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No More Fun of Any Kind Week in Higher Education

No More Fun of Any Kind Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Many college students are facing a miserable time on campus this year. Dean Wormer from the film ‘Animal House’ would be proud.

Of course, some gatherings are acceptable.

Cancel culture is getting worse.

This is the new trend on campus.

Who needs police?

Very sad.

The cause is a real mystery.

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Dean Wormer was very smart compared to the current gaggle of college deans. Even the Delta House members are smarter than today’s college students.

No more fun? No more thinking allowed, either.

Bad behavior at the University of Michigan

Martin Philbert, the second-highest administrator at the University of Michigan, had a lengthy history of sexually harassing female employees and had sexual relationships, including in university offices, while being promoted time and time again, an independent investigation has found.