College is going to be so much fun this year, you can already tell.

Campus Reform reports:

University of Florida threatens to punish students for not wearing masks, socializing

The University of Florida is warning students that failure to wear a mask and socializing are violations of the student code of conduct.

In an email and message sent to students just before the Fourth of July, University of Florida Vice President of Student Affairs D’Andra Mull, Gainesville City Manager Lee Feldman, and Alachua County Manager Michele Lieberman told students to wear masks and “stay physically distant” from others, or face the consequences.

“Failure to follow local and state guidelines such as those addressing large gatherings and wearing face coverings will result in student conduct violations,” UF officials warned. “The Student Conduct Code serves to promote individual and social responsibility and is applicable to both individuals as well as student organizations.”

Students were also given a list of activities that the officials advise they avoid.

The list included “having or attending house parties or block parties,” going to events with a large group of people or socializing in crowded venues,” “going on trips or traveling in groups,” and “sharing cups.”

“Please understand the far-reaching health care risks associated with contracting the virus,” the university said. “Recognize there are economic impacts of community spread. Work with us to lessen possible contact with the virus. While you may feel fine, attending social functions may contribute to you or someone else getting sick and could alter plans for the fall semester.”


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