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Professor Alan Dershowitz recently gave an interview to John Solomon of Just the News and claimed that America's justice system is being infected with the radical ideology of Critical Race Theory, not unlike what's happening in education. After watching the left's reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, it's impossible to disagree.

New details on the Alec Baldwin movie set shooting are emerging on a daily basis and there's plenty of speculation about how the investigation will ultimately play out. No one believes that Baldwin intended to kill one co-worker and wound another, but some of our best legal minds are starting to say that he could still face consequences.

Despite former Attorney General Eric Holder referring to himself in that role as then-president Obama's "wingman," Democrats have been swooning for the nearest fainting couch over a few tweets from President Trump regarding the Roger Stone sentencing recommendation.  They claim to be outraged because Trump, they screech, is undermining DOJ independence.

On Fox and Friends Monday morning, the Harvard Law professor emeritus explained that while Trump has constitutional defenses in the federal investigation conducted by Mueller, that's not the case in investigation currently underway at the behest of New York's Southern District.

One of the things that struck me about this article excoriating Alan Dershowitz for his recent defense (not support, but defense) of Trump is that author Elie Mystal doesn't actually engage in any detail with the substance of Dershowitz's arguments. Mystal's attack on Dershowitz (and Trump, for that matter) is ad hominem. I assume we're just supposed to take what the author says at face value. Or perhaps he assumes that if we're reading him at all, we already agree with him.