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U. Pittsburgh ‘Diversity Retreat’ Features Two Far-Left Academics

U. Pittsburgh ‘Diversity Retreat’ Features Two Far-Left Academics

“change racist ideologies and white supremacist structures”

When academia says diversity, they are almost never referring to thoughts or point of view.

The College Fix reports:

Pitt ‘diversity retreat’ features prof who used 9/11 to demand white racial violence memorial

The University of Pittsburgh’s recent annual Diversity Retreat featured two far-left academics, one of whom once used the September 11 anniversary to demand a day to honor African-Americans who have suffered “racial terror” at the hands of whites.

Stony Brook University’s Crystal Fleming lamented four years ago that there is “no national recognition, no national acceptance of responsibility, [and] no national acknowledgment of the on-going terror” of (white) racial violence against blacks. She introduced herself to those assembled at the June 25 retreat as “an anti-racist badass,” and informed them they would “have to rock some boats” in order to “change racist ideologies and white supremacist structures.”

Based on the description in the University Times, the retreat offered the usual melange of critical studies academese, informing attendees they need to “step out of their comfort zone,” and citing the need to purge universities (and society at large) of systemic racism and white dominance.

Fleming and Leigh Patel, the associate dean of equity and justice at Pitt’s School of Education, offered keynote speeches (the former making use of her book “How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy”) and facilitated participant workshops and panels. Fleming highlighted several recent examples of “racist scandals” at universities such as whites dressing in black face, which included Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s infamous yearbook photo.

Fleming said diversity efforts at institutions of higher learning proceed at a “glacial pace” due to “inadequate diversity hiring and retention efforts,” “white administrative leadership,” and “white control of resources.”


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