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As we mentioned in a recent Quick Take, conservative students at Berkeley decided to thumb their noses at campus SJWs by inviting Ann Coulter to speak on campus. First the school imposed a number of conditions, then banned Coulter's speech altogether. Ann is vowing to visit the school anyway. The Young America's Foundation has the story:
Berkeley Tries to Cancel Ann Coulter Event; Lecture Will Go On Young America’s Foundation, BridgeCal and Berkeley College Republicans have been working together to produce a lecture at UC-Berkeley on April 27, 2017, by Ann Coulter, a twelve-time bestselling author, whose book, “Adios, America!” – a No. 2 New York Times bestseller — is widely credited with shaping President Donald Trump’s immigration views.

After Heather Mac Donald was recently shut down by a mob of students who support Black Lives Matter at Claremont McKenna, the president of Pomona College, which is part of the consortium of Claremont colleges, defended her and the importance of free speech. That didn't sit well with some students. The Claremont Independent reports:
Students Demand Administrators 'Take Action' Against Conservative Journalists In an open letter to outgoing Pomona College President David Oxtoby, a group of students from the Claremont Colleges assail the president for affirming Pomona’s commitment to free speech and demand that all five colleges “take action” against the conservative journalists on the staff of the Claremont Independent.

From the Department of the Obvious comes a recent research paper confirming what we already knew, law professors as a group are very liberal. Paul Caron of Pepperdine Law School (aka TaxProf) highlights the research paper and commentary on it, bragging how BYU And Pepperdine Are The Most Ideologically Balanced Faculties Among The Top 50 Law Schools (2013). The study is title The Legal Academy's Ideological Uniformity (you can download it for free at the link). Here is the abstract:

The way in which sexual misconduct on college campuses is investigated often puts the accused, usually men, in horrible situations. We have written many times about these "kangaroo courts." Sometimes tragedy follows. We recently covered a tragic case in Texas:
Student in Texas Commits Suicide After Trial by Kangaroo Court This is such a sad story. To make matters worse, it’s all just based on accusations. Nothing more. Ashe Schow reports at Watchdog: