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The New York Times 2018 podcast Caliphate gained traction after it featured Shehroze Chaudhry, a Canadian who claimed to take part in Islamic State executions among other things. The 12-part podcast won a Pulitzer Prize. Now it has all fallen apart after Canadian and American intelligence officials determined Chaudhry, who used the name Abu Huzayfah, lied about everything. The Times admitted massive failure on their part from the top of the publication.

A black man who is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia was recently stopped by police for fitting the description of a burglary suspect. The church then sent a letter to the police department decrying the practice of racial profiling, but RaShall Brackney, the Chief of Police, has pushed back on the accusations.

In September, we covered the story of a George Washington University professor who claimed to be black and resigned after it was revealed she was white. We then covered a nearly identical story about a doctoral student at UW-Madison. Now we bring you the story of Kelly Kean Sharp, who recently resigned from Furman University after it was revealed that she is white, but has been identifying as Chicana. Why does this keep happening?
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