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Can we all agree the Clintons should just go away?

Can we all agree the Clintons should just go away?

America is sick and tired of them.

Democratic Party loyalists may tell you they still believe Hillary should have won the election but she didn’t and at this point, most people feel done with her. It’s not just Hillary either, it’s Bill and Chelsea as well.

How else can you explain a piece like this in Vanity Fair?

Please, God. Stop Chelsea Clinton From Whatever She is Doing

The last thing the left needs is the third iteration of a failed political dynasty.

Amid investigations into Russian election interference, perhaps we ought to consider whether the Kremlin, to hurt Democrats, helped put Chelsea Clinton on the cover of Variety. Or maybe superstition explains it. Like tribesmen laying out a sacrifice to placate King Kong, news outlets continue to make offerings to the Clinton gods.

In The New York Times alone, Chelsea has starred in multiple features over the past few months: for her tweeting (it’s become “feisty”), for her upcoming book (to be titled She Persisted), and her reading habits (she says she has an “embarrassingly large” collection of books on her Kindle). With Chelsea’s 2015 book, It’s Your World, now out in paperback, the puff pieces in other outlets—Elle, People, etc.—are too numerous to count.

One wishes to calm these publications: You can stop this now. Haven’t you heard that the great Kong is no more? Nevertheless, they’ve persisted. At great cost: increased Chelsea exposure is tied closely to political despair and, in especially intense cases, the bulk purchasing of MAGA hats. So let’s review: How did Chelsea become such a threat?

Perhaps the best way to start is by revisiting some of Chelsea’s major post-2008 forays into the public eye. Starting in 2012, she began to allow glossy magazines to profile her, and she picked up speed in the years that followed. The results were all friendly in aim, and yet the picture that kept emerging from the growing pile of Chelsea quotations was that of a person accustomed to courtiers nodding their heads raptly.

Had Hillary won the election last fall, that article never would have been written but the stench of defeat tends to cling to one and those closest to them. People are tired of the Clintons.

Take as another example, this piece from the New York Post:

Why can’t the Clintons just go away?

Since losing the most winnable presidential election in modern American history, Hillary Clinton has, among other things: given a series of high-profile speeches, joined Gov. Cuomo at his public unveiling of tuition-free college, refused to rule out a run for mayor of New York and issued an online video message exhorting fellow Democrats to fight on in her name.

“The challenges we face,” she said, “as a country and a party, are real.”

Clearly, Hillary still sees herself as the leader of the Democratic Party. And why shouldn’t she? Democrats have been locked in an abusive relationship with the Clintons for decades, enabling, explaining, convincing themselves that next time will be different. Party faithful hew to Hillary’s excuses for losing to Donald Trump: It’s James Comey’s fault, plus the Russians, white supremacists, misogynists, the deplorables and immobilized millennials, among other things.

Her losses in 2008 and 2016 have been framed as things that happened to Hillary — not one, but two Black Swan events that stymied her historic destiny.

Perhaps it’s time for the Clintons to retire and enjoy their immense wealth.


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Speaking of their “immense wealth,” you’d think after Jon Podesta’s e-mails revealed how Chelsea Clinton has been abusing her position in the Clinton Foundation and using the “charitable” foundation’s donations to fund her lavish lifestyle (and pay for her extravagant wedding) for years, that the media and the Dims would want to distance themselves from her. Chelsea is not even 40 yet, and the stench of corruption is already strong on her.

People are tired of the Clintons.

I wouldn’t count on it.

They were never a very attractive bunch. But that wasn’t enough to put them out of our misery. Not then, and unfortunately not now.

What may salvage the situation is the Dem’s habit of dropping losers from the roster. They’re not big on running failed candidates again for the same office, just hoping for a change of luck. ‘Twas not always so; but perhaps they lost the taste for that sort of persistence with William Jennings Bryan.

    Tom Servo in reply to tom swift. | April 23, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    I suspect that the underlying reason the Dem’s are scared to let go of the Clinton’s is that they represent the last link the Democrat Party has to having any support in the middle of the country. (although last election that all fell apart for Hillary, didn’t it?)

    To accept that the Clinton’s are gone is to accept that they are a limited regional party that can draw voters on the west coast and the northeast, and overwhelming minority-majority districts. And they won’t let themselves do that because that would mean admitting that, from now on, every election will start with a big part of the country off-limits to them right from the get-go.

If we can’t put them all in prison, at least we should ignore them. A fate worse than death to the aristocracy.

Pelosi Schmelosi | April 23, 2017 at 11:38 am

They’re in Punt Formation…
….Here’s the Snap…
…There’s the Kick…

Bill has been shameless all his life, and Hillary has learned to copy that behavior. So, no, they are not going away voluntarily.

Both of them have health challenges, and in my opinion, this is the only thing likely to stop them. We have all seen that Hillary is fighting this tooth and nail. Meanwhile, the Democratic gossip about Bill is that he won’t last out the year. Despite his poor appearance in recent photographs, my guess is that this is wishful thinking on their part.

They might go away involuntarily, provided always 1) there are criminal prosecutions for the gross misconduct of the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and the Obama administration, or 2) the Democratic voters choose to clean house, either by refreshing the Party or by joining another one. Right now, they are trying to throw their lot in with the Republican Party, but the capital “C” Conservatives are doing their best to rebuff them completely.

Agreed. Could we all agree that the Bushes should follow them on the way out? Barbara adores Bill and W calls Bill his “brother from another mother”. Two international crime families often working as one. Let’s kill those two kabuki birds with one stone.

cheif bighorn | April 23, 2017 at 2:35 pm

I agree no more Bushs
No more Clintons
And in eight years no more Trumps

cheif bighorn | April 23, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Oops- and Of course no more Obamas

I was tired of the Clintons 30 seconds after Slick Willy was inaugurated. Of course, I’m also tired of all the Professional Politicians that continue to get fat off crony capitalism, graft, campaign ‘donations’, gold plated health plans and salaries that are at least 5 times higher than average Americans.

I can’t believe Vanity Fair allowed that article to be posted. They love the Clintons!
Well, I thought they did.

It speaks volumes about the state of the Democrat Party that the Clintons continue to be around.

    Walker Evans in reply to dcnrmn. | April 24, 2017 at 1:07 am

    It speaks even louder about the state of the DNC that Vanity Fair actually published an article that attacked Chelsea, including various quotes highlighting her vacuousness! I don’t believe a left-leaning publication has ever treated any Clinton this unfavorably before.

Oh, by no means should we hope the Clintons go away. We should do everything we can to encourage all the Liberals we know to keep their faith and support them in all of their future (failed) endeavors.