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The Tide is Turning in the GOP’s Favor Week at Legal Insurrection

The Tide is Turning in the GOP’s Favor Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

It’s still early and things can change quickly in politics, but right now the midterms are looking pretty good for Republicans.

Even in Rhode Island?

Meanwhile, the Biden administration fumbles continually.

Their policies are directly off of a liberal college campus.

Biden is a disaster on energy policy.

Crime is getting worse.

New York City is out of control.

And these people are being charged?

Ron DeSantis is racking up wins.

And Trump is fighting back.


World news.

Congratulations, Fuzzy!


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E Howard Hunt | October 9, 2022 at 8:51 am

The people are guaranteed to be represented by clowns in the Senate due to the passage of the 17th and 19th amendments. You can cry in your beer and analyze the last 100 years till the cows come home, but none of the clowns in ether chamber, responsible for America’s downfall, would have held their positions but for these amendments. That their are many intelligent, sensible women and many stupid men is irrelevant to the fundamental issue.

Both parties are running crappy candidates these days.

    Skip in reply to geronl. | October 9, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    So much so one wonders if on purpose or since a non politician DJT won a Presidency, idiots think they can win too

And then there’s Alaska. Where neverTrump GOPe RINO McConnell is doing everything he can to defeat the GOP nominee for the Senate.

The problem with “The Tide is Turning in the GOP’s Favor Week at Legal Insurrection” is it is the same old GOP, the democrat handmaidens.

With some exceptions and perhaps in greater numbers that recent years. We shall see.

This morning we were treated to a new ad with a Fetterman comment about an incident where he with shotgun chased down an unarmed Black man and said “it may have been illegal” followed by a Black Oz supporter claiming it racist.

Pretty rare to see a Democrat called racist for cause.

From watching the most shown ads for Fetterman, we are treated to two claims that I find to be .. without evidence …

1) Oz is the key to a nation-wide ban on abortion

2) Oz is on-board with a plan that ends Social Security in 5 years.

I’m willing be be convinced these are true, but I have seen nothing to make me believe