We have covered this sick picture before. The mothers of Palestinian terrorists who praise their children’s killing of Jews, often wishing they had killed more:

Now there is another example.

October 2015 was start of what commonly was referred to as the Knife or Stabbing Intifada. While there were many other forms of attack, the knifings — often carried out by teenagers — resulted in many attackers being shot dead after killing or wounding Israelis:

According to the Israel Security Agency, October 2015 saw the beginning of a wave of terrorism that has led to 620 attacks (483 in the form of firebombs) in one month, compared to 223 in September. Eleven people (one foreign national and 10 Israelis) were killed in terrorist attacks in October, and 80 were injured, 37 of them moderately or more severely (one foreign national, 18 Israeli civilians, and 18 members of the security forces).

I wrote about the Knife Intifada: “spasms of bloody and murderous irrationality”. The knifings were glorified on Palestinian social media.


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On October 10, 2015, I covered how international media headlines reported the killing of knife attackers, without mentioning the circumstances in the headline, “Israeli security forces kill boy, 16”. That 16-year-old was shot and killed after stabbing a religious Jew walking on the road, and it was caught on video.

In that report, I also noted other attacks, including this one at the Damascus Gate to the Old City in which an attacker was shot and killed. I didn’t know or report his name:


This video was posted by Haaretz on October 10, 2015, but the attacker ws not named. Here is the Haaretz description:

10:43 A.M. Security footage has been released from the scene of a terror attack that targeted policemen near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Saturday. The video shows an assailant who was detained by police for a security check taking out a knife and stabbing officers. The assailant is then shot by several policemen who were standing nearby. Three officers where wounded in the incident, two of whom were hurt by friendly fire.

Based on a report from MEMRI (see below), which caused me to do more research, I think we now know the attacker’s name.

On October 10, 2015, the Palestinian Maan News reported that 19-year old Muhammad Saed Ali was shot dead by Israeli police after he stabbed a two policemen:

A Palestinian was shot dead Saturday after an alleged stabbing attack that left three Israeli policemen injured in the second attack at Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem in one day.

An Israeli police spokesperson said the area had been closed off following the attack, adding that the officers were being treated at the scene.

Israeli news site Haaretz reported that the incident took place after two officers asked the Palestinian for identification outside Damascus Gate.

He reportedly presented his ID before stabbing the officers, wounding one in the neck. Policemen standing nearby then opened fired, killing the Palestinian and also wounding two police officers, including one of those who had been stabbed.Witnesses told Ma’an that there was heavy gunfire after the stabbing.

The Palestinian was identified as Muhammad Saed Ali, 19, from Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, where two other Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli forces since Friday.

In a separate report, Maan News gave details of the attack:

Ali, who lived in Shuafat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, was shot dead on Oct. 10 after he stabbed one Israeli soldier in the neck and another in the upper body outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Video footage was later released showing the moment Ali drew a knife on the Israeli soldiers when they asked to see his identification.

An Israeli policeman was accidentally shot when other Israeli policemen fired at Ali, the Guardian reported:

One of the policemen, a 20-year-old member of the Israeli special forces unit, was accidentally shot by other officers when they were firing at Ali. The other two officers stabbed by the suspect were wounded and taken to hospital.

Jerusalem police major general Chico Edri said police had asked a Palestinian youth outside the gate for identification after identifying him as “suspicious”.

“The youth showed his ID, then drew a knife and stabbed two officers, one in the neck. Nearby officers fired at the assailant, killing him, but also wounding one of the officers,” Edri said.

While not absolutely certain, it certainly appears that Muhammad Saed Ali was the person I reported on back on that date, without knowing his name at the time.

That’s relevant because MEMRI reports on an interview with Ali’s mother on Hamas TV:

Here is the transcript of the video:

In a February 14, 2019 broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza), the mother of Muhammad Said Muhammad Ali, a 19-year old Palestinian who was killed when he attacked Israeli policemen with a knife at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, said that her son had been “a lion.” She praised how he wielded the knife when he attacked the policemen, explaining that he had been a butcher. She then sang: “Muhammad Ali was a courageous man, oh knife commandos… You are the pride of Islam… Your knife sent those midgets running in all directions.” She added that Palestine and Allah deserve that Palestinians sacrifice their lives for their sake. The mother’s name was not mentioned.

Here is the transcript of the video:

Following are excerpts:

Mother of Palestinian Knife Attacker: I am the mother of the heroic martyr, Muhammad Said Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Said lived in occupied Jerusalem. He was 19 years old. He was martyred at Damascus Gate in occupied Jerusalem after carrying out a stabbing operation.


Muhammad was someone you could rely on. He was a hell of a guy. A butcher. A lion. You could see in the video of the attack how practiced he was in wielding a knife, because he was a butcher. Muhammad was a butcher and knew how to slaughter. If I had to describe Muhammad, I would say: Muhammad Ali was a courageous man, oh knife commandos. You could hear the soldiers of Jerusalem’s riot police [screaming] like madmen. You are the pride of Islam, as millions bear witness. Your knife sent those midgets running in all directions.


Our homeland is previous and deserves that we sacrifice our lives for it. The Lord deserves that we sacrifices our lives for His sake.

If you want to know why there is no peace, you have just seen it.