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Mother of Palestinian knife attacker on Hamas TV: “Muhammad was a butcher and knew how to slaughter”

Mother of Palestinian knife attacker on Hamas TV: “Muhammad was a butcher and knew how to slaughter”

Mother of Muhammad Said Ali: “He was a hell of a guy. A butcher. A lion.”

We have covered this sick picture before. The mothers of Palestinian terrorists who praise their children’s killing of Jews, often wishing they had killed more:

Now there is another example.

October 2015 was start of what commonly was referred to as the Knife or Stabbing Intifada. While there were many other forms of attack, the knifings — often carried out by teenagers — resulted in many attackers being shot dead after killing or wounding Israelis:

According to the Israel Security Agency, October 2015 saw the beginning of a wave of terrorism that has led to 620 attacks (483 in the form of firebombs) in one month, compared to 223 in September. Eleven people (one foreign national and 10 Israelis) were killed in terrorist attacks in October, and 80 were injured, 37 of them moderately or more severely (one foreign national, 18 Israeli civilians, and 18 members of the security forces).

I wrote about the Knife Intifada: “spasms of bloody and murderous irrationality”. The knifings were glorified on Palestinian social media.

(Image via @idfelite Twitter)

On October 10, 2015, I covered how international media headlines reported the killing of knife attackers, without mentioning the circumstances in the headline, “Israeli security forces kill boy, 16”. That 16-year-old was shot and killed after stabbing a religious Jew walking on the road, and it was caught on video.

In that report, I also noted other attacks, including this one at the Damascus Gate to the Old City in which an attacker was shot and killed. I didn’t know or report his name:

This video was posted by Haaretz on October 10, 2015, but the attacker ws not named. Here is the Haaretz description:

10:43 A.M. Security footage has been released from the scene of a terror attack that targeted policemen near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Saturday. The video shows an assailant who was detained by police for a security check taking out a knife and stabbing officers. The assailant is then shot by several policemen who were standing nearby. Three officers where wounded in the incident, two of whom were hurt by friendly fire.

Based on a report from MEMRI (see below), which caused me to do more research, I think we now know the attacker’s name.

On October 10, 2015, the Palestinian Maan News reported that 19-year old Muhammad Saed Ali was shot dead by Israeli police after he stabbed a two policemen:

A Palestinian was shot dead Saturday after an alleged stabbing attack that left three Israeli policemen injured in the second attack at Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem in one day.

An Israeli police spokesperson said the area had been closed off following the attack, adding that the officers were being treated at the scene.

Israeli news site Haaretz reported that the incident took place after two officers asked the Palestinian for identification outside Damascus Gate.

He reportedly presented his ID before stabbing the officers, wounding one in the neck. Policemen standing nearby then opened fired, killing the Palestinian and also wounding two police officers, including one of those who had been stabbed.Witnesses told Ma’an that there was heavy gunfire after the stabbing.

The Palestinian was identified as Muhammad Saed Ali, 19, from Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, where two other Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli forces since Friday.

In a separate report, Maan News gave details of the attack:

Ali, who lived in Shuafat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, was shot dead on Oct. 10 after he stabbed one Israeli soldier in the neck and another in the upper body outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Video footage was later released showing the moment Ali drew a knife on the Israeli soldiers when they asked to see his identification.

An Israeli policeman was accidentally shot when other Israeli policemen fired at Ali, the Guardian reported:

One of the policemen, a 20-year-old member of the Israeli special forces unit, was accidentally shot by other officers when they were firing at Ali. The other two officers stabbed by the suspect were wounded and taken to hospital.

Jerusalem police major general Chico Edri said police had asked a Palestinian youth outside the gate for identification after identifying him as “suspicious”.

“The youth showed his ID, then drew a knife and stabbed two officers, one in the neck. Nearby officers fired at the assailant, killing him, but also wounding one of the officers,” Edri said.

While not absolutely certain, it certainly appears that Muhammad Saed Ali was the person I reported on back on that date, without knowing his name at the time.

That’s relevant because MEMRI reports on an interview with Ali’s mother on Hamas TV:

Here is the transcript of the video:

In a February 14, 2019 broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza), the mother of Muhammad Said Muhammad Ali, a 19-year old Palestinian who was killed when he attacked Israeli policemen with a knife at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, said that her son had been “a lion.” She praised how he wielded the knife when he attacked the policemen, explaining that he had been a butcher. She then sang: “Muhammad Ali was a courageous man, oh knife commandos… You are the pride of Islam… Your knife sent those midgets running in all directions.” She added that Palestine and Allah deserve that Palestinians sacrifice their lives for their sake. The mother’s name was not mentioned.

Here is the transcript of the video:

Following are excerpts:

Mother of Palestinian Knife Attacker: I am the mother of the heroic martyr, Muhammad Said Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Said lived in occupied Jerusalem. He was 19 years old. He was martyred at Damascus Gate in occupied Jerusalem after carrying out a stabbing operation.


Muhammad was someone you could rely on. He was a hell of a guy. A butcher. A lion. You could see in the video of the attack how practiced he was in wielding a knife, because he was a butcher. Muhammad was a butcher and knew how to slaughter. If I had to describe Muhammad, I would say: Muhammad Ali was a courageous man, oh knife commandos. You could hear the soldiers of Jerusalem’s riot police [screaming] like madmen. You are the pride of Islam, as millions bear witness. Your knife sent those midgets running in all directions.


Our homeland is previous and deserves that we sacrifice our lives for it. The Lord deserves that we sacrifices our lives for His sake.

If you want to know why there is no peace, you have just seen it.


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The way this works is she is graded on her performance. The more bloodthirsty and unrepentant it is, the more money will be deposited in her bank.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to puhiawa. | February 20, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Palestinians respect bloodthirsty, therefore they should receive same. Killing one here and there will not fix this problem. They need to be killed in much larger numbers, in this case about a quarter of a million would be a good start.

    Since palestinians committing these atrocities do so knowing that their families will be much better off, I have to wonder if killing the family because they are intentionally creating murderous little weasels, might change their minds. Would they be less likely to commit these acts if they knew doing so was a death sentence for their family?

    It appears to me that palestinians are collectively criminally insane. They intentionally brainwash their children to be psychotic murders.

How fucked up is your society when mothers are inciting their children to kill without mercy.

No wonder liberals love Palestinians. This is the society they want to create in America.

Sorry mom. That, Muhammad Ali, doesn’t float like a butterfly and got himself fatally stung 😉

Golda Meir was absolutely right – there will be no peace until the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews.

Full quote: “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Let’s give the “Palestinians” more land that isn’t really theirs. I am sure that will fix the problem.

how can any person with even a mote of conscience support this sort of evil?–why should we, as a country, help these
people at all, even under the guise of ” humanitarian aid? ”

this is a conflict of their own making, in their own minds and hearts–let them fix it or not

our supportof israel should be steadfast and strong as they face these lunatics 24/7

    Arminius in reply to texansamurai. | February 20, 2019 at 2:31 am

    John 16:2 “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.”

    You aren’t looking at the world through your Islamic glasses, my friend, and you also aren’t reading from the Islamic dictionary. There is no golden rule in the Quran, nor is it written, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the LORD.”

    Instead it says that Muslims are only good to each other, but are ruthless against the unbeliever. The Quran also instructs Muslims to be the instrument of Allah’s retribution against non-Muslims in this world (we infidels are going to hell in the next, if you’re inclined to believe that big ball of excrement that is the Quran). Basically the Quran simply amounts to a declaration of war against non-Muslims. I have a certain amount of sympathy for Muslims, though, as Islam is an empire of fear that brutalizes Muslims nearly as much as Muslims are commanded to brutalize non-Muslims.

    It isn’t as if ALL MUSLIMS (I get so tired of having to say that) want to commit acts of terror. Islam means submission. A Muslim is one who submits. It’s kind of funny; there are ahadith in which Muhammad makes a distinction between the truly faithful and those who merely submit. The Quran and both Sunni and Shia traditions instruct Muslims that they have a master-slave relationship with Allah. Muslims live by these words: “We hear and obey.” Muslims must obey Muhammad blindly. And by obeying Muhammad they are obeying Allah.

    “But no, by your Lord, they can have no faith, until they make you judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission.” S4:65

    It’s really a pathetic religion. Muslims claim to be strict monotheists but in fact they have a number of eternal entities that have consciousness besides Allah. And they deify Muhammad. In truth, they show more respect to Muhammad than they do to their nominal god. You can insult Allah all you want, but insult Muhammad and somebody has to die in a bloody riot. They pray to Muhammad multiple times per day. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say they pray to Muhammad more than they pray to Allah.

    “And We did not send any messenger except to be obeyed by permission of Allah . And if, when they wronged themselves, they had come to you, [O Muhammad], and asked forgiveness of Allah and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah Accepting of repentance and Merciful.” S4:64

    If you are a Muslim and hope to step foot in Jenna, the Islamic paradiasical brothel (Muslim women apparently get nothing in the afterlife except competition from at least seventy two sexbots for their husbands favor; yes, Muslimas are still married to their husbands if they make it into heaven, which as far as I would be concerned if I were a Muslim woman sounds more like hell) you have to pray to Muhammad and ask him to intercede for you. So it is actually more correct to call them Mohammadens.

    I have mixed feelings about telling Muslims about their religion. You might be surprised but the vast majority of Muslims have no clue about what’s in their holy texts and what they’re commanded to do. It’s important that we know their religion better than they do. Which isn’t at all difficult. Because from our perspective the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim. As soon as Muslims become devout they become violent. We have all the test cases we need to prove this.

    I doubt the name Mohammed Taheri-azar is familiar to any of you. He is an Iranian, born in Tehran, but he lived and grew up in America from the age of two. Surprisingly his parents were not practicing Muslims but attended church in the U.S. Apparently they weren’t very devout. Mohammed went to the University of North Carolina Chapel hill. While at UNC-CH he lived a fairly typical college lifestyle. He smoked pot, drank beer, slept with his girlfriend, and so on. He decided at some point he was
    wasting his life, so to get in touch with the Quran.

    After reading it cover to cover over twenty times he rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee and tried to run over as many of his fellow students on campus as he could (the vehicular jihad).

    Fortunately although he injured several people he failed to kill anyone, and now he’s wasting the rest of his life in prison. He should have stuck with the pot smoking and the chicks.

    While awaiting trial and later in prison he’s written several dozen letters to various news outlets. Mostly the school paper, the Daily Tarheel, but not exclusively, explaining to the student body why he tried to murder them. He also left a manifesto behind explaining his motives. He didn’t pledge alliegance to AQ or any other terrorist group. He wasn’t radicalized online. He simply read the Quran.

    Here’s a letter he wrote to a Durham TV station:

    “March 10, 2006
    Amber Rupinta
    111 Liberty St.
    Durham, NC 27701
    In the name of Allah, the merciful the compassionate
    Dear Ms. Rupinta:
    I’ve included a visitor’s application. I left a one page letter for the police in the bedroom of my apartment at 303 Smith Level Rd. A-34 but in brief;
    I live with the holy Koran as my constitution for right and wrong and definition of injustice.
    The Koran also spelled Quran is a scientific and mathematical miracle so there can be no doubt that it is from a supernatural source, i.e. Allah the creator and controller of all things. Those who follow the Koran, i.e. the truth, are members of one family, as the Koran states. Allah in the Koran gives permission for those who follow Allah to attack those who have waged war against them, with the expectation of eternal paradise in case of martyrdom and/or the living of one’s life in obedience of all of Allah’s commandments found throughout the Koran’s 114 chapters.
    I’ve read all 114 chapters about 20 times since June of 2003 when I started reading the Koran. The U.S. government is responsible for the deaths and torture of countless followers of Allah, my brothers and sisters. My attack on Americans at UNC-CH March 3, was in retaliation for similar attacks orchestrated by the U.S. government on my fellow followers of Allah in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic territories. I did not act out of hatred for America but out of love for Allah instead. I live only to serve Allah by obeying all of his commandments of which I am aware by reading and learning the contents of the Koran.
    I would be glad to have an on-camera interview.
    Mohammed Taheri-azar”

    Such a polite young man!

    But this is typical. The minister of state for Bavaria commissioned a comprehensive survey of teenaged and young adult adherents of every religion practiced in Germany. They found that adherents of religions became more peaceful as they became more devout with one exception. Islam. The more devout they became, the more violent they became. Amusing in a pathetics, desperate kind of way they tried to blame Saudi clerics for this result. But the fact is Islam is an inherently violent religion. Note that Taheri-Azar makes the point that he doesn’t and did not hate the people he tried to kill. He did what he did because he is the slave of Allah (that is leterally what the common Muslim name Abdullah or Abdallah means; Abd=slave, allah being the god of Islam).

    Allah commands Muslims to fight even if they don’t want to. Slaves don’t have to like what they are told to do, but slaves have to do what they’re told. Now, many of them do like it. It’s why Islam is so popular among prison inmates. Islam allows them to keep doing what they already like. Allah gives his blessing to rape, murder, and theft. Non-Muslims are supposed to pay taxes to support Muslims. It’s why Islam never developed a work ethic. It’s why the Ottoman empire became the sick man of Europe when they ran out of new peoples to conquer and exploit. They’d conquer new territory and squeeze the non-Muslims dry. Then after taking the non-Muslims for everything they had (Muslim rulers often forbade the conquered people from converting to Islam; the Zakat or tithing required of Muslims is a tiny fraction of the jizya that non-Muslims have to pay). It’s why huge numbers of Muslims in Europe are unemployed. It’s the natural order of things that the infidels support the noble Muslim warriors who live on the dole and refuse to work. It’s also the natural order of things that they rape uncovered women and that they steal from non-Muslims since they aren’t paying enough in taxes so Muslims have a right to their possessions, but we’ll stick to the murder part for now.

    There is a reason this woman is so ecstatic that her son killed himself waging jihad in Allah’s name. Because he is guaranteed a place in paradise. Moreover, he gets to bring his relatives with him to Jenna. So he’s already there, and she knows that she is also guaranteed to escape hellfire and will go directly to paradise. So will her husband, any other wives he may have, and all their other children. I believe the Shaheed gets to bring seventy to a hundred relatives to paradise, so her son made a lot of people who would never try to stab a bunch of Jewish people to death very happy.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to Arminius. | February 20, 2019 at 9:33 am

      “They pray to Muhammad multiple times per day.”

      5 brainwashing sessions a day, which makes me think that Islam should be treated as a cult. It sure as hell does not deserve nonprofit status.

      Look at how Muslims have wholesale murdered people of other faiths in recent history, as soon as their numbers are high enough in Western countries, they will do the same. And with their high reproductive rates, it will not be long before people in those countries will either have to eradicate Muslims or be eradicated by those Muslims.

She is one evil bitch! Very evil.

“Muhammad was a butcher and knew how to slaughter”.

That would make a catchy song title. Maybe one of the Palestinian musicians can write some lyrics, and put it to music.

It could be used in a upcoming Pallywood Production!

Let’s not forget the photo of hillary clinton writing a check to these maniacs:

4th armored div | February 19, 2019 at 7:42 pm

treat the arabs as the usa did the japanese in ww2.

no difference in craziness.

only after the arabs experience this will they possibly make peace – see egypt, which the strongest of the arab military and now has peace /warm or cold/.

    Not just the U.S. The Brits and Indians were initially inclined to treat Japanese soldiers as if they were honorable combatants. Until February 7, 1944 when they overran an aid station in northern Burma operated jointly by the Royal Army Medical Corps and Indian Army. They shot or bayoneted every casualty they could find. Then stole the medical supplies. After that the Brits and Indians weren’t inclined to show mercy.

    I suppose I’m forced by intellectual honesty to point out that NOT ALL (sound familiar?) Japanese conducted themselves as barbarians. The Imperial Japanese Navy personnel weren’t exactly great in this regard, but they did show more respect for their counterparts than army personnel. Probably because their officers as graduated midshipmen from Etajima (their version of Annapolis) went on world cruises. IJN officers tended to think of army types as uncultured hicks. Thank God; if the army and navy types didn’t despise each other WWII would have lasted a lot longer, but fortunately they just couldn’t work together.

    After one of the naval battles of Guadalcanal a USN destroyer was picking up survivors when a whale boat came alongside. To everyone’s surprise it was piloted by a Japanese petty officer from one of the sunken ships. He had taken it upon himself to pick up injured survivors from both sides. He pulled up to the American warship to deliver his casualties, and somehow made it clear that he needed rags. Naval battles are messy and everyone comes out the water covered in fuel oil. He, his survivors, and his boat were slathered in a thick layer of oil.

    If I remember the story correctly, the Americans gave him some rags and let him continue his business, only taking him prisoner later in the day. And he naturally expected to be taken prisoner because there were no ships other than American ships in sight and there was no way his little boat was going to make if from Iron Bottom Sound to the Japanese naval base at Rabaul.

    Then there was the time a Japanese submarine spared a tall ship. Every type of vessel was pressed into service in WWII. So this schooner is sailing from the US with a load of cargo bound for Australia. The Japanese submarine surfaces and the gun crews rush out for surface action. The sailors on the sailing vessel naturally think they’re done for as the sub circles the tall ship. But instead of firing the gun crews go back inside the sub. The Japanese captain signals, “You have a beautiful ship. Have a pleasant journey.” He submerges and goes away.

    He just couldn’t bring himself to destroy a magnificent sailing ship.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to 4th armored div. | February 20, 2019 at 9:46 am

    I agree, they most certainly deserve a few nukes, but they are too close to Israel to use them, hence my repeated call for fuel-air bombs. They will totally incinerate a 300 meter radius circle.

    Over this incident, say drop 10 scattered throughout palestinian areas. The next atrocity should result in a hundred more.

    Most certainly the very first bomb should land on this useless piece of proud shit.

So the Palestinians have their own version of AOC. How quaint.

For some unknown reason, there are politicians who think that we can live in peace with these people. I do not know how much slack we are supposed to cut them or how many people they get to slaughter, her words, before we say “Enough”!

Man! Getting your clit chopped off by Daddy makes a girl mean.

In case anyone is wondering why the world’s largest technology companies (e.g., Intel, Alphabet, etc.) are buying Israeli start-ups, while the Arab “Palestinians” wallow in a self-created, infantile stew of misery, oppression, belligerence, hatred, totalitarianism and supremacism, following the goose-stepping dictates of the ideology of “Submission.”

Arab “Palestinian” misery is entirely self-inflicted; these people aren’t “victims,” and, any attempt to paint them at such is inherently dishonest and morally bankrupt.

“I wrote about the Knife Intifada: “spasms of bloody and murderous irrationality”. The knifings were glorified on Palestinian social media.”

Please don’t call these attacks irrational. Look at how politely we behave toward these sickos after they attack. Do you want to get called names? Quote the Quran 8:12 about striking terror into the heart of the unbelievers, or Sahih al Bukhari (second in authority only to the Quran) in which Muhammad brags about how he has been made victorious through terror. I mean, you find **** in the Quran that is unthinkable in any other religion. Can someone tell me the bible verse in which we are instructed to have “animosity and hatred forever” until all people worship Yahweh alone? It’s in the Quran, 60:4.

Yet Islam is the one religion you can’t criticize. Christianity? Knock yourself out. You can’t make it through a Senate confirmation, if the Democrats have anything to say about it. But when Muslims commit mass murder and cite chapter and verse from the Quran and their traditions it’s now a hate crime to quote them. Really, it’s quite unbelievable. Muslims and their leftist apologists will deny you can find the texts that instruct Muslims to commit murder if you open up a Quran and show it to them. There it is in black and white, and if you show it to them YOU are the hate monger, bigot, racist, Islamophobe, yadda yadda yadda.

Since terrorism obvioiusly works, what’s irrational about it?

And there you have it, Islam in a nutshell, promoted by a nut. 7th century barbarism on display.

Just another compelling reason to rid the planet of this satanic filth.

The state of mind of the Palestinians is pathetic. I remember a WWII story where a young Nazi soldier is being offered blood to save his life. He asked if it was “Jewish” blood. If so, he then he preferred to die. That is how brained washed the Palestinian population is! Plus, the family is bought off with money.
It is discouraging to see noble attempts by the Israelis fall flat. Since the Arabs only believe in strength and force, maybe the only way to settle is the start killing more of them until it sinks in that the Jews can show strength and force, too.

    I think the young man is on to something. I look at her and wonder, how do you end up so soulless and heartless? The answer is that they are scared. I intend to prove this, if you are willing to listen. We are braver and stronger than they are.

This is why ISIS wives cannot be allowed to return with their terrorist spawn. These women have been fully indoctrinated and will not re-assimilate. They will raise their children to be sleeper terrorists that will, like this mother did, be raised to fulfill what their fathers started.