Just another reminder of how politically unbalanced academia is today.

Campus Reform reports:

Just THREE percent of 2019 Dartmouth grads support Trump

A Dartmouth newspaper found that only three percent of seniors at the school have a favorable view of President Donald Trump.

Student-run publication The Dartmouth posted its Senior Survey in early June, detailing various opinions and trends for the graduating class. This annual survey includes the seniors’ political leanings and preferences.

The survey found that only three percent of Dartmouth’s class of 2019 had a favorable view of President Donald Trump. This is down from 2018, where still only six percent of graduating seniors had a favorable view of Trump.

Favorability toward the Republican Party as a whole has decreased, as well. While only 13 percent favored the GOP in 2018, even less favored it this year, polling at around four percent.

Dartmouth’s conservative student organizations suffered a similar decrease in favorability during the last year, from their already low campus ratings. Favorability toward The Dartmouth Review, the school’s conservative newspaper, fell from 14 to six percent, and favorability toward the College Republicans fell from 14 to just nine percent. Liberal student groups received the opposite response in attitude — with the College Democrats’ unfavorability rate falling from 14 to 12 percent from the 2018 to 2019 graduating classes.

As Campus Reform previously reported, Dartmouth Democrats are reluctant to befriend, date, or even trust a conservative.

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