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Fuzzy’s Favorite Posts of 2022

Fuzzy’s Favorite Posts of 2022

Covering the good, the bad, the ugly news of the year (though not necessarily in that order)

It’s that time of year again when LI authors share their favorite posts from the year.  You can view my previous “Fave Five” lists here, here, here, here, and here.

So without further ado, here are my favorite posts of 2022.

5.  Washington YMCA Bans 80-year-old Woman After She Complains About Biological Male In Women’s Changing Room

From a Supreme Court nominee unable to provide a definition of women because she’s “not a biologist” to the horrific child mutilations taking place in clinics and hospitals across our nation, one of the biggest and more disturbing trends of ’22 is the concerted effort to effectively erase women.

Part of the fallout has been to demean and ostracize (ban/cancel) actual women and girls who express any discomfort about changing, showering, or using the restroom with men present.

4.  YouGov: “Amercians tend to vastly overestimate the size of minority groups”

I found this study extremely interesting. Not only is it amazing how far off Americans are in estimating how many people are part of a given minority, but it is truly stunning that the vast majority of Americans are being told that they have to change their entire worldview, principles, and morals to accommodate tiny segments of the population.

3.  No-Knock Warrants Debate Reinvigorated By Police Shooting Death of Amir Locke

This was a truly horrifying incident that resulted in the death of a young man who absolutely should not have been killed that day. The debate surrounding no-knock warrants picked up steam again when Locke’s juvenile cousin was later arrested for the alleged crime.

2.  America Wins: Senate Filibuster Remains Intact As Manchin, Sinema Vote With Republicans

This was incredibly good news, and a bit of a (very welcome) surprise.  The filibuster in the Senate is pretty much all that stood between our nation and beloved Constitution and the scheming Democrats who seek to destroy both.

1. Flashback May 2020 Assault On The White House: 60 Secret Service Agents Wounded, President Trump Taken to Secure Bunker

Little is more outrageous or infuriating than the treatment not only of J6 but of the selfie-takers who took part in it. In May of 2020, screeching mobs attempting to force their way into the White House, while the sitting president was in residence, and with the stated intent to lynch him were met with silence by the same people on both the left and the right who pretend to be horrified by J6.

It is stomach-turning.  Nothing happened to any of the people who attempted to assail the White House, yet hundreds of people who literally walked in an open door at the Capitol and took a couple selfies are still sitting in jail years later.

And what’s a Fuzzy’s Fave Five list without a couple of honorable mentions, right?

I was thrilled beyond measure when San Franciscans overwhelmingly voted to recall Soros-backed socialist DA Chesa Boudin.

What’s a look back at 2022 without a consideration of Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden’s attack on American energy independence and production?  I doubt the White House was too happy when former press secretary Jenn Psaki accidentally told the truth: Psaki: Biden Wants To Rely On Foreign Energy So U.S. Can “Look At” Green Alternatives.

They seem to imagine that if they just make us all live in the dark, unable to heat our homes, or put gas in our cars–or even charge our EVs, a viable, affordable green energy solution will magically materialize. It won’t.

All things considered on the political front, I’m glad to see the end of 2022, but I’m not hopeful that 2023 will be much better for our nation or her people. That’s why I am so thankful to and for LI and all of you, who keep us going and give us hope, wit, wisdom, and fellowship during these challenging times.

Happy New Year!


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Those were all good

Thanks and happy NY

#4 made me stop and realized that was one more lie we were told to believe.

Thanks for this post.

If not for #5, I wouldn’t have known that was happening so close to home. Goes to show that libs don’t like reporting on their own lunacy. Conversely, local news was all over the Sequim mayor for his Q Anon inspired social media comments – and self-righteous picketers down town proudly exclaimed “that’s not who we are”. I wonder if they’re the same maroons I see driving in circles in the round-abouts with a dog on their lap and hanging out the open drivers window? Weirdos, all of them.

Happy new year, Fuzzy! Love your sassy wit!

    You said it, Mr. E. They are complete lunatics, every one, and they don’t even understand what horrors they are trying to bring forth.

    And thanks 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too!