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Florida Crackdown on Human Trafficking Tied to Illegal Immigration

Florida Crackdown on Human Trafficking Tied to Illegal Immigration

Governor DeSantis blamed “Biden’s Border Crisis” for “exacerbating human trafficking across the nation.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed four bills on May 16 in a crackdown on human trafficking tied to “Biden’s Border Crisis.” According to a press release from the governor’s office, the bills will help “to combat human trafficking, raise awareness of the signs and impacts of human trafficking, and impose critical reforms to hold human traffickers accountable.”

“Biden’s Border Crisis is exacerbating human trafficking across the nation,” claimed Governor DeSantis, “72% of all human trafficking victims are illegal immigrants and 60% of unaccompanied alien children crossing the border were caught by cartels and exploited for drug trafficking, or worse.”

Governor DeSantis accused the federal government of “ignor[ing] the people that are suffering due to its failed policies.” In the absence of federal action, “Florida continues to act . . . . to better protect vulnerable children, ensure businesses are taking steps to identify and eliminate trafficking and to give victims a way to fight back against their abusers.”

Governor DeSantis posted a brief clip of his speech from the bills’ signing ceremony on his official Twitter account:

Today I signed legislation to combat human trafficking and support victims of these terrible crimes.

Victims will now be able to:
Recover damages from adult entertainment establishments;
Receive restitution from the sale of their trafficker’s seized property; and
Participate in educational programs offering alternatives to prostitution and adult entertainment.

The full video includes speeches by several other Florida officials and a victim of human trafficking, who related her harrowing experiences:

The bills enhance the rights of victims of human trafficking, increase penalties for human trafficking, and mandate human trafficking awareness training for police officers.

SB 7064, “An act relating to human trafficking,” allows human trafficking victims to recover damages and attorney fees from adult entertainment establishments that exploit them and the seizure and sale of the property from human traffickers to pay restitution to their victims.

The law also requires adult establishments to verify and maintain records of employees’ identities and ages and mandates that prostitution offenders “attend an educational course on the impacts of human trafficking and negative impacts of commercial sex on people and their communities.”

SB 1690, “An act relating to sexual exploitation and human trafficking,” creates new “human trafficking awareness programs and increases human trafficking support” to prevent human trafficking at residential treatment centers for children and safe houses and foster homes.

HB 1465, “An act relating to firearm and destructive device offenses,” imposes a mandatory minimum sentence on human traffickers who “possess or discharge a firearm during the course of their crimes.”

SB 1210, “An act relating to public records,” exempts human trafficking victims’ court records from public records requirements and provides for the confidentiality of those records “in order for human trafficking victims to have the chance to rebuild their lives and reenter society” without stigma.


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henrybowman | May 17, 2023 at 8:13 pm

“HB 1465, “An act relating to firearm and destructive device offenses,” imposes a mandatory minimum sentence on human traffickers who “possess or discharge a firearm during the course of their crimes.”

Looks like they simply added human trafficking to an existing felony law that stipulates enhanced penalties for “armed X” as opposed to just “X”.

The clown show on this type of law is that they typically define bunches of terms but almost never define what “possessed” means. That’s how you end up with enhanced penalties for a drug-dealing grandma because the cop search uncovers a rusty revolver in the bedroom out back in a trunk that hadn’t been opened in 25 years.

    henrybowman in reply to henrybowman. | May 18, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    Wow, all these downvoters must be people who have no guns anywhere in their house.
    When the Stasi come knockin’ on your door to trump up a charge, it’s going to be an eye-opener when you get charged with “X while in possession of a firearm” good for five times the sentence.

Since practically ever illegal alien coming across the Mexican border has to purchase their ticket with indentured servitude or the cartels will kill their families, there is massive trafficking going on that the media and Dems are more than happy to ignore.

E Howard Hunt | May 18, 2023 at 8:01 am

On the bright side, cross border human trafficking has put a real dent in white slavery.

What can be done about NGOs that perpetuate illegal immigration?

If the general public actually sat in the courtroom and heard these cases, you would pull your hair out by the roots! A human trafficker has to be arrested AND convicted about 8/10 times while all those convictions end up being equal to traffic tickets with fines…When we talk about the justice system it isn’t just Police DA’s and Judges but it is what lies are told that we never question–It is like a movie–The state only tells you one side and of course paints that as ugly as possible–The entire government is broken. Like said you can find a gun that was hanging on the wall that was used in the civil war–but the cops found it-hanging on the wall celebrating the family history-and made it the enhancement. And likely it will never be seen again! Stop giving even a $ to the parties as well as funding for these charities. All the major Christian church leadership decided that we are giving huge amounts to “resettle” these invaders. most are families with teenage sons-The families I’ve personally been involved with–appears that they are not family as we think of as family but as some strangers maybe non-related??? just not momdad and bio kids-This country is involved in putting people in grave danger because of the reality of slavery and notice–Where all these voices that yell from the mountain tops about “Evils of Slavery” pay me repartitions–But YET they chose to send countless others into slavery. Maybe you sould contact the county judge of Austin County Tim Latham and ask about the ones being housed in Austin County and all the arrangements were made before any contract with county government…but the MSM has it on the 6pm newscycle that we sent these invaders to DC or Chicago or ??We should just keep them in Texas because we know all about these creatures and they do not. They want to bankrupt our communities!! This is the result of lack of attention to what your vote gets you–NOT what you politician says but what impact is there on your life. Look at how many freedoms we have already lost. Stand up to the tyranny, Fight for the future of your families. This is a war for the soul of not just the country but for our personal soul.