You don’t hear much about Trump supporters on college campuses, but they do exist, despite the media’s effort to ignore them.

FOX News reports:

Charlie Kirk says ‘Students for Trump’ initiative will combat Dems’ plans to rebuild ‘Obama coalition’

A new conservative initiative ahead of 2020 seeks to upend Democrats’ plans to rebuild the “Obama coalition” by engaging younger voters, according to Charlie Kirk.

President Trump will have a better chance of winning in 2020 if Turning Point USA can get one million college students involved with “Students for Trump,” Kirk told Todd Starnes on the “Todd Starnes Show.”

“The Democrats know that part of their formula is to rebuild the ‘Obama coalition’,” he said.

The Turning Point USA founder described the coalition as a three-pronged union of voters: Young people and students, minority voters, and single or suburban women.

He claimed Democrats are already formulating their messaging to appeal to those voting blocs.

“Student loan forgiveness, slavery reparations, total and blanket gun control and pushing for a gender-wage pay gap,” he said. “These are the specific policy narratives that they are using.”

However, Kirk said he is confident Turning Point USA’s initiative will be both successful and a true key to victory for Trump in 2020 — by taking on the ‘coalition’ in their pursuit of college-aged voters.

“Students for Trump” is a departure from traditional GOP practices of targeting older, more suburban and rural voters, the activist claimed. To that extent, he said “Students for Trump” will focus its energy in a handful of key states rich with college-aged voters.


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