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Louisiana School Boards Assoc. Quits NSBA Membership Over Request For AG Garland To Weaponize FBI Against Parents

Louisiana School Boards Assoc. Quits NSBA Membership Over Request For AG Garland To Weaponize FBI Against Parents

In addition to Louisiana, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the Florida school board association has also denounced the toxic Garland memo

Attorney General Merrick Garland stepped way over the line in ordering the FBI, among a host of other DOJ divisions, to interfere with America’s parents’ Constitutional rights to peacefully protest and to demand answers from elected, taxpayer-funded school boards regarding their children’s education.

If the intent of his infamous memo was to frighten or intimidate parents, Garland must be shocked to his core by the intensity of the pushback.

It’s one despicable, dishonest thing to spin the events of January 6th into some sort of “war on domestic terrorism,” and it’s quite another to attack parents who are protecting their children.  Parents will literally and without a second thought sacrifice themselves for their children, so it’s no surprise that rather than being silenced by Garland’s corrupt bullying, parents are pushing back.  Bigly.

Despite desperate attempts by the Democrat media arm to contain the fallout with blatantly and intellectually dishonest “fact checks,” school board associations are also starting to push back.

Louisiana’s school board association, one of the two mentioned in the first post above, has taken their denunciation to the next level.

On Friday, the association voted to discontinue its membership in the National School Boards Association (NSBA).  The NSBA, you may recall, is the group that happily stepped up to act as the patsy for the Garland justification of weaponizing the entire DOJ against America’s parents.

Florida’s school board association has reportedly also sent the NSBA a letter denouncing the Garland memo, but it has not, as of yet, decided to withdraw its membership.

This memo was a huge overreach by an ethically-compromised Attorney General, and it needs to be rescinded along with a formal apology from Garland and the entire Biden administration, up to and including “the big guy,” himself.

But we all know the Democrat playbook by now; instead of belatedly doing the right thing, they will double down.  And that never ends well.  Just ask Brandon.


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PA, now LA….make it happen!

Parents might want to consider disassociating their children from the government schools.

Need to pick a date, parents keep children home for three days. Call it “Rescue Strike”.

Actually, should just say “keep kids home every Friday until things change”

Every School Board has to leave the NSBA.

Not a strongly worded letter of condemnation – LEAVE IT.

NSBA is a hateful organization.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Ben Kent. | October 16, 2021 at 7:45 pm

    That is a good idea, and I agree with it. But reality states that a lot of the yuppie type districts will stay in. That and the more “progressive” districts will also remain in. It’s for the children.


Good for Louisiana.

Lucifer Morningstar | October 16, 2021 at 9:03 pm

How can a person who looks so vacuous and out of his depth in every picture I’ve seen of him have become the Attorney General of the United States is quite beyond me.

Don’t let this victory make you complacent. Ultimately very little has changed this is just damage control following Merrick Mussolini’s attack. We aren’t fighting for our right to say no to CRT while everyone 1st grade onwards is indoctrinated in it we are fighting to get CRT out of schools period.