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DeSantis Derangement Syndrome: No, George Soros Did Not Endorse Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome: No, George Soros Did Not Endorse Ron DeSantis

“DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless and ambitious. He is likely to be [the] Republican candidate. This could induce Trump, whose narcissism has turned into a disease, to run as a third-party candidate. That would lead to a Democratic landslide and force the Republican Party to reform itself.”

As we’ve been documenting here at LI, the lunatic leftists in the legacy media and Democrat party (but I repeat myself) have been busily screeching that DeSantis is “worse than Trump” and warning that he’s a ‘fascist’ . . . about freedom, apparently. Somehow. They wail that he’s all the wrong -isms and -phobics who wants to force women into the ‘slavery’ of having a child, disallow kiddie porn in grades K-3 (the horror!), and effectively dismantle—in Florida—their woke DIE and globalist agenda.

Not wanting to be left out of the DeSantis Derangement Syndrome (DDS) asylum, a few people on the right have also started bashing DeSantis with baseless lies, lies, and more lies. The latest desperate bid to undermine him is that billionaire busybody George Soros “endorsed” Governor DeSantis.

When I first saw this, I rolled my eyes at how transparently desperate the Democrats had become given that DeSantis suspended a Soros-backed State Attorney for refusing to enforce bans on child genital mutilation and abortion restrictions, a move that was later upheld by a federal judge. But this utter nonsense and completely #FakeNews didn’t come from Democrats.

The problem, of course, is that Soros did nothing of the kind.

Newsweek reports:

The 92-year-old said: “My hope for 2024 is that Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida will slug it out for the Republican nomination. Trump has turned into a pitiful figure, continuing mourning his loss in 2020. Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves.

“DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless and ambitious. He is likely to be [the] Republican candidate. This could induce Trump, whose narcissism has turned into a disease, to run as a third-party candidate. That would lead to a Democratic landslide and force the Republican Party to reform itself.”


Soros is saying the same thing that many right-leaning analysts, pundits, and LI commenters have been saying/speculating about for months: If Trump loses the GOP nomination to DeSantis (or any other Republican), will he collect all his toys and stomp off to run third party thereby ensuring if not a Democrat landslide, a Democrat win? It’s not inconceivable.

The shameless and false claim that this is an “endorsement” of DeSantis by Soros, who is clearly hoping for a “Democratic landslide” as a result of the already-bitter and decidedly premature GOP civil war (before DeSantis has even said whether or not he is running), has garnered a lot of attention.

And, as always, people have thoughts.


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Trump used the “fake news” meme quite effectively. Now Trump sycophants keep seem to resist fake news.

a move that was later upheld by a federal judge.

Not exactly upheld. He said it was illegal but he couldn’t do anything about it, and invited the plaintiff to apply to the state courts. He practically wrote their brief for them.

Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite | February 17, 2023 at 1:40 pm

Well, I fell for that.

This sounded like conventional wisdom to me, and he hopes for a Democrat to win.

It’s believable because it was a tactic of Saul Alinsky

I’ll give Lake 48 hours to retract it.

Yeah, Scott Adams’ 48 hour rule. People say dumb shit sometimes, and If they really made a mistake, we should give them 48 hours to correct themselves. After 48 hours, though, if they don’t retract, then the gloves are off.

    henrybowman in reply to JR. | February 17, 2023 at 4:25 pm

    Of course, the wokies don’t honor the 48 hour rule, any more than they honor “shit you posted before age 18” rule. Katie Hobbs just got a windfall victory.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to JR. | February 17, 2023 at 5:27 pm

    All they are doing is sending up trial balloons…


We lost him 2 years ago but I would love to here Rush Limbaugh’s take on this.

    Rush was for President Trump 1000% and I don’t think anything Fussy says would change that

    She crossed the rubicon long ago

    Follow the money or go home…

      What does this even mean? What rubicon did I cross? Oh, you mean when we lost again–for the fourth straight cycle in 2022? Yeah, I like winning, and despite Trump’s promise that I would get tired of it, I never saw it in an election again after ’16 (except in Florida, of course, and that had zero to do with Trump). His attacking my governor BEFORE the midterms didn’t help. Nor did his urging Georgia voters to stay home in ’21, thus handing the Senate to the Democrats. Nor his thinking so little of the American people that he truly believed that being on TV and/or a “celebrity” (sports figure) was all it took to win an election. He thinks you are stupid, you know that, right?

      Oh, and oddly, I also wasn’t a huge fan of his brown-nosing deep state hacks like Fauci and Birx . . . and Barr and a dozen others. So, if you mean that I stopped supporting Trump after voting for him TWICE, yeah, I crossed that ‘rubicon’ “long ago” . . . like all the way back in November. A WHOLE three months ago. Imagine that.

      Be sure to read what the professor has to say about your delusions, too. You’ll find he’s another “rubicon” crosser. Be sure to snipe at him every chance you get, too. He’d love that as much as I do.

        No, President Trump didn’t lose, he won and it was STOLEN form him and us and the fact that you don’t understand that is confusing

        He didn’t run because he was a “TV” star, he ran because he was a HIGLy successful business man that loved this Country and was tired of seeing go down the preverbal sh!t hole.
        He lost billions as the left cancelled him from all over the world, for making America first, for not forgetting the common man.

        He forgo ANY payment for 4 years donating every penny to worthy causes…

        Here’s a few of his accomplishments, cause it looks like you’ve forgotten, and just a few

        Unprecedented Economic Boom

        Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy.

        America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.
        Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.
        The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century.
        Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings.
        More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.
        Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.
        The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record.
        Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly 3 decades.
        Delivered a future of greater promise and opportunity for citizens of all backgrounds.

        Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma all reached record lows.
        Unemployment for women hit its lowest rate in nearly 70 years.
        Lifted nearly 7 million people off of food stamps.
        Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached record lows.
        Income inequality fell for two straight years, and by the largest amount in over a decade.
        The bottom 50 percent of American households saw a 40 percent increase in net worth.
        Wages rose fastest for low-income and blue collar workers – a 16 percent pay increase.
        African American homeownership increased from 41.7 percent to 46.4 percent.
        Brought jobs, factories, and industries back to the USA.

        Created more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs.
        Put in place policies to bring back supply chains from overseas.
        Small business optimism broke a 35-year old record in 2018.

        Rebuilding and investing in rural America.

        Signed an Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products, which is bringing innovative new technologies to market in American farming and agriculture.
        Strengthened America’s rural economy by investing over $1.3 billion through the Agriculture Department’s ReConnect Program to bring high-speed broadband infrastructure to rural America.

        And I think he came to realize what BS artists Fauchi and his side kick were, which Pence put in that position, tried to minimize them , unfortunately too late
        He tried to get therapeutics to Americans and everytime he suggested HCQ or ivermectin he was brutalized, the medical
        Community made it impossible for most Drs to support real science

        I’m surprised at how much he did get done considering the blood loss from so many arrows he bore for US

        Including from so called supporters…

        DeSantis would have never been Gov if not for Trump, but you already know that…

        As far as you encouraging me to take on the Professor, nice try, very borderline…

          tldr. But I caught the intro and conclusion. I have repeatedly stated that I think the ’20 election was fishy, that I thought it was hugely problematic ON ELECTION NIGHT when voting suddenly shut down in several key districts almost at once. I have also said repeatedly that Trump is in no small part to blame for the loosening of voting rules/laws in those very districts and states by listening to Fauci and Birx LONG after they were being called out (including by our very own Leslie here at LI) and ignored by red state govs (including my own).

          That you can’t understand the role his extended WuFlu emergency crap played in vote harvesting, Zuckerbucks, states literally defying the law to change elections (a thing Trump’s DOJ ignored), and general election malfeasance is amazing to me. It’s equally shocking that despite the professor’s long and detailed posts about what is actually possible AFTER an election with regard to fraud, you keep banging on as if there’s going to be some kind of do-over or Trump is going to swoop down from Heaven and claim his throne in the WH. It’s not happening. It’s over. It’s done. It was over and done very quickly, if you had only paid attention and not worked on emotion rather than reality.

          As to your taking on the prof . . . why not? What has he said in the linked comments above (and in several more to Phil) that I haven’t? And what have I said that he hasn’t? You once accused me of being “personal” about you. I’m not. But it sure is looking like you have a personal thing against me. Was that just projection when you accused me of it? Hmmm.

          @fuzzy TLDR!?!?! Then you follow up with the Covid crap of which most of it are lies? You don’t even care to have a rational, reasoned discussion. That’s why I keep posting inflammatory links that apparently you don’t read. The first rule in persuasion is to understand what the person you are disagreeing with is saying. You don’t care.

          What “covid crap” did I state was a lie? Be specific and provide credible, authoritative sources (i.e. not some random lunatic spewing crazy in the nuthouse).

          As to tdlr, Dude, no one reads your and gonzo’s crazy miles long blocks of text. Most of which, we all learned early on, is just copied and pasted since it’s always the same list. At some point, our eyes glaze over, and yes, you’re exactly right, we cease to care what you are saying. It’s all deranged, rabbit hole delusion, and it really can’t be stomached more than the first two or three times. Maybe if you guys got a new script? Stopped being condescending, belligerent, and downright insulting? I can do all that better than you (as you well know), so let’s not. Best to let me not read your and your fellow travelers’ delusional diatribes.

          Your idea of “persuasion” seems to consist of: “you are a stupid sheeple who is stupid and a sheep and a stupid sheep person sheeple! Read the great and glorious ramblings of the click bait grifters at the nuthouse! That’s where the REAL convo is happening! That’s where the cool kids who aren’t stupid and sheeple enjoy the thrills of living outside the echo chamber. We all think exactly the same and say the same lunatic crap, but we are so not a group of fringe freaks creating out own echo chamber. Idiot, RINO loser freak globalist Marxist sell-out loser!”

          That’s totes effective! Remember how you rushed to join Occupy and BLM after being disparaged, ridiculed, bullied, and insulted? It’s clearly the bestest way to gain new members! All the best “persuaders” do it!

          Yeah. No.

        henrybowman in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 17, 2023 at 4:28 pm

        “Nor his thinking so little of the American people that he truly believed that being on TV and/or a “celebrity” (sports figure) was all it took to win an election.”

        An odd argument, since he was entirely right (his first time).
        Then people like Biden and Fetterman started winning elections, proving just how stupid the electorate can be when they sink to the challenge.

          That argument made about Trump, that he relied only on celebrity to win, and that he “thinks you are stupid, you know that, right?” is the type of “astute” analysis that, unfortunately, too many rely upon as truth.

          As if America First and MAGA meant nothing.

          Contrary to that disparaging remark, Trump is one of the very few office holders that thinks the American people were smart, as compared to stupid leaders. But talking heads know better!

          Such comments like the one above, and there are others, reflect bias that makes other remarks less credible.

          As for Fetterman and Biden, it’s less that people are stupid and more that they are fanatics for the team. It accounts for remarks like the one criticized here.

          I was talking about Oz and Walker, not Trump himself (who was also not elected on his celebrity but on his obvious love for America and his numerous promises: build the wall, lock her up, repeal and replace ObamaCare, etc.).

          Here are Trump’s own words on his selection of Oz (he said similar things about Walker because he really does think his followers are stupid enough to vote for celebrity over any other concern):

          “In announcing his endorsement, Trump noted Oz “has lived with us through the screen.”

          “He’s somebody that had great success on television, which is like the ultimate poll,” Trump told supporters at a teletownhall last week.

          Not such an odd argument, right? He didn’t give a thought to the candidates he endorsed beyond are they on tv, otherwise celebrities (football heroes), and did they stick their noses far enough up his butt.

          That turned out to be a pretty crappy way to pick candidates to endorse. Or maybe I’m wrong? Maybe Oz did win PA and Walker did win GA, and we can all sizzle on the hotplate of our election fraud delusions? I am so over that, Henry. Truly.

          Word soup. Nourishment.

          gonzotx in reply to henrybowman. | February 17, 2023 at 7:01 pm

          No, they didn’t win, but they did harvest ballets and drop boxes

          henrybowman in reply to henrybowman. | February 17, 2023 at 9:11 pm

          Nah, he has a point, assuming he read my remark as agreement that Trump thought voters were stupid. I don’t know about that either way. (I think they are, and I have proof — it’s in the Oval Office.)

          But Trump did think that he could win an election on the strengths of being a celebrity and a TV figure, with zero political credentials, because that’s exactly what he pulled off himself. Trump was also shrewd and had policy plans, but everybody running for everything has policy plans, they’re a dime a dozen. (Well, maybe not Fetterman.)

          Of course, Walker wasn’t and would never be Trump — he lacks the brains.

        The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 17, 2023 at 5:32 pm

        You got, at this reading, two downticks. I think I can guess from whom.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to gonzotx. | February 17, 2023 at 5:29 pm

      Huh? The topic isn’t Fuzzy. What ARE you nattering about?

It’s not just the the “lunatic leftists” that seem to have TDS, or a form of it, but “many right-leaning analysts, pundits, and LI commenters,” and not just because Trump may run as an independent. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish between them all.

What will you do if Trump wins the nomination? Refer to all his supporters as sycophants? Sad to watch people flip so easily and adopt memes put forth by past adversaries that acted to destroy the man from the start. Have they now succeeded?

Soros wants DeSantis in this context because that will split the Republicans. A non-endorsement endorsement. Trump running is apparently his larger concern.

    Every Trump supporter that pushes nonsense like this? Yes, they are sycophants.

    IF Trump wins the nomination I will vote for Trump. I’m not an idiot. But at this point in time I prefer DeSantis.

      One person’s nonsense is another person’s sense. Will leave labels to others. However, experience teaches that these generalizations are usually well off the mark and made for ulterior reasons.

    “What will you do if Trump wins the nomination?”
    Vote for Trump, and reign myself to losing.
    Biden could be found in bed with a dead girl and still not lose.

      If what you said about Biden is accurate, then does it matter who runs against him?

        I meant, still not lose to Trump. It’s too early yet to make a shortlist of people Biden could possibly lose to. DeSantis is at the top of today’s list, but I’m old enough to remember Howard Dean, Gary Hart, and Mike Avenatti.

      Yep. In fact, they could live-stream Biden sniffing the dead girl’s hair while little black boys played with his leg hair as he’s shouting, “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me,” and he would still beat Trump.

      For all the talk of echo chambers, the dwindling, but fervent, Trump faithful just don’t get how much key American demographics cannot and will not abide him. He might win the primary, but he cannot win the general.

        You just couldn’t wait to post a DeSantis blog on a Friday night

        I don’t believe you ever really supported President Trump, your visceral hatred of the man is very loud and clear

        As much as I dislike Senator Lindsey, even he said there is no Trump police’s without Trump

        And that’s the truth

        I too had a crush on DeSantis till about a year ago, but things didn’t add up and I started digging…

        Do you need a shovel ?

        Asking for a friend…

          gonzotx in reply to gonzotx. | February 17, 2023 at 8:46 pm

          Brown, sorry policy’s

          gonzo, you wrote: “I don’t believe you ever really supported President Trump, your visceral hatred of the man is very loud and clear.”

          I supported Trump in the sense that I voted for him twice and wrote many (many) posts defending him against blatantly false leftist attacks. Was I ever a Trump “supporter” in the way you are? Hell to the no. I can’t imagine ever being that worshipful of a human being. It’s neither normal nor good.

          I look at politicians as politicians, it’s what they are. I support the ones who seem to align with my own politics until I see a reason not to (or, in Trump’s case, myriad reasons not to). I would be embarrassed to gush all over the place about a politician being “the one” and the “only one” . . . that’s just gross. And so Oprah. I support various pols until they prove themselves unworthy of my support. That includes Paul Ryan (whom I once supported), Marco Rubio (whom I liked for about a minute), and yes, Donald Trump.

          Here’s the kicker, though, gonzo: pretty much no one worships politicians as you do Trump. We all want to win, and he’s a loser (hasn’t won an election for himself or his party since 2016, and has actively worked against winning in numerous cases, including Georgia Senate in ’21 and ’22).

          So when you say you don’t believe I ever supported Trump, I suspect you mean that I was never a Trump cultist like you. And no, I am proud to say, I did not and was not. You’ll be surprised to find that most Trump voters are not “true” Trump “supporters” in your vein and that most of us are pretty much turned off by that type of grovelling servitude to a politician. Frankly, it’s unAmerican.

    What you are doing is the text book definition of spamming.

    You have been answered dozens of times by the people here including me that if Trump is the nominee we will vote for him.

    You can’t just return and use the same question as an accusation over and over and still be respected.

    I know I have answered your question multiple times.

    For George Soros his concern is anyone opposed to him wins.

    His solution to that is hope Trump runs.

    He did not endorse DeSantis and that only Trumpers are claiming it seems to show there is nothing for the Trump campaign. It is like the lie about DeSantis as a groomer. You would not appreciate that if it was directed at Trump.

    Trump now has a record as candidate and it is not a good one.

      Ridiculous. As if there was nothing else said. What a joke!

        Again you show up routinely to ask a question you have had answered by every single person here dozens of times at least.

        Thanks to the usually annoying lack of an edit button you can’t even hide doing that.

        I also did address the rest of your post you are claiming that Democrats fear winning the senate house and presidency again (you know his results).

        You also have never once addressed anything anyone has ever said about why they think Trump is unelectable. When I have brought them up to you in the past you ignored like you ignore anything that isn’t part of your narrative.

        Stop spamming and engage, or go away.

    I will personally show Trump and his supporters the same respect they show others: none at all. Trump has been attacking DeSantis constantly, and his supporters have followed along, even to the point of trying to claim that DeSantis is a RINO, endorsed by Soros, and an establishment plant. I’ve had enough. You Trump supporters demand respect, and you show none.

    You talk about splitting the party as if the nomination is somehow Trump’s by right. It isn’t.

      Check again. It was Soros that talked about splitting the ticket, as a good thing.

      Your statement about attacks is absurd, a complete overstatement, pretending that “you” DeSantis supporters wear halos, but for Trump and his big bad supporters.

      Before you assume someone supports a candidate, best to ask. No dog in this fight yet, but not a potted plant either. Trump gets a raw deal here, much more than DeSantis. Is it wrong to point out the obvious?

        Here is planet Trump.

        DeSantis supporters-Here are Trump’s results from all of his elections, here is why that will be his results again in 2024, here is why we need DeSantis who in many ways has a better record than Trump anyway as our electable nominee

        Trump supporters-DeSantis is a groomer, we have no evidence but…., DeSantis is backed by Soros, Soros fears Trump uniquely we have no evidence of it from what Soros actually said it seems Trump is part of his hopes for the future….

        Yes discussing merits of a candidate is totally equivalent to the cult like follow the leader baseless attacks by Trump supporters.

        I will vote Trump if he is the nominee, you however will be 100% responsible for Biden’s re-election.

        Do you think everyone has memory loss? Trump has made REPEATED attacks against DeSantis, including during the 2022 gubernatorial election. He’s even called DeSantis a “groomer.”

        Soros doesn’t even have to do anything except stand back and laugh while Trump does what he always does, savage anyone who might be a threat to his power.

        I do have a dog in this fight: DeSantis. I’m a Floridian, and he’s been a frikkin’ rock against the Democrats. I don’t pretend to be neutral, unlike you.

Seriously disappointed at Kari’s gaffe here. I considered her one of the adults in the room.

Here is the fatal flaw with your strategy of re-throwing the global establishment lies (baggage) against Trump, they’ve been proven in court and in Twitter and FBI leaked files to be lies. You seem to have memory-holed that. Meanwhile, the items I have posted about DeSantis have been true and not refuted by him. If it is so easy to make lies stick to a strong fighter like Trump by calling them “baggage”, just think how vulnerable DeSantis will be once that strategy is used against him.

Wake up. You have affixed yourselves with a shrinking club of the blind. Me and my Tea Party friends left years ago. And yes, we are still around. We are the reason Trump was president in the first place. Do you really believe you can convince us to give up? Then explain why without the lies and without calling us names.

    So I take it “baggage” is your word for the day? Weird trigger, but okay, whatever floats your boat.

    BTW, I am also TEA Party, and me and my TEA Party friends left the Trump train circa Nov. ’22. Well, to be accurate, many of my TEA Party friends were done with Trump long before that. I was a late bloomer in that regard, but bloom I did. So all you’ve told me is that the TEA Party attracted a lot of people who are kind of anarchist, burn it all down types. I already knew that.

    And no, I don’t think you will give up on Trump or whatever path you think best ideologically, but I do think you will give up on your crusade to mold LI into some kind of crazy nuthouse bin by repeatedly attacking the site, our authors, and our legal rep. You really don’t have a choice on that point, now do you?

    henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 17, 2023 at 4:01 pm

    The advantage to calling it “baggage” is that it accurately describes the situation where an accusation sticks to the accused whether or not it is true. What you’re saying is that a certain number of people believe it and will continue to, and probably no amount of rehabilitation will ever fix that.

The real disappointment about Lake is not so much that she fell for this but that she spends time in the sewer that it came from, the Hoft brothers’ filthy lie-rag. If she gives their output the time of day, she’s either not too bright or not too honest.

    The Missouri AG and Lousianna AG do not share your opinion, apparently, and it’s not only dumb or dishonest people who read that site, even if some find it beneath them.

      Yes, it is only dumb or dishonest people who read that site, or the kind of people who like mining easy targets for things to ridicule, like the blogger here who watches the View solely to report what nonsense they’re up to now.

    Embrace the power of “and.”

    gonzotx in reply to Milhouse. | February 17, 2023 at 9:02 pm

    Kari is true MAGA, her election was stolen too so she has personal understanding of what it feels like
    She aligns with President Trump. DeSantis went out to AZ to try to convey to her the globalist want her to drop her support of President Trump, she pretty much said that at Trumps AZ rally. If she wanted a political career….
    Kari don’t play traitor games….

      CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | February 17, 2023 at 11:22 pm

      Consider a rephrase of the term traitor into betrayal. The USA is a constitutional republic, we don’t swear allegiance to politicians or individuals. In a monarchy they swear allegiance to the crown but we stopped that in 1776.

The Feckless R’s == so feckless, they’re energetically blowing it when handed a road map for how their opponents will come at them; of course ignoring the road map for winning one could derive from that.

At the end of this comment I have an honest question to Gonzo and Phil, and all the others who have taken up their position re DeSantis, Trump, and everyone else.

Like most of us who follow LI, I voted for Trump 2X, and gave strong reservations about the 2020 election results. If he wins the Rep primary I will vote for him a 3rd time, though admittedly not with same fervor as in 2020. But, I will not vote for him in the ’24 primary. I believe he wants a coronation, and I won’t give him one.

Now, here’s my honest question: Should Trump NOT be the Rep nominee in Nov 2024 will you sit out the election? I just ask that you answer this simple question, or you’re welcome to nuance it if you must.

I believe that if the Reps lose in ’24 it will not be due to election fraud, but due to the scenario of “Only Trump” supporters sitting it out.

    Gosport in reply to Telemachus. | February 17, 2023 at 6:35 pm

    Never, ever, discount Dem vote fraud.

      Telemachus in reply to Gosport. | February 17, 2023 at 6:52 pm

      We’re in agreement; I do not discount it. But, I believe sitting out the election if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination is a guaranteed loss.

    CommoChief in reply to Telemachus. | February 17, 2023 at 6:41 pm

    Whomever I choose in the GoP primary I will support the GoP nominee in the general election. Too much is at stake to do otherwise b/c ‘my guy’ didn’t get the nomination. If nothing else we have to be able to make SCOTUS nominations when the next several vacancies arise unless we want more clones of Ketanji Brown Jackson on the bench. Sitting out a general election is a horrible idea and serious people who care about the Nation will refuse to do such an ultimately self defeating act.

      As a retired lawyer I agree with you. My concern is that the always-Trumpers on this blog do not agree. They would rather have our judicial system crash and burn than support anyone other than Trump.

    Strange that anyone would take up positions at this point. Which is the point. It’s like voting two months before election day. To some here, playing the games, protesting rush to judgment is heresy.

    henrybowman in reply to Telemachus. | February 17, 2023 at 9:22 pm

    “Should Trump NOT be the Rep nominee in Nov 2024 will you sit out the election?”
    It really depends more on who DOES win.
    Rand Paul? Ted Cruz? Even MTG? I’ll be there with bells on.
    Mittens, Lindsey, or Murkowski? I have to wash my cat that day.

      Milhouse in reply to henrybowman. | February 18, 2023 at 9:59 pm

      And that’s how we get 0bama, Biden, etc.

      Though it depends whether your vote could possibly matter to the result. If you are in a swing state then it’s important to vote for the R candidate almost no matter who it is — even if it’s Trump! — because the D is sure to be worse. I wasn’t always sure of that but experience seems to show that no matter how bad the R candidate is, the D always seem to find some way to be worse.

      But I’m in NY. If an election ever reaches the point where NY is in play, and thus my vote might theoretically tip the state to the R column, that will mean the R will already have won by a landslide anyway, so it won’t matter if s/he loses NY. One state more or less makes no difference at that point. So I have no reason to vote for R candidates I’m not actually for. So if Trump wins the R primary I’m not sure how I will vote; I certainly will not promise to vote for him. I did in 2020 because I thought he’d earned it, and I still think so, but his behavior since then has not yet earned him another vote.

“”Sitting out a general election is a horrible idea””

So is voting third party, which is effectively the same thing.

    txvet2 in reply to txvet2. | February 17, 2023 at 6:50 pm

    Sigh. In reply to CommoChief, obviously.

    CommoChief in reply to txvet2. | February 17, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    Agreed. Just as bad but I don’t think that’s a viable option for Trump at this point. He could have built a 3rd party centered around voter integrity, border wall and China threat over the past two years but instead chose to remain in the GoP and declare his candidacy for the GoP nomination in 2024. Politically I don’t think he could do it, legally maybe.

    The third party window for Trump is closing. Many States have have ‘sore loser’ provisions which effectively preclude them from running in the general election except via write in or possibly another preexisting party with ballot access. In addition he has to track the the withdrawal deadlines in each State or get hung up like Gary Johnson who’s withdrawal request was 3 minutes late preventing him from appearing on the Libertarian line in Michigan.

      henrybowman in reply to CommoChief. | February 17, 2023 at 9:25 pm

      “but instead chose to remain in the GoP and declare his candidacy”
      I’d say he might have learned that from Ron Paul’s experience, if I had any confidence that Trump even knows who Ron Paul is.

Trump doesn’t need a third party, the party is MAGA, it was before he became the leader and despite the RINOs, it’s who the Republicans are.
RINOs are just Democrats in reality

And to fussy

“As to tdlr, Dude, no one reads your and gonzo’s crazy miles long blocks of text. Most of which, we all learned early on, is just copied and pasted since it’s always the same list. At some point, our eyes glaze over, and yes, you’re exactly right, we cease to care what you are saying. It’s all deranged, rabbit hole delusion, and it really can’t be stomached more than the first two or three times. Maybe if you guys got a new script? Stopped being condescending, belligerent, and downright insulting? I can do all that better than you (as you well know), so let’s not. Best to let me not read your and your fellow travelers’ delusional diatribes“

There is nothing wrong with cut and pasting truth, you and others ask for specifics, why in the world would I rehash something that’s already presented well and something I didn’t author? I’m confused, you want plagiarism?

Waste of time and wouldn’t make sense

    Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 18, 2023 at 7:16 am

    You copied and pasted a long block of text from “Trumpwhitehouse” (hardly a neutral site) without attribution. That’s called PLAGIARISM. If Legal Insurrection had a nice civilized block feature you’d be first on my list, just for that.

    Do your own work.

      gonzotx in reply to Evil Otto. | February 18, 2023 at 4:04 pm

      Yes, I was amiss, I was doing 2 things at once and thought I had…but didn’t claim I wrote it I said it was a list of his accomplishments
      Here’s another…

      “The One Incredibly Green Thing Donald Trump Has Done”

      For this story, I spoke with dozens of activists who agreed: The EPA under Trump has showed what it can look like when an administration gets serious about cleaning up long-neglected sites. Some of these activists are voting Republican for the first time in their lives. Some have seen their backyards and communities finally cleaned up because of the Trump administration’s EPA.

      gonzotx in reply to Evil Otto. | February 18, 2023 at 4:05 pm

      I’m sure you would Otto

        Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 19, 2023 at 6:13 am

        Yes. I would. Were my words unclear? Your constant whining whenever there’s a DeSantis story, your plagiarism, your incessant need to lick Trump’s boots while ignoring his failures. We get it, you like Trump, OK?

        I also remember that he let Fauci dictate COVID policy. I remember the constant string of terrible cabinet postings. I remember the ban on bump stocks he imposed. He has a long list of accomplishments… and a long list of bad choices and failures.

        But I have absolutely had it with his need to destroy anyone who might threaten his power. His attacks on DeSantis have been disgusting, and watching his followers fall into line and attack the most successful conservative governor in the country is equally sick. DeSantis is doing everything you supposedly want… and it’s not good enough for you.

To all you Trump supporters who bought this, I have one question: WHY WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?

Seriously, I get that you hate DeSantis. I won’t even get into your reasons. What I don’t get is why you think Soros, of all people, would openly endorse Ron DeSantis.

Do you think Soros is stupid? If DeSantis is somehow his man then all Soros would do would be to damage his own asset. Kari Lake fell for it, but I doubt that an apology will be forthcoming.

The Stupid Party defined. Again. Does this resonate with you? Where do you think you fit in this? “Conservatives” like you are why DeSantis is on path to self=destruction. You recycle all of the Trump Derangement Syndrome lies and argue “don’t make perfection the enemy of the good” when DeSantis is exposed with facts.

It boils down to this: Trump proved to the most effective and consequential conservative president in history. He did telling the united globalist dirty money of “both” parties to take a hike. The polls warned that he had no chance of winning. And now, DeSantis is following the path of not only Jeb!!! but also of Cruz who self-destructed almost out of the gate and rushed into the arms of the traditional Republican dirty money.

Trump’s support is solid and getting stronger as these spurious attacks by you DeSantis zealots continue. Without the dirty money, which is already framing him waiting for him to declare and with his having pissed off Trump and we Trump supporters, his goose is cooked. As soon as DeSantis declares, he will be forced to openly accept not only the Club for Growth (think Karl Rove and Lincoln Project) but also for the newly synchronized Soros-Koch money. Hello Jeb!!! And you idiots are okay with that? Because “You. Don’t. Care.”

Brilliant. Keep talking. You’re idiocy is already shrinking your numbers. And guess where it is going? DeSantis went from being a sure-thing in 2028 to soon-to-be has been.

    Telemachus in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 18, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    Phil, did you actually just refer to others as zealots? I voted for Trump 2X, and will do so a 3rd time if he’s the nominee in ’24, but I will not vote for him in the next primary. I’ve asked here twice before, once directly in a reply to you, if you’ll vote for somebody other than Trump in the ’24 general should Trump not win the nomination. That’s an honest question. Will you?

      You will just have to take your outdated arguments and take a hike. What I choose to do should Trump not be the candidate is an irrelevant canard, Voting for either one of the establishment candidates is LOSING!!! So enough with your tired GOPe crap. Your way of thinking always leads to the next stage where we have to hold our noses and vote for the LOTE. You are LOSERS!!!

      Could we focus on making sure we have true non-establishment candidate? That’s what in 2016 and 2020 and will have again in 2024. If you don’t have the balls to fight and finish this game, go hang out with the screaming women and children in the basement. I had don’t care for your childish psychology.

      YOU are the DeSantis zealots are the ones desperate to change OUR minds and you are really blowing it. We outnumber by a very large margin and have more conviction with our principles that you sell-outs will ever have. You are too insecure to have an honest, fact-based debate and find yourselves spouting the logic you again put on display here. It may sell with your shrinking number of friends but all you’ve done so far is to recycle the Uniparty anti-Trump lies and repackaged them as “baggage”. Do you NOT understand that? That’s all you got?

      I don’t know how to make it more simple. There is ONLY ONE candidate fighting the fight against globalism and corruption and that is Trump. And we Trumpers are resolute to carry this to the very end. It’s up to “you people” to connect the dots or explain to us why voting for a candidate who has been connected to dirty money is justified. How STUPID are you?

      “I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.”
      ———-Winston Churchill

        You sir are an example of why we are losing.

        Next question: When Trump loses either the primary or the general election, are you going to declare your eternal departure from this platform again – for the third time?

          Phil is upset that here at LI people have different opinions about who would be the best nominee for the GOP. He wants everyone to support Trump, and there’s nothing wrong with that desire. Most people want everyone to support their preferred candidate. The difference is that Phil simultaneously lashes out at us for being an “echo chamber” despite there being clear voices speaking for Trump and others (though only Trump and Haley have declared their candidacy for the nomination) and insisting we “branch out” to other sites . . . that truly are echo chambers of Trump idolatry and anti-DeSantis conspiracy theories. It’s bizarre.

          txvet2 in reply to txvet2. | February 18, 2023 at 4:30 pm

          Fuzzy: Phil’s been posting the same diatribes elsewhere since long before there was a Trump candidacy. He’s just fastened onto Trump as a vehicle for his rants. The only variation I’ve really noticed is his sudden fascination with the “smart center” or whatever he calls it. I have to admit, the idea of a radical moderate is a new concept for me and one I have trouble visualizing. Anyway, if you recall, he really did announce with great fanfare his permanent departure from this board after both of the past two national election disasters.

          Maybe the third time’s the charm? 😛

        CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 18, 2023 at 3:40 pm

        Taking that at face value, if every other candidate than Trump is automatically a globalist minion that would seem to require us to hold that the politicians and persons of influence who fail to endorse Trump are also globalists whom we must likewise reject.

        Let’s stipulate that Trump wins the GoP primary. Is he then required to reject the support of those politicians who didn’t support or endorse him in that primary contest from day one? You have extended that argument to include primary voters who make another choice, is Trump then required to reject these voters as well?

        What happens in ’28 when under this scenario Trump is the outgoing POTUS and ineligible to serve another term? If those same politicians were to be rejected in ’24 do we continue to reject them in ’28 and beyond due to their failure to get behind Trump from day one of the primary?

        Phil, you wrote: ” It’s up to “you people” to connect the dots or explain to us why voting for a candidate who has been connected to dirty money is justified.”

        We have explained, with credible sources as support, but you ignore the truth. My goodness, even Professor Jacobson addressed this with you, as have I numerous times. You may not like our answer (there is no “dirty money”), but you can’t say we haven’t provided one.

          “Dirty money” defined: Money from donors who used to support Trump.

          Pretty much exactly that. It was only “clean money” when Trump was the recipient.

          I also find it rather interesting that this contingent of Trump supporters rail against “millionaires and billionaires.”

          There is tens of millions of “dirty” money if you count the globalists that will expect “payment”…

          You keep saying this, but saying it doesn’t make it true. What credible source alleges this? Oh, right, none.

          Keep complicating things. You’re not confused enough already. It’s up to DeSantis to clear the air about the money. That he hasn’t speaks volumes about how tangled up he is in the net of the dirty money.

          So DeSantis thought he could morph into “Trump without the baggage” and usurp him as the leader of MAGA by playing along with the dirty money? Guess what? Hello to Keri Lake! A REAL fighter! (See my comment and link below.)

          If you don’t feel the groundswell yet, you really are living in a cave.

          Why on earth would DeSantis respond to wild allegations made without foundation or credibility? There is no question about his donors or donations. They are legal (if they weren’t, you can bet Biden’s weaponized DOJ would be all over it).

          The only people wailing about Trump’s former donors now donating to other potential candidates (they are not only backing DeSantis, you know that, right?) are Trump and his followers. The big donors have deserted him because he can’t win, not because he rejects their donations. He’s literally still wailing about them ditching him, and you guys are all his pawns.

          Where was all this outrage when these same donors were pouring millions upon millions into Trump’s first two campaigns? Oh, right, nowhere. Now that they have moved on, they are suddenly evil and their money magically “dirty” because it’s no longer going into Trump’s coffers. Whatever, Phil.

          Your explanations about the dirty money are not “the truth”. They are just statements expressing what you wish to be true. All of the money that is being waved under his nose is money motivated only by the need to destroy Trump. They don’t care you, me or DeSantis. So you and the Professor are just plain wrong.

          This is a fundamental disagreement between us about the nature of the war we are fighting. You continue to play the losing game of Republicans vs Democrats as if there are two parties. We in Trump’s world see it as one of the American people who have rejected the old partisan arguments of “both” parties vs the globalist corruptions who may have already won. You are stuck in the Republican echo chamber with other Republicans believing your won lies while ignoring the obvious.

          The MAGA struggle is growing fast and will swamp you and your shrinking faction of “Republican until the bitter end” friends. You can’t win. There aren’t enough Republican voters left who believe in the GOP and the Dems will never ever vote for ANY Republican. It’s mostly about us disgruntled unaffiliated independents. Those troublesome Venn diagrams that the everyone, especially the polls, keep ignoring.

          Trump is an historically unique phenomenon who has carved out a large and growing constituency that still believes in God and tradition. We are not a cult! MAGA resonates deeply with those of us who “get it” because the alternative is the same BS we’ve heard too many times from “shiny objects” like DeSantis backed by dirty money.

          It is not we Trumpers who started this fight but DeSantis himself who, despite having very little chance of winning, invited this by playing cute. And many of us are not Republicans nor Democrats… anymore. There are plenty of patriots out there who believe in God and America. If only one of the political parties were willing to actually represent us. And you believe Koch (now teaming up with Soros), Club for Growth and the RNC globalist billionaires is the way to go? Stop explaining it to us. You are completely missing the point and ignoring the incredible premise of your statements.

          Let Trump finish the job! The only thing standing between us and Satan is Trump. We’re next.

          If you don’t understand that, there is nothing to talk discuss. You are in for a major disappointment. Tea Party lives!

          CommoChief in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 18, 2023 at 10:15 pm


          You are painting with too broad a brush in casting everyone who isn’t ready to anoint DJT the GoP nominee today as a globalist,
          a rino, unpatriotic fools and so on. It isn’t true and deep down you probably still know that. I hope so anyway.

          Are the globalists wary of the populist right? Yes. Did those of us on the populist right select DJT as our political Avatar in 2016 and 2020? Yes. Do we appreciate his accomplishments in office? Yes. Do we appreciate him moving the Overton window about acceptable topics? Yes. Do we acknowledge his accomplishments in office? Hell yes.

          Is everyone within the populist right required to support DJT in the ’24 GoP primary? Nope. I don’t recall swearing any oath of eternal allegiance to DJT. Scripture warns us of doing what you demand. ‘Put not your faith in earthly Princes’.

I can tell
You I’m not voting for “the worst of 2 evils”
Ive done that all my
Life and it just gets you the worst of 2 evils…

    txvet2 in reply to gonzotx. | February 18, 2023 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you for the first honest answer from a Trump supporter.

    I’ve always voted for the lesser of two evils, as well, and often regretted it (McCain, Romney). I did not, however, regret my 2016 vote AGAINST Hillary and went on to vote FOR Trump in ’20.

    If there’s one thing you have convinced me of, it may be this. I will definitely vote in the GOP primary, but I am not yet sure that I will vote for the GOP candidate in the general. I have to see who it is, what they are saying, who is the Dem nominee, etc. It’s still two years out, though, so a lot can (and likely will) change.

    CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | February 18, 2023 at 10:32 pm

    I can understand the frustration b/c I share it, most of do. The establishment jammed Ford, Dole, McCain and Romney down our throat. To an extent the same with both Bush Presidencies. My entire lifetime was the choice of the establishment candidate or the d/prog except for Reagan. Then came DJT and those of us on the populist right chose him 2016 as our political avatar then supported him again in ’20.

    Please don’t be so foolish as to willingly submit to the totalitarian leftists by refusing to oppose their nominee. I hope those of you in the only Trump camp recognize how badly that would harm our Nation. Those of you who remain as registered GoP voters will have every opportunity to cast your ballot in the GoP primary for your preferred candidate. Kindly allow the rest of us the same courtesy. Then every registered GoP voter must be willing to support the primary winner in the general election against the totalitarian leftist candidate.

“insisting we “branch out” to other sites . . . that truly are echo chambers of Trump idolatry and anti-DeSantis conspiracy theories. It’s bizarre.”

Hmm, no, just because there are sites that venture into the deep to
Find the truth out about politicans and NOT idolatry and not bizarre…
Many of these sites initially, as I did, really were DeSantis supporters, and then information came forward that made people do 180…

I’ve posted some of it here before, but am
Always met with sarcasm and worse, so please don’t ask for sites or quotes.

If your interested, dig for it, if not amd DeSantis is President 2024 and sells us out, well shame on you, but we all will suffer

I do think he will be allowed to continue to fight the woke culture, amd that’s great, but the selling out of America, such as continued loss of manufacturing, minimal tariffs, no protection for American workers,, he’ll be right there doing the bidding of the string masters.

Hey, it’s ALOT of $$$$

Magic words from the next Vice President and future President Keri Lake”

THAT is why Trump is going to win and why we Trump supporters are not ever going to give up. It’s already too late for DeSantis to decide. He blew it by playing cutesy.

    This is the same Kari Lake who lost her Arizona run because she felt a need to re-fight the 2020 election insisting that Trump won in a state she knew that would result in a loss in?

    DeSantis routinely delivers for us. Kari Lake had her chance and did no such thing.