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#IL02 GOP nominee Paul McKinley’s story of repentance has Chicago Machine worried

#IL02 GOP nominee Paul McKinley’s story of repentance has Chicago Machine worried

For what they say is a “sure-thing” race for the Democrats, the Machine sure is expending a lot of firepower to attack Republican Paul McKinley in the IL-02 special election coming up on April 9.

What are they afraid of?

Media outlets are issuing hit pieces on him; Media Matters’ editor is tweeting about him, and establishment-cozy Republicans are distancing themselves from him.

After largely ignoring the Republicans during the primary, reporters like Chicago Tribune “watchdog” Bill Ruthhart are climbing over themselves to find a reason to mention that McKinley is an ex-offender.

Breitbart’s Rebel Pundit exposes the eagerness with which local Fox reporter Mike Flannery has gone after the Republican, most recently in a video segment where the reporter refers to his win as an “ugly surprise,” and likens him to “Sparky the Clown”:

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Why such gusto, when they seem to have lost so much energy in going after Democrat Robin Kelly’s ethics violations?

Perhaps it’s because McKinley has such a powerful story of repentance. He is upfront and honest about the mistakes he made in life as a younger man. That is a story which resonates. I have seen McKinley at public forums and meeting people, and he is a hit wherever he goes.

As a conservative community activist protesting the sweetheart crony deals, Paul has been reaching corners of the Second District that haven’t seen the light for decades under the shadow of the Democratic Machine.

Perhaps, for the first time, the Machine is starting to be afraid.


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Mike Flannery is a dried up old has-been from the CBS heyday of Kurtis and Jacobsen. He is hyper-partisan. I’m making a call to him today to register a complaint.

SteveMD, I hope you do, too!

Here is FoxChicago’s phone number!

Be heard!


Directly into the newsroom.

While the Machine rolls out its WPDs (weapons of personal destruction), JJJ will write a memoir telling us how BPD was the cause of the bulk of his misbehavior and how he was not able to control his actions. In other words, he will write a Democrat biopic. Then, after his release from Blago State Prison JJJ will probably go on Oprah’s show just like Lance baby and plead the fifth.

Expanding on the thoughts above, 1) the Republican race was a footnote amongst the local media in terms and attention and 2) every radio story after the primary lead with “ex-felon” followed by his rap sheet.

I’d rather have a reformed ex-felon then a felon in training (or to be indicted), of which is nearly the entire political elitist class in this state.

Illustrating Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity at

We all have a role to play in this battle for our county and Mr. McKinley will play his. I pray for his success.

It isn’t with bunker busters but with tiny slits of paper cuts that the right will make the left bleed with.

Though I cannot vote in IL-02, I am praying for his victory over the special interests. God be with you, Paul McKinley. You acknowledge and humble yourself in public, and people are looking for an honest and humble man in politics. Seems we haven’t had one of those since, um……George Washington?

Don’t Dems usually insist that any convict can be rehabilitated with art classes and suchlike? And wasn’t the health-care bill partly drafted by someone in prison (and married to a Dem in Congress)?

Oh, I get it. Dems aren’t really offended by bad behavior. They just know that their opponents are, so it’s a great political weapon.

Uncle Samuel | March 1, 2013 at 11:56 am

The Chicago Machine is everything I have hated since childhood.

Interesting that the slant this TC station took was to try to show republicans aren’t behind Mckinly
instead of showing how good it is for the GOP to field such a worthy candidate
I can’t vore for him either but I hope the Pubs in his district ignore that bitter supposed Pub who say mckinely is no Republican and vote mckinley in

Michael Sneed wasn’t too kind to McKinley either, in her column in yesterday’s Scrum-Times. How I really wish I could vote in that district, but considering that the democrats will have 4 fraudulent votes to every one real Republican vote, Mr. McKinley has a tough uphill battle…!

[…] What an opening for the anti-Machine candidate Paul McKinley – whose conservative message is resonating with his community. The Axelrod coalition must be laughing to see Republican leaders join forces with so-called journalists to undermine a candidate who is, well, not quite part of their pre-chosen team. The Chicago Way has been a two-party effort ever since Republican governors like Jim Thompson and George Ryan first made their deals with the Democrats and created the bi-partisan mess that is known as Illinois. Read all about it, here and here. […]

Uncle Samuel | March 1, 2013 at 12:51 pm

Even lottery winners get bumped off in Chicago: “Medical examiner rules poisoned Chicago lottery winner’s death a homicide.” – @NBCNews

Was it a hit to keep from having to pay him?

I just got off a plane and get to see these comments, awesome. LI readers get it.