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Author: Johanna Markind

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“Following public reports into Morningstar’s alleged anti-Israel bias and concerns raised to my Office, we launched an investigation into Morningstar Inc. and Sustainalytics over potential consumer fraud issues. 18 attorneys general have now joined our investigation. These ESG investing firms are playing politics with pensions...

The complaint letter charges CUNY Law discriminates against students, faculty, other employees, and prospective students, faculty, and employees, and that the law school faculty’s recently-adopted BDS policy puts the school out of compliance with ABA req'ts. Meanwhile, NYC Council Higher Ed Committee grills CUNY over...

Arkansas’s anti-BDS law requiring state contractors to certify they don’t boycott Israel passes constitutional muster, according to the full Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. The court’s decision in the highly watched case of Arkansas Times LP v. Waldrip, handed down this morning, affirmed the lower court decision upholding the state law.