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Troy University Offering Program to Teach Students ‘Moral and Anti-Woke Business Practices’

Troy University Offering Program to Teach Students ‘Moral and Anti-Woke Business Practices’

More of this, please!

Thank you for this, Troy University! A free market center will give students everything they need to fight against wokeness in the corporate world.

From The College Fix:

Troy University students this fall will have an opportunity to learn about moral and anti-woke business practices thanks to a free market center on campus.

“The Free Enterprise Scholars program seeks to educate undergraduates about the morals and values of good and ethical business,” Professor Alan Mendenhall told The College Fix.

The program will be hosted through the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy where Mendenhall is the executive director.

The business professor explained the problem with corporations pushing liberal policies:

When businesses advocate ‘woke’ policies and leftist social justice initiatives they seem to be responding to criticisms, real or imagined, that companies don’t contribute to society simply by producing goods and services, creating jobs, or improving the lives of their shareholders, investors, employees, and consumers.

Founded in 2010, the Johnson center’s mission is to teach undergraduate business major students about the moral uprightness of a free economy.

The program will include numerous activities and books to foster a free-market mindset amongst students. “Our program will teach a wide range of texts, from Jim Otteson’s Seven Deadly Economic Sins to Vivek Ramaswamy’s Woke, Inc.,” Professor Mendenhall (pictured) told The Fix. “Students will read and discuss books in an extracurricular reading group, listen to and meet with monthly speakers, and receive training on op-ed writing.”

“I don’t expect everyone to like our project or agree with it, and I welcome constructive criticisms and debate,” Mendenhall said when asked by The Fix about potential opposition to his project. “I’ve received responses of opposition and support from both friends and strangers. That’s to be expected. I’m fortunate to be at Troy University, where the administration has supported me and my efforts.”


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If you treat your clients and customers on equal terms and with equal service, isn’t that anti racist? What else do you need to learn?

    George_Kaplan in reply to mishka. | August 30, 2022 at 7:12 pm

    No. Anti-racist means privileging non-Whites ahead of Whites. Without 200 years of White slavery and Jym Krow laws how is the Democrat Party to claim equality in America has been achieved?

Good for them. I wish more universities were supportive of academic freedom regardless of political bent as you are seeing at Troy.