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False Accusations of Extremism Week in Education

False Accusations of Extremism Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

The left often employs projection as a political weapon. After every crazy, left-wing thing we have seen in higher education, these folks have the nerve to call conservatives ‘extremists.’

Who are the real extremists?

Crime isn’t a real issue? Let’s revisit this after the midterms.

Conservative students face things that no one on the left ever sees.

Biden is allowed to do pretty much whatever he wants to do.

Only 30?

What a shame.

What could go wrong?

Our own Professor Jacobson.

People pay for this?

Alrighty then.


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Billy Flynn, Esq. | October 22, 2022 at 11:10 am

They seem to be engaged in “Battlefield Preparation.”

They will start riots and “protests for justice” beginning in early 2023. The violence will start small, then like night follows day it will escalate.

Those who defend themselves will be tarred as “extremists” and the FBI will do its thing. And the talking heads and twitterati etc will do their public opinion massaging.

It’s going to be Ferguson MO, and Trump’s inauguration, and Waukesha, and Jan6 … on a national scale. Week in and week out.

– – – –

The schoolyard bully always bumps into his victim “innocently.” before he “just stands up for what is right” … by beating the s*** out of his victim.

– – – –

Then as the Nov 2024 elections approach, the appeals for “a return to normalcy” will be heard again throughout the land as the dems try to convince suburban housewives that as long as republicans win elections violence will continue. (And if dems are voted back in, armed IRS and FBI agents will confiscate your belongings under color of law.)

Heads they win, tails you lose.

    It’s going to be Ferguson MO, and Trump’s inauguration, and Waukesha, and Jan6 … on a national scale. Week in and week out.

    Maybe but since Trump is not in office the people who convinced themselves it was all Trumps fault most likely will not go along with it this time and Dems will be forced to do something about it. I think.

      Clarence II in reply to diver64. | October 23, 2022 at 9:33 am

      Respectfully, I can’t tell whether you’re being sincere, or whether you’re trolling — to wit, for example, Ferguson occurred two years before Trump even became the president.

      Mainstream American thought is being labeled “extremist.” The groundwork is being laid so that in a few months if you stand up for any traditionally mainstream idea, you will be labeled “extremist.”

      And because you are an extremist, it will be “moderate” to attack you.

      A lot of people find it too unsettling to accept that this modus operandi has been used successfully for a long time.

      It is effective in large part because it is so uncomfortable to recognize and accept what in fact is happening.

      If I’m right Summer 2023 is going to witness a lot of Waukesha-like violence and destruction.

      It will be rationalized by legacy media as reaction to extremists (traditional America)

      If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize , and if you’d like I’ll make a donation to the charity of your choice.

I’m surprised that the news Fauci approved more money for the Wuhan lab went under the radar so well and died so quickly.