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Author: Anne Segal

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Anne Segal

Anne Sorock Segal is a market researcher and president of The Frontier Lab, a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase demand for freedom and revive a unifying American character using cutting-edge behavioral science methodologies.

A series of graphs demonstrate just how disastrous the Obama (failed) Recovery has been for our country, made all the more stark when compared to prior post-war "recoveries." Jacob Goldstein writes on the NPR blog that while this first chart, produced by the blog Calculated Risk,...

A professor at Harvard has applied her behavioral science background to the use of the "sequestration" tactic in an article, "The Strange Behavioral Logic of the Sequester Stalemate." She uses the somewhat forced nature of the upcoming automatic spending cuts and compares elements of the situation...

There's a surplus of pretty successful infographics attempting to sway audiences as to the meaning--and import--of sequestration cuts.

From political groups like Third Way and The Democratic Daily to a Quaker organization and the Cato Institute, there are common themes running through many of the depictions that attempt to both explain the term "sequestration," while also selling a viewpoint. The infographics from those opposed to sequestration focus on what, and even more strikingly, who, will be impacted according to their points-of-view. On the other hand, an infographic from the Cato Institute focused on placing the cut amounts in perspective--and using humor.

For example, National Parks Service presents perceived impact on jobs, and converts figures into "equivalents," saying "proposed cuts to NPS budget would be equivalent to close 200 of the smallest park units":

The Third Way attempts to reach out across the aisle to Tea Party activists, choosing issues they think are interesting to them and applying their left-leaning ideological POV:

Democratic Daily goes straight for the jugular, illustrating the impact on children:

A former colleague of mine from Regnery Publishing wrote today to say that our old sister company, Human Events, had shuttered its print edition today. While the digital version will continue, much of the staff will have to seek employment elsewhere, and it may be...

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