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Democrats Love the Deep State Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrats Love the Deep State Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The Durham Report was released this week and Democrats could not wait to try to discredit it.

Remember when Democrats loved whistleblowers? They don’t.

Oh, is that all?

How did we get here?

Biden is still doing nothing about the border.

Wasn’t this a conspiracy theory at one point?

This is just pathetic.

Oh my.

Ron DeSantis has been busy.

He is making all the right enemies.

Newsom is flailing.

Just embarrassing.

World news.

Compare and contrast.

What an awful story.

This is ridiculous.

Anyone surprised?

Saying the quiet part out loud.


The saviors of democracy.

Who could have predicted such a thing?


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This is funny. A Democrat in her natural state:

Since this is like an open thread, one of Orfea’s best. Good laughs.

Durham takeaway- Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Interfered with the lawful transition of Power.

They are the Jmreal J6ers.