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Penn State Rethinking Construction of New ‘Racial Justice Center’ Due to Budget Deficit

Penn State Rethinking Construction of New ‘Racial Justice Center’ Due to Budget Deficit

“was intended to illustrate Penn State’s commitment to racial justice”

There will probably be student protests over this until the school figures out how to make it happen.

The College Fix reports:

Penn State ‘wavers’ on building racial justice center in wake of budget deficit

Penn State University looks like it’s “wavering” on its promise to fund a new Center for Racial Justice, a commitment made in 2020 after protests “for greater racial equity.”

According to WPSU, Penn State had a $127 million budget deficit last year, and to balance the books by 2025 it’s implemented a “widespread” three percent budget and plans tuition hikes between five and six percent.

Former PSU President Eric Barron had said the center was “just the beginning” of the school’s work to address matters of race. The student paper dubbed the center the “first major action” in PSU’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiative and noted it will “promote and shepherd vital research around racial justice.”

The State College regional bureau of Spotlight PA got a hold of a letter to current PSU President Neeli Bendapudi from faculty on the center’s director search committee regarding the bad financial news. They said they were “extremely disappointed” as the center “was intended to illustrate Penn State’s commitment to racial justice.”

“Juxtaposing the assurance that restorative and racial justice are a core concern for the University with the inability to fund a research center as the major first step in addressing important issues is therefore all the more surprising and distressing,” the faculty added.

From the story:

“Penn State does not have a solid reputation for adequately addressing social injustices, inclusion, and racism,” the group wrote. “Without such a reputation, this cancellation is likely to affect the ability of the university to recruit and retain top faculty, who may strengthen existing or create new revenue streams, lead by example in this space, and produce critical new scholarship and public activity around race and the study of it.” …


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I don’t think it’s about the construction of a building, but rather sweet largesse in the form of “research” grants for faculty to line their filthy pockets. PSU cravenly committed to this payoff and will be ruthlessly branded as racist until they follow through.

“The project would provide resources to new faculty, fund research on topics related to racism and racial bias, and create outreach opportunities. In March 2022, Penn State began a national search for a founding director of the center.”

What an pandering boondoggle!

No wonder tuition is through the roof (and you have deficits, likely caused by hiring unnecessary “diversity officers” and admins)

If they want to protest, send the bill directly to the protesters, and leave the rest of us alone.

I’m afraid there’s only one solution gentlemen; slave labor.

Virtue signaling is VERY expensive!

A “racial justice center” is akin to a mosque: first and foremost, it’s political act staking out of “turf.”

Penn State, the ‘Sanctuary City for Pedophiles’, must increase the number of victims they traffic in the child sex trade. Ped State must increase the actions of Paterno, Sandusky, Schultz, Curley, Spanier and the hundreds of Ped State administrators and coaches who over the decades groomed thousands of young boys and then sold then into sexual slavery.

Suburban Farm Guy | October 22, 2022 at 9:27 am

More Mau-mauing*. The Race Hustlers now are in charge of trillions of dollars — quite the upgrade from the heady pioneering days of the 1960’s. All courtesy of White Guilt and sheer unadulterated terror of being called racist. I presume that the ‘victims’ of said racial extortion have figured out how to get their cut of the action and pass the costs onto the innocent and unaware.

* Tom Wolfe’s classic 1969 short story ‘Mau-mauing the Flak Catchers’ is absolutely required reading for clears up a whole lotta fog in our racial politics.