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Wired Magazine Gets Roasted for Cringeworthy Puff Piece on Pete Buttigieg

Wired Magazine Gets Roasted for Cringeworthy Puff Piece on Pete Buttigieg

“he was willing to devote yet another apse in his cathedral mind to making his ideas about three mighty themes—neoliberalism, masculinity, and Christianity—intelligible to me”

Wired Magazine has written a piece about Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that must be seen to be believed. You have to wonder if the media is trying to raise Pete’s profile, just in case old Joe doesn’t make it to the 2024 finish line.

How else can this be explained?

Virginia Heffernan writes:

Pete Buttigieg Loves God, Beer, and His Electric Mustang

The curious mind of Pete Buttigieg holds much of its functionality in reserve. Even as he discusses railroads and airlines, down to the pointillist data that is his current stock-in-trade, the US secretary of transportation comes off like a Mensa black card holder who might have a secret Go habit or a three-second Rubik’s Cube solution or a knack for supplying, off the top of his head, the day of the week for a random date in 1404, along with a non-condescending history of the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

As Secretary Buttigieg and I talked in his underfurnished corner office one afternoon in early spring, I slowly became aware that his cabinet job requires only a modest portion of his cognitive powers. Other mental facilities, no kidding, are apportioned to the Iliad, Puritan historiography, and Knausgaard’s Spring—though not in the original Norwegian (slacker). Fortunately, he was willing to devote yet another apse in his cathedral mind to making his ideas about three mighty themes—neoliberalism, masculinity, and Christianity—intelligible to me…

He also talked about his faith. Lefties these days are said to be less religious than right-wing evangelicals, but between Buttigieg, whose Episcopalianism grounds his decisionmaking, and his boss, President Joe Biden, whose robust Catholicism drives his sincere effort to revive America’s soul, perhaps a religious left is rising again.

It’s so over the top.

Charles Cooke of National Review wrote this in response:

I Love Pete Buttigieg

In between the seductive sips of Courvoisier atop which he builds his heady pedagogical flights, Pete Buttigieg leans back into his pulchritudinous chair and takes me through the history of the Asian subcontinent.

I am sitting in the great man’s office, in the heart of Washington, D.C., stealing a few moments of his valuable time. I was early, and he was late. But that was to be expected. Some people require their own rules.

Buttigieg, who is white but makes up for it by being gay, is young for a Secretary of Transportation. And yet, with his authoritative air, his famed ability with Norwegian, and his remarkable professional record, he has the mien of a figure who has been in the role for decades. “In just two years,” he informs me, “I have responded to more train crashes, air-travel crises, and supply-chain problems than any of my predecessors did in eight. People often ask me why I think I’m doing a good job. I think that answers the question.”

Wired deserves every ounce of ridicule for this.


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E Howard Hunt | May 19, 2023 at 11:05 am

It reads like the author had just finished shooting up with the boy mayor inside a bathhouse.

Dolce Far Niente | May 19, 2023 at 11:20 am

To the writer of this Wired article; I think you might want to wipe that stuff off your face.

“Pete Buttigieg Loves God”

Which God is that?
Because the one I know kinda frowns upon this guy’s lifestyle.

Wade Hampton | May 19, 2023 at 11:44 am

I wonder if they shared a cigarette, afterwards?

Buttigieg = perverted dweeb.

Any questions?

The Gentle Grizzly | May 19, 2023 at 12:03 pm

So far, the comments here center on his homosexuality. None – so far – on his utter and complete incompetence at the job.

I’m more concerned with his incompetence, but, what do I know. I’m one of those people Exiliado’s god despises.

    E Howard Hunt in reply to The Gentle Grizzly. | May 19, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    What kind of hater are you? Can’t you be momentarily straight for purposes of insulting every aspect of this smug jerk’s being?

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to E Howard Hunt. | May 19, 2023 at 3:25 pm

      Yes, he’s a smug jerk. So, I call him one. It has nothing to do with his – or my – homosexuality. As for calling me a hater: that’s the cheap crap one hears from Karens and college professors. You’re better than that.

        Thad Jarvis in reply to The Gentle Grizzly. | May 19, 2023 at 4:23 pm

        No, actually he’s not. He’s a pretentious douche.

        Agreed, Griz. There is plenty to criticize about Buttigieg, without referencing his homosexuality. it’s simply not germane to the discussion, or, to his myriad, negative traits and lousy job performance.

          The Gentle Grizzly in reply to guyjones. | May 19, 2023 at 6:58 pm

          Guy: I do not travel in the circles of “the gay community”, but, I learned long ago that the first ones to say “faggot!” or obsess on someone else’s sexuality either never outgrew the 7th grade or were closet cases.

        I agree with Grizzly, For some reason, so many of the LI posts on Buttigieg focus on his sexual orientation, not his disastrous decisions in office. And it gets really ugly with numerous anal sex and oral sex posts and even worse. Why is this? My guess is that too many of the regular male posters here are having problems with their own sexuality.

      Thad Jarvis in reply to E Howard Hunt. | May 19, 2023 at 4:24 pm

      You suck at everything you try to be here.

    henrybowman in reply to The Gentle Grizzly. | May 19, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    I think it’s because it’s apparent that the attention of the journalist is less on management analysis than it is on straightforward bro crush.

    Because his only qualification has been his sexual proclivities. His understanding of logistics and transportation has never been at the forefront of his place in the administration.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to GWB. | May 19, 2023 at 8:08 pm

      This entire administration comprises homosexuals, “Hispanics”, a sprinkling of Asians, some cross-dressers, and of course blacks, Blacks, People of Color (blacks), N3gr0es, or whatever the Reverends permit non -blacks to call them this week.

      Are they QUALIFIED? Very few.

    Fat_Freddys_Cat in reply to The Gentle Grizzly. | May 19, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    I don’t have an issue with his homosexuality. I do have a problem with the “rule” established by the chattering class: if a person is LGBTQ etc they’re above criticism. If you speak of his monumental incompetence it “proves” that you’re “homophobic”.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Fat_Freddys_Cat. | May 19, 2023 at 7:02 pm

      “I don’t have an issue with his homosexuality. I do have a problem with the “rule” established by the chattering class: if a person is LGBTQ etc they’re above criticism.”

      I couldn’t agree more if I wanted to. Judge me by my work, and I will stand or fall on that.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to The Gentle Grizzly. | May 20, 2023 at 12:46 pm

    My view is that it is Buttigieg who insists on making criticism of him as criticism of his homosexuality. Richard Grenell was, prior to him, the highest ranking gay man in a President’s cabinet. His sexual orientation was irrelevant to the great job he was doing. For Buttigieg, on the other hand, his homosexuality is the only reason he got his job, that he was completely unprepared for. Instead of addressing the problem of flotillas of container ships stuck outside the LA and Long Beach harbors, we have photos of him sitting in bed with his spouse “nursing” their two new babies. As shelves emptied around the country, instead of his showing concern, and doing something about the problem, squarely within his responsibility, he publicly flaunted his homosexuality. Low level employees can take maternity leave, as he did, but Cabinet members really can’t. They are on duty 24/7, or at least should be. This is where spouses come in – allowing the high ranking public officials and the like to take time out from their familial duties to do the duty they assumed to the public. Instead, Buttigieg used .this time of crisis to exalt in his status as a new gay parent.

With obama as a Nobel. Lauriate, biden as president, hillary clinton as the smartest woman in the world, fetterman, AOC, corey bush etc in Congress, blinken as secy of state, jennifer granholm as energy secy, kamala harris as VP and jill biden a ‘doctor’ – of course Butthead has a cathedral mind.

Who are the cultists again?

Just about the emptiest of all the empty suits inhabiting the Biden Abomination, er, Administration.

henrybowman | May 19, 2023 at 1:01 pm

Well, I can personally attest that whenever I have problems understanding masculinity, contacting Pete to obtain clarification is my first choice. And he always comes up with the proper solution: blame everything on the guy who was here before me.

Peter, the Secretary of Trans/portation, of two men and a womb, Buttigieg?

I think using “puff” and Buttigieg in the same sentence is enough to say “Phrasing?”

Funny. The guy who wrote this is apparently Pete’s ‘sugar daddy’ outside his ‘marriage’. Another boot licking leftist posing as a journalist, who refuses to acknowledge the abject failures of this administration.

    amatuerwrangler in reply to yerheinous. | May 19, 2023 at 7:42 pm

    I think the guy who wrote the article is a gal…. That’s something I gathered from noticing her name is Virginia. I could be wrong, however, its happened before.

The dollar value, and, as importantly, the electoral impact, of having a court of innumerable, gleeful, dutiful and obsequious mainstream media lapdogs/trained seals/courtiers/lackeys/propagandists at the vile Dumb-o-crats’ constant beck and call, ready to pen a fawning, promo puff piece or host a similarly fawning television appearance and promote the Dumbs’ Narrative(TM), generally, is immense.

If the GOP had a fraction of this kind of perennially and reliably positive media exposure, its political fortunes would be much stronger. The puff pieces are essentially free political advertising and narrative-peddling, for the vile Dumb-o-crats.

Question asked during the interview: “Mayor Petey, are you a pitcher or a catcher?”

Halcyon Daze | May 19, 2023 at 7:22 pm

How else can this be explained?

Leftist brainpower in action.

Cathedrals are mostly empty, so that would fit well with his noggin.

Are you going to believe Wired or your own eyes and ears?

Wired Mag is WAY outside of its lane. Are they having a Bud Light moment?

My comment on Twitter, great article by the Babylon Bee!

Ex-Oligarch | May 20, 2023 at 3:37 pm

If I had a left-wing editor who ordered me to write an article promoting Buttigieg, this is exactly the sort of blatantly ludicrous, over-the-top nonsense I’d turn in. No thinking person can take this piece seriously, but left-wing editors and brain dead democrats will take it at face value.