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Dershowitz Deserted by Liberal Friends Over Trump-Friendly Mueller Analysis

Dershowitz Deserted by Liberal Friends Over Trump-Friendly Mueller Analysis

“My really, really close friends say, ‘You’re 100 percent right in your analysis, but can’t you just shut the f—k up and not talk at all,’”

Professor Alan Dershowitz is a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary.

He also believes in the law and has a rational view of the Mueller investigation. Unfortunately for him, not having Trump Derangement Syndrome is ruining his social life.

Caitlin Yilek reports at the Washington Examiner:

Alan Dershowitz on defending Trump: ‘My liberal friends don’t invite me to dinner anymore’

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz says he’s feeling the heat from family and friends over his defense of President Trump amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“It’s caused me to lose seven pounds,” Dershowitz told Politico. “My liberal friends don’t invite me to dinner anymore.”

Dershowitz often appears on Fox News to argue against Mueller bringing an obstruction of justice charge against Trump, saying it would send the country into a constitutional crisis. He has also defended Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

“My really, really close friends say, ‘You’re 100 percent right in your analysis, but can’t you just shut the f—k up and not talk at all,’” he said. “They tell me, ‘This is a time for selective silence.’ My nephew thinks I’m helping keep in office one of the greatest dangers in American history.

You can see examples of this in his Twitter feed:

Here’s more from the recent piece by Annie Karni of Politico about people whose lives have been upended in one way or another in the age of Trump that was referenced above:

Over the past year, Dershowitz has become a regular talking head on Fox News, arguing that bringing an obstruction of justice charge against Trump would trigger a constitutional crisis for the country — and that Trump had every right to fire former FBI director James Comey. The counterintuitive take from a one-time Democratic icon has made him a Trump favorite — an uncomfortable position for a man who says he voted for Hillary Clinton and hopes Vice President Joe Biden challenges Trump in 2020…

After Trump highlighted Dershowitz’s television appearance on Twitter, Dershowitz said the hate mail came in droves. “I got emails saying, ‘You’re doing this because of Jerusalem,’ ‘you’re doing it because you’re being paid a lot of money,’ ‘you want to be Trump’s lawyer,’ ‘you want to be on the Supreme Court.’”

He said he has no interest in becoming Trump’s lawyer, and that At age 79, any dreams of a Supreme Court nomination live in the past now. He also doesn’t want to get any closer than he is to Trump: His only offline interactions with the administration have been about Israel, he said.

Kudos to Professor Dershowitz for maintaining his reason in the face of such madness.

He is cordially invited to dinner with the Legal Insurrection team on the date of his choice.


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Yet again proving that, to the moonbat Left, the party line takes precedence over the facts, and the law, and even basic civility.

Kind of funny that it took such an apparently intelligent man 79 years to start to figure out what the left was all about.

    “You’re 100 percent right in your analysis, but can’t you just shut the f—k up and not talk at all”

    The truth kills the left, explaining their lust to kill the First Amendment.

    Two further examples.
    ~ They KNOW that the life in the womb is a human and want us to “just shut the f—k up and not talk at all” so that the killing and the PP money-making can continue.
    ~ They KNOW that Islam is nothing more than a murderous cult which has it in for the rest of us, but want us to “just shut the f—k up and not talk at all” so that the concept of Americanism – personal responsibility & freedom from government control – can be brought to an end.

I have a Liberal friend who lives in Ann Arbor and works in green energy sector at a high level, attending all those global warming conferences and specializing in carbon credits. He has come out as a Trump-loving Liberal Republican (he voted for Johnson). In the process he too has been ostracized by all his Leftist “friends”. Unfortunately for him, that’s all you can find in Ann Arbor.

This is why polling will never be reliable as long as Trump is in the equation. There are millions of closeted Trump supporters who will only come out to vote.

I find it frightening that his nephew believes Donald Trump is so dangerous, yet he (as is true of almost all leftist-Dems) loved Obama, one of the most demonstrably dangerous, even traitorous, men to ever be POTUS?! Also frightening is that Dershowitz continues to stand with the Democrat Party – and wants Biden for 2020!?! – after such snubbing, such bullying, such verbal abuse; it’s truly mind-boggling.

The saddest part of all though, to me, is that his logical, rational mind and his cogent, law-and-Constitutionally based arguments are not being accepted by those younger than him, that those who are publicly snubbing him think – and are telling him privately – that he is 100% right.

How can they live with themselves?! How can they look themselves in the mirror, or sleep at night?! Why do they HATE so much – the US, our political and economic freedoms (particularly free-market capitalism), and especially Trump?! What will we do when such wise men no longer stand in the gap for reason, for rational thinking, for the rule of law?

“Professor Alan Dershowitz is a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary.

He also believes in the law…”

I believe in the law, so I’ll vote for the criminal.

    moonmoth in reply to abenson229. | December 30, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I was going to say the same thing. Dershowitz not only voted for Hillary; he’s said on Fox that he’s proud to have done so. And he deserves no praise for saying that Mueller has a credibility problem. The “problem” with that investigation goes far beyond mere credibility: that investigation is *unlawful*. Its sloppiness is immaterial.

    In short, Dershowitz seems to be suffering from some form of severe cognitive dissonance, or perhaps is simply losing his marbles. Therefore, I’ve stopped listening to him entirely.Citing him as support only damages our own credibility.

It goes to show that these people have no moral Compass to say Dershowitz shouldn’t ask for a legitimate investigation and this nephew thinks by any possible. Imagine if our side supported the birther movement because anything to remove Obama was justified.

While I do not share any of Professor Dershowitz’ politics, I respect his intellect and his integrity. The law cannot be enforced to fit the Left’s narrative.

It is a waste of time trying to understand the “mind” of today’s liberal. They don’t have a grasp of it either.

The problem Dershowitz is having is the same problem the country is having: bubble-dwelling progressives have never had to confront the consequences of their ideological failures. Without feedback, anyone will spiral off into a fantasy world.

These are the people who criticize Dershowitz for supporting reality. The only way to wake them up is either by demonstrating the failures of their ideology (difficult in America, since so many safety nets have been constructed), or demonstrating the superiority of alternate ideas. Hopefully, many of them will start getting a clue as the economy improves under Trump.

    tom_swift in reply to Matt_SE. | December 30, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Hopefully, many of them will start getting a clue as the economy improves under Trump.

    No reason to believe that … they didn’t get a clue when government mismanagement put the economy into the doldrums and kept it there. Reality simply doesn’t matter.

    Liberalism is all about missing clues. That’s perhaps its defining principle. That’s why Dershowitz is still an intellectually worthless liberal; he knows Liberalism and his Liberal friends are anti-logical, incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, ignorant and unscientific, but he can still support a “liberal” monster like Hillary. Dershowitz really isn’t very good at noticing clues, either.

“My nephew thinks I’m helping keep in office one of the greatest dangers in American history.”

‘Greatest dangers?’ I hear this blather from leftists a lot. When I respond, “Is it because Trump has prosecuted journalists, spied upon American citizens, sued nuns, financed and facilitated nuclear proliferation for the world’s number one terrorist regime, weaponized the IRS to persecute his political enemies, oversaw the worst sustained economic growth in 70 years, sold full-auto weapons to Mexican gangsters who then murdered 2 US border patrol agents and hundreds of Mexicans with those weapons, subverted US bankruptcy laws to pay-off political cronies in the auto industry, fined Americans for not purchasing a product, violated federal law to meddle in Israel’s election process, sold 20% of US uranium supplies to Vladamir Putin, assassinated Libya’s leader, turning that nation into a flaming hellhole while doing nothing as 4 Americans were murdered in Benghazi – including the US ambassador??

Because it sounds like you have Trump confused with Obama. Please tell me one thing (just 1) that makes Trump ‘greatest dangers in American history.’

The only response is always a spittle flecked tirade of TDS totally devoid of facts.

Liberalism has diverged and left Dershowitz behind. He is yesterday’s liberal, today’s conservative.

Smart legal mind.

Terrible observer of reality and judge of character.

Dershowitz has always had somewhat a somewhat erratic streak in his usually liberal politics. But Dershowitz is a steady supporter of Israel, and it seems whenever he moves right politically it is usually related to that in some way. I suspect Dershowitz likes Trump’s Israel policies.

Tell Professor Dershowitz that I will make a batch of my very popular brownies.

A leftist believes that the narrative of the left DEFINES moral and ethical standards. Acceptance of those standards is mandatory. Enforcement of those standards is social isolation (mild form) or verbal/physical assault (strong form).

This system allows the psychopaths and sociopaths to rise to leadership positions. The serfs then either submit (“selective silence”) or they are destroyed (isolation or career/personal destruction).

Communism murdered many 10’s of millions of their own citizens. It was the “right” action for such a leader.

This Christmas, I was treated to a discussion where two of my sons expressed a desire to assassinate Trump, while the third told them Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was such a terrible candidate. I went so far as to establish that the third was the only one who did his homework before he voted.

We have a problem. The Democratic Party has broken the social compact, and is openly calling for the murder of Republicans. We have already seen that crazy people can and do respond to this kind of rhetoric.

I’m not worried about my kids taking action: they aren’t crazy or stupid. I am deeply concerned that they can even think that it is ok to say such things. This is a strong indicator that the conversation among Democrats is poisonous. This state of affairs is Hillary’s responsibility. She and Bill jointly decided to run a campaign of character assassination, and the New York Times, at the very least, knowingly entered into the the project.

    Valerie in reply to Valerie. | December 30, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    ’bout that slander campaign. This is old news, but pertinent, because the slander campaign continues unabated. Here’s proof of where it started.

    The following is a quote from a verified email from Patrick Healy, National Political Correspondent, New York Times, to members of the Clinton campaign. Circulation information is available, as well.

    “We’re told that President Clinton (like Mrs. Clinton and some other Dems) thinks that Trump would be a formidable opponent in the general election, and that Dems are in a form of denial if they dismiss Trump as a joke who would be easily defeated in November. President Clinton, like others, thinks that Trump has his finger on the pulse of the electorate’s mood and that only a well-financed, concerted campaign portrayed [sic] him as dangerous and bigoted will win what both Clintons believe will be a close November election. ”

    “We’re told that President Clinton (like Mrs. Clinton and many other Dems) thinks the single greatest weapon against Trump is Trump’s own instinct to make outrageous, divisive, even hateful comments that can come across as unpresidential. He, Mrs. Clinton, and the campaign all agree that they will need to seize on opportunities to paint Trump as extremist and recklessly impulsive. “

    “I was treated to a discussion where two of my sons expressed a desire to assassinate Trump…”

    Just curious: where do your sons draw the line on advocating the murder of political opponents? Do they worry at all, that under their system of believes, THEY are fair game as targets for murder?

This whole liberal cult thing is about narcissism: how on earth could Dershowitz brag about voting for the most malignant, corrupt figure in American history is beyond comprehension.

Further, klinton is an incompetent boob.

So, better to think you’re right than to know you’re wrong – even if it destroys your country.

We need to marginalize these idiots, and strongly.

I confess to being totally perplexed by Dershowitz’s psychological mindset. He spends much of his time speaking out — quite admirably and laudably — regarding Dumb-o-crat fallacies, hypocrisies, legal chicanery, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel postures, yet, he always seems concerned with brandishing his alleged Dumb-o-crat bona fides, in order to reassure some audience (I’m not quite sure who, exactly) that he is still one of them.

If I could hazard a guess, I would submit that there is some longstanding, deep-seated (and, ultimately, misguided) sense of loyalty that Dershowitz feels towards the Dumb-o-crats, born of his upbringing, or, something else; I don’t know what. But, this loyalty is preventing Dershowitz from doing what all of his intellectual and jurisprudential instincts are urging him to do, namely, abandon the Dumb-o-crats and their vile and deleterious platform and agenda.

My family and I would be happy to invite him to dinner at our home.