Professor Alan Dershowitz is a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary.

He also believes in the law and has a rational view of the Mueller investigation. Unfortunately for him, not having Trump Derangement Syndrome is ruining his social life.

Caitlin Yilek reports at the Washington Examiner:

Alan Dershowitz on defending Trump: ‘My liberal friends don’t invite me to dinner anymore’

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz says he’s feeling the heat from family and friends over his defense of President Trump amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“It’s caused me to lose seven pounds,” Dershowitz told Politico. “My liberal friends don’t invite me to dinner anymore.”

Dershowitz often appears on Fox News to argue against Mueller bringing an obstruction of justice charge against Trump, saying it would send the country into a constitutional crisis. He has also defended Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

“My really, really close friends say, ‘You’re 100 percent right in your analysis, but can’t you just shut the f—k up and not talk at all,’” he said. “They tell me, ‘This is a time for selective silence.’ My nephew thinks I’m helping keep in office one of the greatest dangers in American history.

You can see examples of this in his Twitter feed:

Here’s more from the recent piece by Annie Karni of Politico about people whose lives have been upended in one way or another in the age of Trump that was referenced above:

Over the past year, Dershowitz has become a regular talking head on Fox News, arguing that bringing an obstruction of justice charge against Trump would trigger a constitutional crisis for the country — and that Trump had every right to fire former FBI director James Comey. The counterintuitive take from a one-time Democratic icon has made him a Trump favorite — an uncomfortable position for a man who says he voted for Hillary Clinton and hopes Vice President Joe Biden challenges Trump in 2020…

After Trump highlighted Dershowitz’s television appearance on Twitter, Dershowitz said the hate mail came in droves. “I got emails saying, ‘You’re doing this because of Jerusalem,’ ‘you’re doing it because you’re being paid a lot of money,’ ‘you want to be Trump’s lawyer,’ ‘you want to be on the Supreme Court.’”

He said he has no interest in becoming Trump’s lawyer, and that At age 79, any dreams of a Supreme Court nomination live in the past now. He also doesn’t want to get any closer than he is to Trump: His only offline interactions with the administration have been about Israel, he said.

Kudos to Professor Dershowitz for maintaining his reason in the face of such madness.

He is cordially invited to dinner with the Legal Insurrection team on the date of his choice.


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