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Duke U. Students Demand End to Campus Policing, Saying it’s Rooted in ‘Slave Patrols’

Duke U. Students Demand End to Campus Policing, Saying it’s Rooted in ‘Slave Patrols’

“Let us state this unequivocally: originating in slave patrols, policing is inherently rooted in white supremacy and cannot be reformed”

The same people on the left who have told us for years that campuses are hotbeds of rape and other violent crimes, are now telling us they don’t want police.

The College Fix reports:

Saying policing is rooted in ‘slave patrols,’ Duke students demand all campus policing be abolished

Duke University’s Black Coalition Against Policing is demanding that Duke abolishes the university’s police department, arguing that all policing is “inherently rooted in white supremacy.”

The coalition sent a nine-page letter to the administration and board of trustees on July 8 calling for the abolition of the Duke University police department.

The letter was signed by over 50 groups, including the Asian American Alliance, the Black Law Students Association, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Pre-Veterinary Society. An accompanying petition in support of the demands has nearly 1,000 signatures from alumni, students and community members.

“Let us state this unequivocally: originating in slave patrols, policing is inherently rooted in white supremacy and cannot be reformed,” the letter states in its introduction. “Now, we must imagine a world beyond police and prisons, one that seeks to heal and rebuild our communities from generations of systemic violence.”

The coalition called on the university to sever all “ties to all systems predicated on policing and imprisonment.”

This includes disclosing any financial ties to organizations associated with the “military and prison-industrial complex,” including relationships with the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Black Coalition Against Policing also demands that the university sever ties with the Durham Police Department and Allied Universal, a private security contractor working on Duke’s campus since 2005. BCAP also requests that Duke end its ties with any other police and surveillance agencies.


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It looks like the pro-crime, pro-anarchy factions of the liberals are winning. If these factions succeed in leaving the students and faculty unprotected, they will have to provide their own personal protection, both in their residences and out on the campus.

The logical response is for every student and faculty member to carry a concealed weapon for personal protection. In the dorms, they will need to keep their weapons close by for when some “protesters” (that’s the new term for criminals) decide to do a home invasion. Shoot straight, shoot fast, then pay someone to dispose of the bodies. It will be the new Wild West.

Privileged twits. They impose their own ideas and values on others, but they will not live with the results, almost always detrimental.

Duke is pretty awful. The Management might actually go for it.

If it wasn’t for Affirmative Action students, Duke would miss out on wonderful stuff like this.

I see that Duke’s history department has failed the students–there were plenty of police forces and patrols that predate slavery in the US, including all the way back to ancient Rome, I believe–is Duke going to agree to erase that from history as well?

    Walker Evans in reply to rochf. | July 25, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Erase it all, I say! Let the college cretins live with no law enforcement of any kind for a while and see how long it takes for them wake from being “woke”. These kids have all the latest and best electronics, clothes, shoes … everything a criminal could want!

    And they surely wouldn’t begrudge these poor, disadvantaged souls having a taste of The Good Life they themselves have enjoyed since birth, would they?

The Friendly Grizzly | July 26, 2020 at 3:08 pm

Demand demand demand demand demand…

harleycowboy | July 27, 2020 at 7:41 am

Suffering from Baader-Meinhof phenomenon much?

Alex Bensky | July 29, 2020 at 6:08 pm

I’ve seen this line, that policing originated with slave patrols and therefore by definition and concept it’s racist. Of course there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence for this, not a shred of a scintilla of evidence.

ccscientist | July 29, 2020 at 9:20 pm

There are police in every society on Earth, even those with no white people and no slaves. These people spout gibberish and insist we take them seriously.