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VIDEO: Gen Z’ers Can’t Answer Grade-School Level Questions on American Civics

VIDEO: Gen Z’ers Can’t Answer Grade-School Level Questions on American Civics

“How many stars are on the United States flag?”

This video will make you want to laugh, cry or punch a wall. Maybe all three.

At least two of the young women featured in the video say they are students at UCLA, and yet they can’t answer questions you probably learned in grade school.

If this is any indication of where we are as a country, students don’t need a loan bailout. They should sue every school that ever passed them.

This is positively stunning. Watch:

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Morning Sunshine | August 31, 2022 at 1:33 pm

“If this is any indication of where we are as a country, students don’t need a loan bailout. They should sue every school that ever passed them.”

truer words not spoken

But I’ll bet they know that capitalism is evil, white people are destroying the planet and their self esteem is great!

They learn what they are taught.

It’s also not taught anymore in the intervals that it was previously taught. When I was in school we got civics in 6th grade, state government in 8th, 9th grade was Federal government and 11th grade had a Overall government for preparing you for University governement and history classes. My son (in a Catholic school) had 6th grade State government/history, 8th grade Federal Gov and then didn’t get Governement again until 11th grade. He had more personal reading on the people behind the founding of the U.S. mostly due to interest in the people and their thoughts. I can’t remember the name of the book that there was a wonderful exchange of letters between Madison and Jefferson that he loves. And he had twice what his public school friends got. As I recall they only get 11th grade gov. and it’s … scary what they teach in it.

BierceAmbrose | August 31, 2022 at 5:07 pm

Student Loan Forgiveness (def 1 of many) — Exercise in training the yoots into understanding that if they’re suckered into something stupid by the right people, the right people will later bail them out of their folly.

The younglings won’t learn until later that both stages — the bait, and the bail out — work only if that is immediately, immensely beneficial for the overlords. At the last, they’ll get set up on the big one, without getting bailed out.

Like any Long Con, each step is a little bit good for the mark, until the big score; each step is a little better for the con, then the big score is massive.

Students…? Mark Dice routinely conducts equally disheartening interviews with boneheads who one would otherwise think were functional adults.

Students this ignorant used to be an anomaly; now they are the norm.

No wonder they get buried in debt; whatever they are learning, it is not useful for a career, a job, or man in the street interviews.

Another Voice | August 31, 2022 at 11:46 pm

Jesse Watters when he was with Bill O’Reilly did Hot Mike interviews on locations where college students were, on campus, events, spring breaks etc. He still does Man On The Street interviews with a broader base of questions….and their not getting smarter even as they get older.

We’re doomed

anyone who is surprised by the contents of this article has just not been paying attention – for a

LONG time.

amatuerwrangler | September 1, 2022 at 8:01 pm

For me the most upsetting part of these is how they shrug off how uninformed they are. They just laugh and joke about it… normal people would be embarrassed beyond comprehension. How did these morons get past 6th grade?

Being of another era (possibly world) we had instruction on US history, the flag, we had to know the states… all in a progression probably since 3rd grade; it is so ingrained on my memory that I cannot say where it started. We had to pass a comprehensive civics exam to move from 8th grade to high school. It was a time when there were fewer cabinet seats and there were only 48 states, but we had to know them all as well as how a bill became a law, and vetoes and pocket vetoes, filibusters, order of succession, etc. It was a great time to get your “Citizenship in the Country” merit badge (a 2-fer, so to speak), too. That was so long ago that my kids and grandkids would respond, when I asked about their history classes, that it was easy for me because there was not so much of it back then. 🙂

These interviews today are very upsetting.