fatty Slippers” as Stacey Adams’ new moniker (those must be VERY flat slippers – I almost feel sorry for them).

          You lost me in that last paragraph. How am I just like Stacey Abrams? And “Fuzzy Gowdy”? huh?

          Gowdy tried to gin up support for the Benghazi hearings, and he got it from some who were paying attention (i.e. you and me), but the vast majority of voters were not paying attention, Fine. Our side just doesn’t rally to causes like the left does. We just don’t.

          Your Fineville plan to bring passion to the masses and to thus sway elected officials smacks of . . . Bernie. That was his plan. It didn’t go well. Does that make you “Fine Bern,” rouser of the people, ineffectual in fact? If so, I’ll take “Fuzzy Gowdy” any day. 😛

        TargaGTS in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | May 15, 2021 at 6:31 am

        While he was chairman of the committee that was investigating the fatal failures of the Obama Administration, everything – absolutely everything – that was consequential in that period of time came not from information developed by that committee and its investigators, but instead, came from private sources, mostly Judicial Watch.

        Worse yet, during the first year of the Mueller ‘investigation,’ Gowdy had NOTHING but positive things to say about Mueller and the ‘fine men’ of the FBI even though there was already AMPLE evidence that the so called ‘dossier’ was complete garbage and Obama’s administration did in fact illegally surveille US citizens. Gowdy was then, and continues to be, part of the problem.

      Trey was a fish out of water as a congressman. His venue was a courtroom and, in that venue, hew was superb.

      its all the work of paul ryan his friends trey
      he will be cancelled in no time

      he is paul ryan friend now executive at fox

Trey Gowdy is one of the most useless RINOs ever, the quintessential talk show tough guy. Talked a whole bunch of trash about ‘getting to the bottom’ of things and never issued a SINGLE subpoena.

He’s worse than useless because he prevented somebody effective from actually doing something.

What happened to Bongino getting a daily 12-3 talk show in Rush’s slot?

    There isn’t going to be a single nationwide replacement for Rush. Bongino’s show is on stations that used to have Rush in that time slot, but certainly not all of them. Other stations have chosen different programs/hosts.

    My2centshere in reply to rhhardin. | May 14, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    His radio show starts May 24th. Not all the stations that carried Rush will carry Dan’s new show. He also will still be doing his podcast.

    audax in reply to rhhardin. | May 15, 2021 at 3:31 am

    First Dan Bongino 3 hour radio show starts May 24th.

    diver64 in reply to rhhardin. | May 16, 2021 at 6:26 am

    Still doing it as he indicated on his podcast. It won’t be on all of Rush’s stations but will start on quite a number. If it is successful then it probably will expand. Rush was a once in a lifetime phenomenon and his reach will never be equaled.

Yeah, maybe Bongino will do both like Hannity

I stopped watching Fox News some time ago. Good luck to them, but I won’t be tuning in for “conservatism lite.”

Gowdy is smart, knowledgeable and articulate. He does have a bit of folksy wit. He is interesting and entertaining enough to have success with a TV program.

That said his bluster and questioning led to zero concrete action and no perceptible results during his tenure in Congress that I can recall. Theatrics without purpose.

    I like Gowdy, too. I remember seeing him on one of those “Forensics Files” type shows, and he was always great.

    One House rep can’t do a thing on his own, CommoChief, all he can do is try to stir up support for whatever. If the public doesn’t stir up, nothing happens. The right is notoriously slow to stir. I was disappointed to see him leave Congress (same with Jim DeMint, another genuine conservative who got fed up with not being able to get stuff done as an often lone voice of reason in a swamp pit of GOP and Dem. regressives).

    And that’s true of any and all House (and Senate) members. For all her blather about how great communism is and what a wonderful Utopia her Green New Deal will bring to America, AOC is just one House member, she can’t do anything on her own (thank the Good Lord for that!).

    No single Congress critter can do a thing on their own, they need allies, they need public support, they need political capital. Even Congressional leaders like Pelosi and McConnell can only do so much. That’s kind of by design, though, right?

      Numerous times during committee hearings I watched Gowdy brilliantly lead a hostile witness right up to the brink of perjury or an admission of unethical or illegal behavior only to let the witness off the hook in the end.

      He was Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. There was much more he could have done.

        Wow, I’d like to see the vids of Gowdy letting hostile witnesses off the hook as you describe. Got a link or two?

        And like what “much more” could he have done? He was serving in that capacity during the Obama admin and when Hillary was still Sec. of State Needless to say, they routinely stonewalled, slow-walked or even completely ignored requests for information to help his committee’s investigation. They obstructed in shocking (and very real) ways that were never called out (surprise surprise) by our Democrat activist media. Read Jason Chaffetz’ Deep State and Sharyl Attkisson’s Stonewalled for an idea of how the Obama admin blocked any and all attempts to hold them to account for their actions.

        Sorry, I do not now, never have, and never will buy this lame disgruntled Republican voter complaint that there is a real Mr. Smith who goes to Washington and upsets the apple cart, bringing smaller government to the people with one fine speech that magically makes everyone a patriot who wants what’s best for the country. If only [Gowdy, Cruz, blah blah blah] just gave the right speech, did the right thing! That’s old Hollywood, not how Congress works, or how even politics actually work.

        Until we stop demanding (pretending?) that this one dude in the House or this one chick in the Senate can change the entire direction of our country, we are going to keep losing to the commies. The House has 435 voting members. One person cannot do a thing that matters . . . that’s why Gowdy (and DeMint) left. They were aggravated that they couldn’t affect any real change as a single voice in a vast body (DeMint’s was one of 50 Senators, but he was still often the lone voice on many issues). Us thinking that a Gowdy (or anyone in either House of Congress) can pull a Mr. Smith is pure fantasy that actually damages our side.

        Let me put this another way. Tada! You are now a House member representing whatever district you live in. Tell me, what exactly will you do to fix everything that is wrong. To fix even one thing that is wrong? What steps will you take to stop the horrors we are seeing in their tracks? Do tell.

      CommoChief in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | May 14, 2021 at 8:52 pm


      IMO Gowdy isn’t necessarily a hack. What the record shows though is a lack of follow through. One member can’t pass legislation but they can introduce it.

      They can use their high media profile, which Gowdy certainly had/has, to elevate the importance of their legislation and drum up public support.

      I don’t think he is a bad guy or a sell out. In fact quite the opposite. He talked the talk. He used his experience as a US Attorney to hone in on witnesses. He seemingly never turned down a TV media invite . He raised his profile.

      He moved the ball to 1st and goal, but sadly didn’t demonstrate the willingness to push the ball over the goal line. Often it seemed he was waiting for someone else to do so.

      It is because he showed so much initial promise that many of us thought ‘finally a r in Congress who asks the hard questions and get the crazy answers from the witness…next step is hold them accountable..’

      That final step never seemed to arrive. While I respect the ‘Reagan rule of speak no ill of fellow r’ that time has passed. The r party has become the party of the working class. There are senior members who want to climb to a 1990s or early 2000s worldview of political reality that no longer exists.

      Many r, myself included, have little patience for those r who refuse to engage with every tool at their disposal. The days of collegial politics is over. Today we see what the d/progressive will do when in power.

      Every r who sat on their hands and refused to support the r nominee, DJT and any other r candidate, looking at you GA, needs to realize what this has cost us. I have absolutely no problem calling out those who claim to be r but refuse to help elect our parties candidates.

      I dutiful supported Dole, McCain and Romney. DJT wasn’t my first or second choice in 2016 r primary. He was the nominee so that’s who I supported in the general. That’s what being in a political party means.

      The biggest problem with pre tea party congressional reps and Sen is they don’t seem to want to actually push legislation across the finish line. They raise $ and raise their media profile but sadly keep failing to accomplish the the agenda they raised $ on and campaigned on when they actually have a majority.

      Instead they engage in theater and move on to DC law firms, lobbying gigs, media spots or think tanks. Frankly many of figured out the game a long time ago. Some, not all of these politicians think the base is composed of rubes who are ‘marks’ for their scam.

      The ‘marks’ know when we are being played. Thus DJT and no patience for excuses from the r establishment. They can lead, follow or get out of the way.

      Gowdy and DeMint got out of the way.

2smartforlibs | May 14, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Any guesses how long before Gowdy step aside? What a waste of an hour that show will be.

I think the new owners of Fox have begun to recognize that they have to perform for their audience. It’s a moderately positive sign.

i doubt Bongino will have Geraldo on as a guest

    diver64 in reply to buck61. | May 16, 2021 at 6:29 am

    Bongino says he has nothing personnel against Geraldo but I don’t think that go’s both ways considering their back and forth on Hannity. After hearing the latest shear nonsense coming from Geraldo I’ve lost what little respect I have for him.

I must have misheard that Bangino was going to fill the Rush void.