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The Department of Justice National Security Division hired Susan Hennessey. You should know her because she was one of the loudest Russian collusion hoaxers in the media during President Donald Trump's administration. Oh, Hennessey also defended the illegal FISA warrants so our privacy is totally in good hands. Then again, she's a former NSA lawyer.

Everyone in America is being programmed–in K-12 classrooms, universities, their workplace, on social media, and in our cultural output–to accept inherently racist initiatives like Critical Race Training as not just normal but as positive steps "forward"; everyone is required to not just tolerate but to vocally support Black Lives Matter, open borders, blanket amnesty, the Green New Deal, biological men competing against women in women's sports, and defunding the police; and everyone is required to police their own thoughts lest they utter something that runs afoul of the cultural revolutionary guard.

The coordinated Big Tech deplatforming of Parler is looking more and more suspect. Last month, I reviewed every arrest report the DOJ had made available at that time, and the overwhelming number of social media posts cited in these reports were those posted on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. There was barely any mention of Parler.

The takedown of Parler was purportedly based on its unique role in fomenting hate online relating to its alleged outsize role in the events at the Capitol on January 6th.  Having spent a couple days weeding through the DOJ's published arrest reports, I found little mention of Parler, but plenty of alleged criminal conduct referencing Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, in the charging document.
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