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Gibson’s Bakery Deserves Justice Week in Education

Gibson’s Bakery Deserves Justice Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

What happened to the Gibson family was absolutely awful. They won, but when will they get justice?


Two embarrassing videos.

What could go wrong?

Nothing in higher education makes sense anymore.


Progressive ideas are so popular, they have to be required.

Where is the balance?



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Gibsons should have a copy of the court’s decision enlarged to poster size pages and display them in the front windows.

I think that Oberlin is desperately holding on for a Left-wing Coup that will absolve them of any responsibility. Much like I am hoping for a giant meteor that will forestall some car maintenance that I am avoiding. 😉

If I read the excerpts of Plaintiff’s appellate brief correctly, the court has already awarded the damages to be paid immediately. All that should be left is a request the bond sum be immediately released to the parties, divided per Judgement. As of 23 hours ago this has not occurred.

Not a request, a court order backed up by sheriff deputies.

Can you file another action for the harm of non-response and slow-walking? At what point does this become actionable non-payment of a debt?

I also kinda wonder: lawfare is a thing. File a collection suit anyway. It’s bad press, and proceedings before it’s thrown out extract their own costs. That isn’t a crime if they can’t prove that’s why you’re doing it. (We’ve demonstrated this much again, and again.)