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Multiple Polls Show Republican Christine Drazan Leading in Oregon Governor Race

Multiple Polls Show Republican Christine Drazan Leading in Oregon Governor Race

“Among those who say the economy is their top issue, 52% plan to vote for Drazan and 21% for Johnson.”

Christine Drazan, the Republican running for governor of Oregon, is now leading in multiple polls. This seems to be the race that no one saw coming.

Just two weeks ago, the Cook Political Report changed this race from leans Dem to toss up, and now Drazan is in the lead.

Many conservatives are looking at this race cautiously, which is smart, but seeing a Republican doing this well in Oregon is exciting.

From Emerson College Polling:

Oregon 2022: Republican Christine Drazan with Two-Point Lead Over Democrat Tina Kotek for Governorship; Sen. Wyden Holds 19-Point Lead in Re-election Bid

Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling, said: “A plurality of Independent voters, 34% support Drazan, 29% support Johnson, and 18% support Kotek. Among Republicans, 80% support Drazan, and 9% support Johnson, while 71% of Oregon Democrats plan to vote for Kotek, 17% express support for Johnson.

Forty-two percent of Oregon voters have a favorable view of Republican candidate Christine Drazan, while 41% have an unfavorable view of her. Thirty-eight percent have a favorable view of Democratic candidate Tina Kotek, while half of voters (50%) have an unfavorable view. Thirty-six percent have a favorable view of independent candidate Betsy Johnson, while 49% have an unfavorable view of Johnson…

The economy is the most important issue in determining the vote for 30% of Oregon voters, followed by threats to democracy (21%), crime (12%), and abortion acces (12%).

“Among those who say the economy is their top issue, 52% plan to vote for Drazan and 21% for Johnson. A majority of those who say ‘threats to democracy’ is their top issue when voting break for Kotek with 59% support.”

Drazan recently sat for an interview with KGW News, and homelessness was one of the main topics:

Best: On your campaign website, you say you’re aiming to make homelessness rare and temporary while some of your competitors are aiming to get rid of it altogether. Why is it that homelessness won’t be going away under your leadership?

Drazan: Yeah, the approach to homelessness, I think, needs to be an approach that’s long term. There are no magic bullets to — in some cases — the human condition, and we have programming right now within the metro area that local jurisdictions have adopted that I’m really strongly supportive of, and that program right now is called Built for Zero, and the concept behind this is that they are really able to better understand who’s on their streets and better understand what services and supports they need to try and transition from being houseless to being fully stabilized and be able to contribute to their own lives in their best future again.

Best: How will you not only address this crisis but also the symptoms of this crisis like addiction, trash, crime…

Drazan: A lot of those challenges are in fact in the hands of local communities to ensure that their local police force is fully funded. I will support fully funding police at all levels of government.

Drazan said she will also work to repeal Measure 110, which decriminalized possession of certain hard drugs.

Drazan: Legalizing Measure 110 was a mistake for Oregonians from my perspective, now that we’ve seen it on the ground.

Best: There is a lack of addiction treatment facilities in Portland. What will you do to increase those facilities and those services?

Drazan: Right now, we have the ability to work alongside our non-profit partners to make sure they have the support they need to continue to expand services… But when it comes to addiction treatments in supports, we have access not just in Portland but across the entire state.

You can watch the interview below:


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2% is not outside the margin of cheating and they have state-wide cheat-by-mail in Oregon.

It looks like Dems attempted suscide has been successful.

Next, retribution.

Who is the Indy splittle more votes from based on positions? The R or the D?

“…52% plan to vote for Drazan and 21% for Johnson.” That’s still within the margin of Dems stealing an election, so we’ll see.

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to Leslie Eastman. | October 5, 2022 at 8:43 pm

    I want to believe. But experience over the years culminating in the last two years has taught me that belief in the integrity of the system is not something that can be depended on. I will believe again it the Left is beaten significantly, it stands, AND if the GOPe actually does something with the victory other than try to make sure that it does not achieve anything.

    Subotai Bahadur

    With a dozen state voter integrity teams, we decided to do it ourselves.

    Then something happened.

    Election integrity teams are a stubborn lot.

    Working from kitchen tables, in basements, holding meetings in coffee shops, using small computers and Excel, they share information, and the “intelligence” of what they find explodes.

    When these citizen-investigators hit a wall, they don’t stop. They innovate. Their innovation discovered an analysis of voter rolls never before applied!

Because of mail-in voting, and the fact that the Communists control the counting, no Republican will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, etc. win another statewide race in the People’s Republic of Oregon.

Click bait— they say that EVERY SINGLE TIME IN OREGON.

and spoiler alert EVERY SINGLE TIME Dems win.

    CommoChief in reply to Andy. | October 5, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    This midterm is shaping up as a wave and it may be large enough to carry some places that seem unusual. Lots of Western States have a libertarian bent that results in the r dropping the ball due to pushing too hard on some loser social issue that doesn’t appeal. Top issues of crime, inflation IMO = more independent sorts voting r/daddy party. It’s easy to vote d/mommy party when crime is down and the economy is good. Folks are much more pragmatic when things get serious.

    Doesn’t mean this candidate will win but it certainly makes it more likely. Up to the voters. Up to the folks in Oregon to decide if they are willing to do the hard job of getting a candidate elected or if they believe merely casing a ballot is enough. In some cases folks won’t even bother to vote because ‘reasons’ but will bitch and moan the day after that the r party didn’t do X or Y or Z and that’s why the candidate didn’t win.

    Volunteer. Become a poll watcher. Become a precinct captain. Drive folks to the polls. Door knock. Do something to advance the chances of winning. Until enough people choose to do that instead of choosing to explain why they keep losing they will remain losers.

      Wa and Or are in lock step.

      Check the primary results to the North.

      Herrera Buetler is gone, but other than that, the state voted 100% the same. In Wa, Inslee LOST about half a BILLION to fraudsters in UI. Didn’t phase him a bit in the 2020 election. This was in the middle of lock downs- DESTROYING businesses and not to mention absolutely enabling the BLM rioters, the crime wave, the homelessness.

      All of this blight in PDX is nothing new. This goes well back to 2018. If they wanted to vote differently they would have, but they are truly married to their hatred for anything Republican. The “defund the police” candidates will still win.


        RandomCrank in reply to Andy. | October 8, 2022 at 3:01 pm

        I will be surprised if Kent wins. I live in a part of the 3rd that was cleaved off and grafted onto the 4th this year. The result will be that the 3rd, always a moderate R district, will move a bit to the left. I doubt Kent would’ve carried the old 3rd, and now I really doubt he’ll carry the new 3rd.

        To put it differently: If Kent does carry it, that’ll be part of a bigger “red wave” than even the stalwarts like Trafalgar are forecasting. Beutler was a good congresscritter. Kent? I doubt we’ll ever find out, because I don’t think he’ll be elected.

Hard to believe they could lose Oregon. I think the Democrat machine there has it in the bag as always.

You never know how many people who say they are voting third party will actually vote third party (see 2016 as an example) BUT even if the third party dies on election die the Democrats will have to pour resources into this race; resources that could otherwise be used in a place like PA or AZ so even if the third party dies this is a victory.

Why are we paying attention to pollsters? Even if they are trying to do a fair poll, something which seems unlikely, they cannot get most of us to talk to them. They could easily be off 10%.