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Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel 'Death Panel' Emanuel is back. This guy has an amazing ability to blame all the problems of Obamacare on everyone but the party which passed it and the president it's named for. He also agrees with some of Bill Clinton's recent remarks on the law. The Washington Free Beacon reports:
Obamacare Architect on Bill Clinton’s Criticisms: ‘I Think He Has a Point’

Donald Trump said at the debate that he would consider whether to accept the election results at a later date. The media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) are pretending to be apoplectic, as if Trump had violated a core principle of our democracy that no election result could be contested. The NY Times hyperventilated, Donald Trump’s Contempt for Democracy, while WaPo called it Trump’s breathtaking repudiation of American democracy. In fact, Trump "threatens" to do only what Democrats have done in the past when it comes to disputed elections:

WikiLeaks' release of the Podesta emails includes exchanges among Team Hillary on two matters related to her and Bill Clinton's shady past when it comes to women.  In December, 2015 they shared the reaction to Hillary's bizarre statement that victims of rape and sexual assault "deserve to be believed," and in January, 2016, they discussed how to deflect or discredit Juanita Broaddrick's claim that even after nearly 40 years she is still haunted by her alleged rape by Bill Clinton. In an email chain entitled "FYI," Team Hillary alerts its members to the fall-out from Hillary's ridiculously idiotic (given her and husband's history) statement about women being believed, a credo she and Bill have never lived by. This all seems to have started with a tweet from Jennifer Epstein, a "reporter" who covers Hillary Clinton for Bloomberg. The tweet itself appears to have been deleted; however, the internet being the internet, it is cached.

Wikileaks released another batch of emails belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, some of which tells about drama within the Clinton Foundation and limiting the usage of Bill due to his sexual history. In one disturbing chain, Doug Band, a lawyer who helped form the Clinton Foundation and former aide to President Bill Clinton, wrote to Podesta, Hillary aide Cheryl Mills, and aide Justin Cooper about how Bill and Chelsea's "office crap" almost caused the foundation's COO to commit suicide: Clinton Foundation COO Suicidal He also told the group Bruce, another employee, claimed this same crap caused his serious health problems.

By any conventional wisdom, Donald Trump's polling numbers should crater as a result of the release of a 2005 video in which he disparages women and boasts of hitting on married and other women in a manner that suggests non-consensual sexual contact. But so much of what seems logical to me has been wrong when it comes to Trump's ability to weather political storms. Put aside the rank hypocrisy of the politicians and media who to this day defend Bill Clinton, who is alleged by numerous women to have done far worse. Precisely because the media would want any Republican to lose, no moral equivalence will be drawn much yet used as an excuse. After all, the media painted Mitt Romney as a virtual sexual deviant because of the "binders of women" comment during a debate, so yes, the mainstream media is disgusting and dishonest.

Republicans have fought against Obamacare from the beginning, but now Democrats have started to pile on. President Bill Clinton recently lashed out at the system at a rally in Michigan:
“You’ve got this crazy system where all the sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” Clinton said. “It’s the craziest thing in the world,” he said.

Democrats and their media allies are trying to revive the "war on women" from their 2012 playbook. The best they can do however, is accuse Trump of fat shaming a beauty queen over twenty years ago. Trump has been teasing that he might go after Hillary for the way she treated Bill Clinton's women over the years but it seems The New York Times has beaten him to the punch. This report from Megan Twohey is filled with all kinds of sordid details:
How Hillary Clinton Grappled With Bill Clinton’s Infidelity, and His Accusers Hillary Clinton was campaigning for her husband in January 1992 when she learned of the race’s newest flare-up: Gennifer Flowers had just released tapes of phone calls with Bill Clinton to back up her claim they had had an affair.

Former President Bill Clinton told staffers at the Clinton Foundation if Hillary wins the presidency they will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations. From Fox News:
While Hillary Clinton stepped down from its board after launching her 2016 campaign, her husband and daughter have remained in leadership roles, leading to questions about the ability of the organization to continue its work should Clinton win the White House.

Buzzfeed has a lengthy article and interview with Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Bill Clinton of rape, Juanita Broaddrick Wants To Be Believed. It's well worth the read. There is one part of the Buzzfeed article which is news in itself. Hillary (in)famously stated on Twitter, and a campaign video quoted on her website, that women who allege sexual assault "have the right to be believed." In light of the accusations by Broaddrick and others such as Paula Jones, Hillary's comment was the focus of much mockery, including our tweet of a previous A.F. Branco cartoon:

Now that his wife has been "cleared" of any wrongdoing in her email scandal, Bill Clinton is getting a bit more bold in his defense of Hillary. It's apparently not enough that she got a walk for something that would have meant serious trouble for anyone else, now Bill has to rub the FBI's nose in it. The New York Post reports:
Bill Clinton accuses FBI of serving up a ‘load of bull’ Bill Clinton is accusing the FBI director of serving up “the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard” — marking the first significant public comments from the husband of the Democratic nominee on the scandal that’s plagued his wife’s campaign for over a year.

It turns out the Clintons have been very charitable in their giving. The ironic part is that their own foundation was the greatest beneficiary of their philanthropy. CNBC reports:
Clintons made $10.6 million in 2015, paid federal rate of 34% Hillary and Bill Clinton released their 2015 tax returns on Friday, showing they paid $3.6 million in taxes on adjusted gross income of $10.6 million.

In addition to ignoring as many of Hillary's negatives as possible, another form of media bias is happening in this election cycle. The media is rehabilitating Bill and Hillary's marriage. It's easier to see the Clintons back in the White House if they're perceived as a happy and normal couple, not the scandal plagued, loveless pair who stayed together for purely political purposes. To aid in their image makeover, we're seeing pieces like this one from CNN:
The surprising secret to Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage Tuesday night, Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to make the case for another Clinton: the former U.S. Secretary of State-- and his former First Lady -- Hillary Clinton, as the next President of the United States.

At long last, our national political convention nightmare is over. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we're able to bring you the best moments from this year's Democratic National Convention, sound-free.

Me, when someone brings me a donut:

Hillary got a little bit too excited - Imgur

I watched the new documentary film "Clinton Cash" based on the book by Peter Schweizer this week and all I can say is the Clintons' corruption is worse than most people know. As a full time blogger, I watch cable news and monitor political news all day every day and even I didn't know the extent of the Clintons' influence and the way they've used it to enrich themselves and others. I think most members of the general public would be horrified by what's presented in this film.

Uh-oh: looks like I've had something of a mind-meld with Rachel Maddow . . . During Bill Clinton's DNC speech tonight, I tweeted "the spectacle of Bill Clinton telling the romantic story of how he met, wooed and married Hillary is deeply creepy." When the speech ended, Rachel Maddow, on MSNBC, called the top of the speech "shocking and weird," describing the beginning of the speech as "controversial." Maddow was miffed that Clinton spoke of "a girl," "the girl" and built "her whole political story for the whole first half of the speech around her marriage to him."
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