Bandy Lee, the preferred psychiatrist of Democrats, is back in the news. Just months after her latest bogus diagnosis of Trump, she has set her sights on Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz has defended Trump’s rights, therefore he must be crazy.

Dershowitz writes at the Gatestone Institute:

Yale Psychiatrist Issues Diagnosis of “Psychotic” for Defending Constitutional Rights

A Yale professor of forensic psychiatry has diagnosed guess who — yours truly — as suffering from “psychosis” for expressing legal views that happen to be on the Constitutional rights of President Donald Trump. Dr. Bandy Lee has never met me, never examined me, never seen my medical records, and never spoken to anyone close to me. Yet she is prepared to offer a diagnosis of “psychosis” which she attributes to my being one of President Trump’s “followers.” (I voted for Hillary Clinton and am a liberal Democrat.)

Indeed, Dr. Lee went even further, diagnosing “the severity and spread of ‘shared psychosis’ among just about all of Donald Trump’s followers.” Nor does she seem to be using these psychiatric terms as political metaphors, dangerous as that would be. She is literally claiming that we are mentally ill and our views should be considered symptoms of our illness, rather than as legitimate ideas.

Publicly offering “professional opinions” or diagnoses in the absence of a psychiatric examination, is a violation of psychiatric ethics and the rules of the American Psychiatric Association. According to that esteemed organization, “it is unethical for a psychiatrist to render a professional opinion to the media about a public figure unless the psychiatrist has examined the person…”

According to the progressive outlet Raw Story, which takes this nonsense from Lee seriously, Dershowitz has complained to Yale:

Prominent Donald Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz reportedly complained to Yale University after forensic psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee suggested Trump supporters may have a “shared psychosis” with the president.

This claim is supported by a recent tweet from Lee herself:

Lee’s use of her position for such obviously partisan purposes is not only unethical, it calls into question the judgement of Yale which continues to employ her.

It also makes her look like the one with a mental health issue. At this point, I expect we’ll find her in a padded room someday, mumbling something about Trump being crazy.


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