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Far left organizes to save fired Soledad O’Brien’s job at CNN

Far left organizes to save fired Soledad O’Brien’s job at CNN

It’s clear who made up Soledad O’Brien’s niche audience base at her former employer CNN now that “Left Action” has issued an alert and created a petition to save their number one heroine in the media. Left Action, a “network of 1,000,000 progressive,” must not have gotten the memo for Soledad, who said just two days ago that her firing was a “win-win” and “worked out best for everyone.”

Left Action’s petition reads:

Send CNN President Jeff Zucker a message, and tell him that dropping Soledad O’Brien is crazy.

Soledad O’Brien has made quite a splash lately by doing something that has become all too rare —practicing actual journalism.

She has been unafraid to hit back hard against the lies and talking points of elected officials, responding quickly with facts, logic, and the truth. It’s no surprise that several of these interviews have gone viral, given how refreshing her approach has been. And it’s no surprise that she is widely viewed as perhaps CNN’s best journalist.

And now CNN has decided to drop her. She will no longer host her morning show. It’s mind-boggling, but it’s true.

Throughout the whole process, O’Brien has shown grace and class, and declined to criticize Zucker and CNN. But this move is crazy. And CNN needs to hear that from us.

Send CNN President Jeff Zucker a message, and tell him that dropping Soledad O’Brien is crazy.

So far, the petition has received 7,545 signatures out of a state 25,000-signature goal. Soledad says that future plans include starting her own production company and creating documentaries.

Also, this will not be forgotten.


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casualobserver | February 26, 2013 at 4:34 pm

So who is surprised about the nature of O’Brien’s fan base? I’m anxious to see what happens here. My prediction is that CNN management will probably ask O’Brien to make a statement to cool off those that petition. Surely she’ll go along since it was all a “win-win” ending, right??

Soledad’s new employment will be as Winston’s supervisor at Minitrue.

Fellating the president and his cronies is “actual journalism”?

2nd Ammendment Mother | February 26, 2013 at 4:57 pm

The “actual journalism” part was a pretty far stretch, but it is entertaining to watch blue on blue action!

Phillep Harding | February 26, 2013 at 5:14 pm

Gee. Maybe she could get a job with Air America?


Same diff.

She could replace Jay Carney. That would be fun.

    Even Obama isn’t foolish enough to put O’Brien in the Press Secretary position. The only reason Carnival Barker Carney has survived so long is that he can lie through his teeth while acting snide and condescending.

    If the journalists of yesteryear were still with us, rather than the simpering, whipped “press-corps” that currently masquerades as journalists while acting as Administration mouthpieces, Carney would have been forced out of the Press Secretary position and run out of Washington on a rail.

    Alas, the art of Journalism has devolved into sitting quietly and eating the drivel spoon fed to them while trying to bask in Obama’s “celebrity.”

Jeff Zucker probably got tired of Ms. O’Brien looking like a damn fool every time she opened her mouth, and dragging down CNN with her.

I’m sure “the most trusted name in news” didn’t particularly like it when one of their supposed “rising stars” was constantly on the pointy end of facts that utterly contradicted her on-air statements. Her lack of any knowledge base of many of the issues she was commenting (NEVER reporting) on led to her being schooled often both on-air during interviews and later by actual journalists who actually KNEW something about the subject.

Left Action’s petition mentions that “several of these interviews have gone viral.” What they fail to mention is that they went “viral” because O’Brien was so utterly incompetent and unknowledgeable, and pushed such a blind-faith progressivism agenda as to be laughable.

A network of 1,000,000 progressive?

And shouldn’t that be mocumentaries? Though not in the Spinal Tap sense.

ONLY 7,545 signatures? Even Orly Taitz has over 41,000 signatures of citizens demanding Congress to immediately investigate Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs.

So a major project of a “network of 1,000,000 progressives” is a petition for Soledad, and they can’t get 8000 signatures?

Sorta explains her ratings and firing right there, doesn’t it?

Ahhh, does Michael Moore need an assistant? After all, Soledad is Harvard educmacated and she was cute!

She has no ratings. She asked other journalists to complain and to risk their jobs so she can keep hers. She is making a stink and throwing bad publicity on her boss. She was given an out to make documentaries, probably looked at what it would take (money, her own production company, money, a lot of work, money, taking risks, money, failure, money, etc) and has chosen to go out like an idiot which is the primary reason she has no ratings and is being canned in the first place. She wants her sinecure from a company that is in the dumper for ratings and has less and less money to pay her and waste on unwatched programing. She wants what she wants and she wants it now. Entitlement has a way of blowing up when the money runs out. They could sit her down and explain that she produces no revenue for her employer and she still would not get it.

Every time I see O’Brien, I’m reminded of those old ‘Breck girl’ commercials.