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McConnell Wants Garland to Clarify His Memo Demonizing Parents Protesting Critical Race Theory

McConnell Wants Garland to Clarify His Memo Demonizing Parents Protesting Critical Race Theory

“Telling elected officials they’re wrong is democracy, not intimidation.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell demanded AG Garland clarify his memo that told the FBI and other DOJ departments to investigate parents protesting critical race theory.

Garland cited threats. harassment, and intimidation as reasons for his actions. He never provided a specific example.

McConnell expressed concern about the memo because it could stifle parents’ freedom of speech.

“Parents absolutely should be telling what their local schools what to teach,” wrote McConnell. “This is the very basis of representative government. They do this both in elections and – as protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution – while petitioning their government for redress of grievance. Telling elected officials they’re wrong is democracy, not intimidation.”

However, McConnell noted that school boards and those who side with the school boards have threatened, harassed, and intimidated parents who don’t want critical race theory taught to their kids:

On the other hand, in your own very backyard of Virginia, there have been shocking efforts by public officials to organize for the intimidation and harassment of parents who have the temerity to want a better education for their children. one Loudon County schoolboard member participated in a Facebook group that compiled a list of parents opposed to Critical Race Theory and discussed having their websites. It’s a situation where legal accountability is difficult because the Loudon County Prosecutor was also a member of the group seeking to “doxx” concerned parents. It’s exactly this kind of intimidation of private citizens by government officials that our federal civil laws were designed to prevent.

McConnell wants Garland to define harassment and intimidation at his upcoming hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also wants to know if he consulted with the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, or the National School Boards Association before he issued the memo.

The NSBA pressured Biden’s administration to do something about these rowdy domestic terrorists (aka concerned parents) a few weeks ago.



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Sit down, Mitch.
It will be up to us to fight this.
You and your ilk, your fellow spineless swamp critters have done nothing but illustrate why the 2A is needed.

    sheldonkatz in reply to scooterjay. | October 11, 2021 at 10:48 am

    Scooter, while I don’t pretend to understand this expression, I think it applies here: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. When the Senate minority leader, regardless how you feel about him on other issues, is on your side, accept it and be grateful

      Trojan horse. It’s related to “Don’t trust Greeks bearing gifts.” I don’t know how you feel about ancient Greeks but apparently you feel that “our” snakes are trustworthy. It’s the “other” snakes that can’t be trusted.

      Be ‘grateful’? What are we, in a gulag?

        “Show me the mom, and I’ll show you the crime” is blatant communist oppression the Marxist administration is going to deeply regret, because it represents political self-destruction.

        No, we’re now only in a condition where the leadership says “show me the mom, and I’ll show you the crime.”

        They’re still building the gulags.

      Winterborn in reply to sheldonkatz. | October 12, 2021 at 10:49 am

      It’s because you can tell a lot about the health of a horse by looking in its mouth at its teeth and gums. It’s the same as getting anything else as a gift and immediately checking to ensure it functions right in front of the person who gave it to you. It’s just rude and lacks class.

    Dejectedhead in reply to scooterjay. | October 11, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    The Washington Redskins new mascot should be the Washington Swamp Monsters.

    1. Mitch McConnell is the reason Garland is not on the Supreme Court

    2.. Mitch McConnell is the reason Obama’s agenda was not voted into law except Obamacare

    3. Mitch McConnell is the reason why every law Trump asked for was signed into law if you don’t like the Trump traditional republican agenda blame Trump for asking only for that

    4. The best way to lose an argument is to threaten violence please STFU if you are tempted to threaten people with guns again. 2A protects your right to a gun. Morons threatening to use it over the state of public schools is pretty explicit gun violence threat. If you are having trouble with the basics of using your brain write out a statement and read it again 45 minutes later

      Any – I repeat – ANY GOP Senate head would have blocked Garland. Just because this corrupt POS was in the position to be expected to do so, he’s some kind of hero?

      This rat shows up for work once in a while, and we’re supposed to think more of him than the corrupt rat he is?

        Mitch McConnell blocked the entire Obama agenda from becoming law and every Obama judge the moment he became senate majority leader in 2014.

        Sorry you are having trouble accepting that he is doing the best job with the hand he has. Manchin and Sinema are not Republicans, Mitt Romney is not reliable, they need to be given concessions in order to be on our side when it matters most.

        If you want someone to just yell at the sky while Democrat legislative priorities become law well you don’t have to demand a 3.5 trillion dollar bill become law to achieve that you could do it yourself.

        Any GOP Senate head could have done it, hmmm? Well, any Senate head DIDN’T. McConnell did. He had the balls to stand up to the intimidation tactics tried by every left wing journalist in America, the entire Democrat party, the pressure put on by the supposed conservatives who spent 8 years kissing Obama’s ass, and the varied array of other supposed conservatives with some ax to grind like you. The man is in his position for a reason. He gets things done. Many Republicans would have folded when the pressure was on about Garland. McConnell didn’t. He stood his ground from February 13, 2016 until Jan 20, 2017, thereby saving our nation from a potential 20-30 years of the socialist Garland as a SCOTUS justice. Limiting that lunatic to potentially as few a 4 years as AG, if not less, makes McConnell a true conservative hero. The pressure put on him & his family was unreal, but he did the right thing for America. That’s a hell of a lot harder to do than many realize, and much more difficult than sitting on the sidelines castigating others when you haven’t a shred of skin in the game. McConnell lived with death threats from our supposedly level thinking opponents on the left on a daily basis. He did a good job then, and he’s done a pretty good job holding the fragile group of supposed GOP Senators together since Senility Joe took office. That’s a tough job, and he’s doing it.

          CommoChief in reply to Kevin. | October 11, 2021 at 7:58 pm

          McConnell also chose to run for re-election in 2020 for a seventh US Senate term. He could have bowed out if the threats from kooks on the political fringes were an issue for him and his family. No one would have batted an eye.
          He chose this path, so spare me the tales of McConnell’s courage.

          I am happy to give him credit for doing his job in DC, keeping lunatics off the CT. Unfortunately he and other r Senators are doing less well in regards to Biden nominee for executive branch appointments; like Garland as AG.

      Paul in reply to Danny. | October 11, 2021 at 1:27 pm

      “….every law Trump asked for was signed into law….”

      Mitch and the swamp critters built the wall, did they?

    chzwiz007 in reply to scooterjay. | October 12, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    United we stand, divided we fall. Shove that scooter where the sun don’t shine and sit down. Mitch is one of the good guys. You and the rest of the rabble are giving the marxists wins. We need to play smart to win. As much as you hate Mitch he is smart and he does win.

    fredx3 in reply to scooterjay. | October 13, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    Shut the hell up, you incredibly stupid loser. Sometimes you mentally ill Trump supporters just are out of your minds. You are like Antifa. You are totally spineless.

Mitch is invoking the SOP of DC. Get them on paper.
The more AG Garland talks/writes, the deeper the hole he digs for himself.

Kabuki theater

    CommoChief in reply to mrtomsr. | October 11, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Yes and no. McConnell is absolutely jumping on the train of a winning issue; the right of local voters and taxpayers to demand accountability for local school boards and a large say in the local curriculum. He is late to the dance.

    However, assistance in DC by r Senators and Congressman asking hard questions and demanding data from DoJ on this as well as Dept of Ed officials among others in the Federal government can help in highlighting coordination among teacher unions, various associations and supposedly neutral Federal employees.

    The true fight is on the ground in local School Board elections. I would add the Sheriff, County Commission, County Clerk and district/circuit Judges as well to the list of offices which need increased interest, input and oversight from an informed, active and engaged group of Citizens.

      Why don’t we reserve the “thank yous” until Mitch actually DOES something other than talk a good game until he caves to snatch yet another defeat from the jaws of victory. He has a perfect record so far. How many times do we have to go through this before so many of the commenters on these threads get a clue?

      MAGA baby! Paging Lesko Branden. Paging Lesko Brandon. Pick up call on closest courtesy phone.

        In an alternate reality where Mitch McConnell doesn’t do anything Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland has just ruled that any state that doesn’t teach transgenderism to 5 year olds is in violation of the US Constitution and will lose it’s sovereignty and congressional representation as the law stated because Mitch McConnell didn’t stop the Obama Agenda in congress or judicial nominees..

        CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 11, 2021 at 5:45 pm


        I don’t recall thanking McConnell in my comments. I am perfectly aware that McConnell’s first and highest priority is himself closely followed by DC Social standing with the priorities of the r base a very distant third. I have well more than a clue about him and other r grifters in DC.

        Hell I don’t like McConnell. I am honest enough to be willing to give credit where due and he at least is talking about this issue which will be helpful. As you correctly point out his record of follow-up action is weak as are many others in DC.

          The guy who by far deserves the most credit for being the most effective conservative president we ever had (according to Mark “Slash” Levin, is Donald Trump. Yet does he ever get a mention here?

          He is out there campaigning again to set the stage for a tremendous Red Wave next year, a wave that will with it many squishes. Does he ever get a mention here?

          He is also THE MAN who determine who becomes the next GOP presidential candidate. He is the ONLY ONE whose endorsement matters. Trump IS the de facto leader of the GOP. Does he ever get a mention here?

          Yet the snake in the grass king of the swamp rats moves a few pieces around in his cynical kabuki theater, moves that look like he is doing us a favor, and despite ALWAYS delivering victory to the Democrats in the end, HE deserves to get “credit where its due”?

          I am aware that you are a reliable fighter for fighting the swamp but you are blind as hell on this one. McConnell and the rest of the swamp rats should not find quarter with us. We want all of them gone and the sooner the better. And the guy they fear the most is Donald Trump. That is all we need to know. Trump deserves all the support we can throw his way. He is at least worth a favorable mention once in a while.

          CommoChief in reply to CommoChief. | October 11, 2021 at 8:12 pm


          McConnell was just reelected to a seventh term in KY. I don’t have a vote in KY so I can’t do much on this one. I promise you I don’t have a blind spot about McConnell, he is first and foremost out for himself. He actively tried to derail MAGA precisely because DJT wanted to accomplish things and solve problems.

          McConnell among other DC dwellers would prefer to not solve anything to keep the issue alive for fundraising and TV talking points. This way he maintains leverage and personal power. What’s the fun of being in DC once problems are solved? Lobbyists don’t come around with cash and boondoggles or places on corporate boards for family and friends.

          Trust me I know exactly who McConnell is. DJT and MAGA threatened his grift. So would DeSantis for that matter. I would love to see DJT run in 2024 assuming he is still sharp and up to the physical demands. He is almost certainly reviewing every single action that didn’t succeed because of the swamp and trying to figure out a way to bypass it in another term. He got rolled a bit in DC during the first term and I wouldn’t bet it will happen again.

          bullhubbard in reply to CommoChief. | October 12, 2021 at 9:46 am

          Nevertheless, anyone opposing the neo-racist spread of CRT is an ally. Let’s see who, if anyone, rallies.

          It’s too easy to call opponents of CRT “racists,” which is why any politician who dares to oppose it on the floor of the House or Senate is encouraging and probably why the head honcho is the one to speak first.

          Politicians are at all times primarily self serving careerists and any move not in service to this is to be encouraged, not cynically dismissed as meaningless.

          CommoChief in reply to CommoChief. | October 12, 2021 at 10:21 am


          Absolutely. I will gladly take another vote to pass a r policy or defeat a d/prog policy from a temporary ally of convenience. That doesn’t make them our bestie or infer a long term trusting relationship.

          McConnell can read political tea leaves. They indicate that a majority is unhappy with the level of heavy handed tactics from school boards. As I stayed he is late to the dance but better late than never. Not that I have any faith that he will act in opposition from principle instead of personal advantage.

      chasaragdy in reply to CommoChief. | October 12, 2021 at 6:05 pm

      CommoChief: The “dance” as you call it, began just a few days ago, after AG Merritt Garland sic’d his FBI Team onto the Loudon County parent’s group members of the children attending the Loudon School.

      Jobama OBiden, “the Big Guy” specifically addressed the issue with AG Garland, and Garland didn’t waste any time getting his “hitmen and women battle-group ready.

      So, accusing Senate Leader McConnell of being “…late to the dance…” is not understanding the situation/timeline, and unfair to the efforts of Leader McConnell.

      Otherwise, I’m mostly in agreement with your comments.

Breeding Bolsheviks.

Clarify? What a POS enemy he is.

Will he respond? I expect that he will try to avoid testifying before Congress, if for no other reason than he doesn’t want to try to explain his son-in-law’s ownership of a company that sells CRT material. Essentially, what we have here is an AG protecting his SIL’s business by declaring parents protesting his SIL’s CRT product to be domestic terrorists under the PATRIOT Act. Not a very good look for him.

This letter encapsulates the essence of oversight, and I only wish FOX had enclosed a direct link to the letter in its story. As it stands, getting quotes from the whole thing is difficult, and FOX, like any other news service, has missed the point.

This letter asks questions that must be answered in writing, before the next hearing. It asks for names.

There is clearly a group of partisan loose cannons at DOJ, and this is how they get stopped. Yeah, there has been a large growl from the populace over this, and McConnell’s action could be viewed as “getting out in front of the parade,” but it’s also the action of a canny, experienced legislator, neatly nailing an issue in a timely fashion. This is why he’s Senate leader.

Down vote if you must….but I have no trust in him nor Lindsey Graham.
We are being played.

You guys attacking Mitch McConnell for not effectively stopping the Biden Agenda when Biden has both chambers of congress…..Next up I will demand a Kosher Butcher serve venison to me, yes I know deers are not kosher making that literally impossible but hey as long as you are pretending Mitch McConnell has 51 senators on his side (what he needs to stop something) why can’t I pretend Deer are kosher?

Or perhaps I could start pretending pigs are Halal?

On planet Earth Mitch McConnell has been doing the best job possible at stopping Biden.

When Trump handed the democrats the senate consequences followed.

    “On planet Earth Mitch McConnell has been doing the best job possible at stopping Biden…”

    Danny, your standards are just too low.

      He has fillibustered everything that can’t be done by reconciliation, and has managed to stay on good enough terms with Manchin and Sinema to prevent them from voting for Biden’s bankruptcy triggering/lib agenda list 3.5 trillion bill.

      Are you confusing him for Saruman and expecting him to control Democrat Senators with his voice?

      He lost most of his power when he went from majority to minority leader (thank you Trump).

    You really don’t understand how this “opposition party” thingy works, do you? That s why you lefty Republicans constantly get your clocks cleaned after a few years of Republican Failure Theater (TM) on the rare times you trick voters into trusting you.

      Ok let me explain some basics you should have learned before middle school

      Everything not covered by the filibuster or subject to reconciliation the Democrats could pass with 50 senators + the VP.

      The Democrats have 50 senators and the VP.

      The Democrats also have the house.

      Mitch McConnell is powerless except when the bill is covered by filibuster or when he could get at least one Democrat on his side.

      In his history during the Obama years he stopped everything Obama attempted to pass into law and all of his judges (which is a success).

      Now get it? When you helped give Democrats two senate seats in GA you destroyed our ability to properly resist the Democrats.

Be happy with your crumbs, peasants, and imagine an America with a real patriot as OUR Senate minority leader instead of this corrupt bum.

    Please define what powers the constitution gives the senate minority leader and in your own words explain what the filibuster that Mitch McConnell saved means to you.

Why is Garland still AG? If he had any honor at all he would have resigned the second his scheme was made public.




Looks like McConnell got his political weather report over the weekend.

We’ll see if his rhetoric makes any difference. We’ll see if there is any substantive follow-up.

All considered, I’m not optimistic.

Remember all that strongly worded rhetoric about repealing Obamacare? Heard it for years and years. Especially during election years. And in fund raising letters and ads. How did that work out?

The GOP and McConnell have only themselves to blame for the loss of confidence and trust in them and in their so often empty rhetoric.

Senate Republican (Minority) Leader McConnell; thus, he can opine, suggest, propose, hope, and find useful, among other beliefs and actions in his Senate role, but he can’t make it happen. So the AG may never have to answer to any relevant Senate committee, such as the Judiciary, if Senators Schumer (Majority Leader) and Durbin (Judiciary Committee Chairman) find such oversight unnecessary, distasteful, awkward, etc.
Autocracy at its finest.

    Danny in reply to GatorGuy. | October 11, 2021 at 5:31 pm


    Do not discourage other Republicans from voting

    Get out and vote yourself

      CommoChief in reply to Danny. | October 11, 2021 at 5:48 pm

      That is most coherent thing you have posted on this thread.

        Thanks lying scumbag who works to get Democrats elected.

          CommoChief in reply to Danny. | October 12, 2021 at 10:43 am

          Are you off your meds? Dude I have never voted for a d/prog in my life for any Federal, State or local office. Secondly, I don’t lie about anything. My major fault is that I am too fair. I am compelled by my conscience to try and see who is doing what and why, then put those actions into a larger context before I form an opinion or pass judgement.

          I get it, you think McConnell should be cut some slack due to the political realities of DC and his status as minority leader v being in the majority. Fair enough.

          However, the days of collegial, gentlemanly conduct in DC was abandoned by the d/prog long ago. Whether a majority or a minority each Senator can be recognized to speak and then hold the floor; a speaking filibuster. Rarely does this occur.

          IMO, it’s past time for the r in DC to play just as hard and just as dirty as the d/prog. Make them work for every single nominee, every amendment, every bill. The Senate as a whole and it’s individual members could act to tie up the d/prog in debate and delay that use up the legislative calendar.

          That the r haven’t engaged in these tactics is disappointing, especially when it would be simple reciprocity to match the actions of the d/prog during the DJT administration.

Minority in the House; Minority in the Senate… and some how the majority party still can’t get their wish list passed.

It takes some savy maneuvering from the minority party to actually accomplish it.

Posts calling for succession are fantasies. Posts calling for tar and feathers are just as ineffective.

2022 is coming – only a fool thinks the Dems have already surrendered to their inevitable defeat at The Polls.. this next 11 months will be critical.

McConnell voted for Garland to be AG. He owns this, along with the other Franz von Papen Republicans who also supported Garland.

What exactly does the country gain if the GOP manages to slime its way back into power? Aside from thrilling the Chamber of Commerce and fattening the wallets of McConnell, Romneycare, Murkowski and the rest of the von Papen Republicans? Include me out.

    No more Biden appointed judges (Biden is going at a record pace) no further Biden appointees, no Biden legislation ever seeing the light of day, leverage via oversite and power of the purse?

    But if you are convinced the massive amounts of defeats we are suffering due to having zero power in the federal government is good Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden appreciate your active support for them you are truly Chuck Schumer’s special little agent.

    I am sorry you don’t like the Mitch McConnell had to win favor from Sinema and Manchin and was willing to throw a couple of concessions their way, I am sure you did evvveeerything you could to avoid losing two senate seats in GA (I know you backed giving up the GA senate seats).

      Olinser in reply to Danny. | October 12, 2021 at 12:42 am

      Biden is going at a record pace because Lindsey Grahamnesty is voting the trash out of committee, and McConnell refuses to replace him.

      We have a LOT of power that pieces of RINO shit like Bitch McConnell and Grahamnesty refuse to use.

      Spare us your bullshit of ‘OMG MUST COMPROMISE’.

      We lost 2 seats in Georgia directly because of Bitch McConnell because he A) refused to pass a larger stimulus that Trump wanted THAT MCCONNELL LATER AGREED TO ANYWAY, and B) refused to do a goddamn thing to secure the vote, so they cheated EXACTLY the same way in both Senate seats – the vote magically stopped in Atlanta for hours until they knew how many votes they needed and dumped a huge amount in the middle of the night that magically put the Democrats over the top.

      Bitch McConnell’s tantrum on the floor when he realized Trump wasn’t going to get impeached after January is the single greatest demonstration of what a snake he is.

      Bitch McConnell kept the Senate ‘in session’ for FOUR YEARS specifically to prevent Trump from ever making an appointment that the RINOs didn’t want, he outright refused to fund the wall, he and Grahamnesty did not a single thing to hold the FBI accountable for the rampant FISA abuse.

      The massive amounts of defeats we are suffering is because Bitch McConnell and the RINOs refuse to fight for anything, constantly claiming that we need to ‘compromise’ and give the Democrats 90% of what they want anyway, and conservatives are sick of the Failure Theatre RINOs.

      BUT WE HAVE TO CONCEDE BECAUSE OF THE FILIBUSTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER. Yeah, we have to give them everything they want because otherwise they’ll remove the filibuster and do everything they want.

      People are sick of the Failure Theatre RINOs, and no amount of lying about how much the RINOs are fighting is going to change that.

        Danny in reply to Olinser. | October 12, 2021 at 3:37 am

        1. He is not going record pace because of committee he is going record pace because he is nominating judges at a faster rate than Trump did.

        2. You are a god damned liar you know we have no power. The Democrats as long as they are united could pass everything not covered by the filibuster. They have total mastery over the executive to.

        3. Spare us your lies about how we don’t need Sinema and Manchin to stop the 3.5 trillion dollar bill that among other things incentivizes illegal immigration.

        4. Again spare us your god damned lies. Yes Mitch McConnell refused to waste trillions because Trump said jump. Trump by the way negotiated in bad faith claiming he was unaware what the compromise to pass something was. Why was it the federal governments responsibility to bail out blue states that remained closed?

        5. Again spare us your god damned lies!!! You are being a bigger donkey than the Democrats. There wasn’t widespread fraud in GA or anywhere else if there was Trump would have alleged it in court.

        6. Nobody outside of deluded donkeys like you think there was election fraud in the senate runoff elections. Although the Democrats love you for helping to keep people home during it.

        7. Trump owes his non-impeachment to hard work done by Mitch McConnell and don’t you forget it.

        8. Name ten Trump nominees McConnell said no to, and then explain where in the Constitution it says that “If the president is too cowardly to declassify documents Mitch McConnell needs to go on a wild goose chase to find out what the hell he is talking about”. Russia could have ended in a week if Trump had declassified documents at a press conference instead of tweeting Obama spied on me and asking the senate to hold hearings.

        9. Our defeats are because Trump thought Big Tech didn’t need regulation, that twitter trolling beat courting the electorate and overall didn’t take the election very seriously (see each time Ben Shapiro stated during the election cycle Trump was doing “Election malpractice”).

        You are sick of fighting period and want to delude yourself into a fantasy world of your own creation. You don’t want to win in 2022 or ever to try and limit damage, and you don’t want to defat the Dem agenda you want people to agree with you that 2020 never happened.

    Much more ability to stop the Biden administration. A r Senate majority would be pretty handy to that end. Not to mention it means the nominees would be less likely to be the wackos the Biden administration is sending up as first choices.

    All in all I would much rather ask Susan Collins to vote with her fellow r majority than be forced to rely on d Senators breaking ranks to stop Biden.

“Show me the mom, and I’ll show you the crime” is blatant communist oppression the Marxist administration is going to deeply regret, because it represents political self-destruction.

So it’s come to this…if someone isn’t perfect, he’s an asshole. This is what the left does. Do y’all really want to be like them? The attitude is as odious as it is stupid. We’re bigger and we’re better than that.

Stop being like them. Just stop it.