A former colleague of mine from Regnery Publishing wrote today to say that our old sister company, Human Events, had shuttered its print edition today. While the digital version will continue, much of the staff will have to seek employment elsewhere, and it may be part of larger troubles for the company that was reportedly put up for sale last week.

The Human Events guys and gals also seemed to me the best of journalism; shoe-leather reporters of the type that has long left the mainstream media and  all but left much of the blogosphere. They were always zipping in and out of our offices with a hot story, small enough that all the editors would get in on the news but large enough to have an impact throughout the years.

And I’ll always remain indebted to them; when I heard that one of my favorites, Christopher Hitchens, had summoned a crowd to protest outside the Embassy of Denmark, and rushed out to cover the event in the hopes of meeting him, they published my first article–and got me off the hook for skipping out of work.

I hope the next chapter for Human Events will be to continue its tradition of original reporting from the halls of Capitol Hill, online. We need competition in this industry, not more recycling.