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“Israeli security forces kill boy, 16”

“Israeli security forces kill boy, 16”

Can we fix this headline?

Sometimes anti-Israel media bias is blatant, like the NY Times disgusting attempt to deny that Jewish Temples stood on the Temple Mount. A serious backlash forced the Times to issue a correction — but why did it even attempt to feed into the incitement that denies the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount?

Other times it is more subtle, like the the headline from The Independent in Britain about the shooting of a 16 year old Palestinian boy in Jerusalem.

The headline, which is what most people read and sets the theme of an article, portrays the boy as the victim, and only obliquely references some connection to stabbings in Jerusalem.

In fact, the 16 year old had just stabbed two elderly religious Jews on their way home from Shabbat prayers at the Western Wall. They survived, but one is in serious condition.

Here’s that 16 year old as he went on his stabbing spree, and then attacked a policeman. At that point he was shot dead. (Images via @IdoDaniel Twitter)

Why are Palestinian “children” engaged in such acts?

Because Palestinian media and social media is inciting stabbings.

(Image via @idfelite Twitter)

(Image via @elitabori Twitter)

And those who succeed in killing Jews are celebrated.

It’s starts at the youngest level:

When you see the headlines about Palestinians being killed in the current wave of violence, keep in mind that almost all of them are engaged in stabbing, firebombing or rock throwing.

Here, I’ll fix The Telegraph’s headline for you:

Palestinian killed by police to stop stabbing rampage


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bad results come from bringing a knife to a gun fight…..

brandish a knife at a range of 21 feet or less, and you should suffer the consequences….

continue to shoot until they stop doing what caused you to shoot them in the first place….

Wow, the anti-Jews are not even trying anymore. Choosing to promote empathy for a murderer as a victim does not test well among civilized people.

DINORightMarie | October 10, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Wow. Sick and frightening. I’ve seen many of the MEMRI videos that show the indoctrination of children, but those pictures you posted are so frightening. (I’d love to read a translation of what they say, if anyone can……)

Especially chilling – and also quite revealing of their true agenda – is the one that shows the mouse trap with the Temple Mount (of course with their Al-Aqsa mosque on the top), like it’s “cheese” – i.e. the bait to killing the Jewish people who come to the Temple Mount.

Why – I always come back to that question, why? Why so much hate? Why does the media (both here and in Europe) LIE and mask this targeted hate, this terrorism?

It is pure evil.

    Good question. In fact, hatred toward Jews is so strong and has such a long history that people ignorant of the underlying cause wrongly assume it must be due to something the Jews have done.

    The underlying cause is that Satan hates the Jews and wants to destroy them. God said that “the seed of the woman” would crush Satan’s head. The seed of the woman is Jesus, the descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – that is, the Jewish Messiah. He was rejected by the Jewish nation and killed by the Romans, but that attempt by Satan to thwart God’s purpose was wrecked by Jesus’ resurrection.

    Jesus said he would return when the Jewish nation acknowledges him and asks him to return, saying “Blessed is he who comes in the name of Yaweh”. Satan’s mission has become making sure there is no Jewish nation left to say these words.

    God said to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.” Which category describes ourselves and our country at this moment?

    Radegunda in reply to DINORightMarie. | October 10, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    Hate is written into the heart of Islam. In some places it’s more distilled than others.

    There are various reasons why it’s extra-virulent among the “Palestinian” Arabs. But one reason, surely, is the encouragement it gets from the “international community,” including mainline Christian churches, which has decided that Jews have no right to defend themselves in a country of their own (on land once ruled by Islam), and that anything that Arabs do to Israelis is legitimate “resistance.”

What’s next, they will pass regulations to deny people the right and means to act in self-defense?

Blades, including knives and scalpels, are the leading cause for loss of human life in liberal societies.

holdingmynose | October 10, 2015 at 2:02 pm

The Sydney killer was a 15 year old Iraqi Muslim immigrant and here we had a 16 year old Palestinian Muslim. The Aussies can’t seem to figure out how the 15 year old lad got “radicalized” so young. Family upbringing perhaps?

It has been several years, now, that our friend The Sandmonkey got into an argument at his blog. The Sandmonkey said that Hamas trained little children to kill. He was told that this is a terrible slander against Islam and Muslims. So, he posted links to children’s programming from the Hamas-controlled TV station. These children are taught from toddlerhood on that their purpose in life is to kill, and they get practical instruction in doing so.

They do teach children how to stab.

Here, I’ll fix The Telegraph’s headline for you:

Palestinian killed by police to stop stabbing rampage.

For the subset of headline-only readers who only scan the headlines quickly, I’ll fix it further for you:

Palestinian on stabbing rampage killed by police.

“Why are ‘Palestinian’ “children” engaged in such acts?

Because ‘Palestinian’ media and social media is inciting stabbings.”

The Koran teaches them their killing of Jews is righteous. Plus, they imbibe Jew-hatred with their mother’s milk, learn it with their ABC’s, and recite it like the beads on a rosary. What you are seeing has been well sown.

Why did the police wait for this murderous young man to stab THREE police officers? Ridiculous. They should’ve shot him from the get go.

Headline: Police kills Arab to stop his stabbing rampage.

    Let’s name names, shall we? Abbas is pushing day in and day out that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is under threat, that the Jews must be repelled, they must not be permitted to set their shoes upon it, their violation of Islam must not be tolerated. He spends the rest of his time trying to dampen down the resulting uprising, cooperating with Israelis to do so, because he wants things at a slow boil with the occasional flare-up, no more and no less.

      Juba Doobai! in reply to JBourque. | October 10, 2015 at 9:32 pm

      Name names? Sure. M O H A M M E D. The Islamic heresy began with him. The filth it teaches began with him. Abbas and all the rest are pikers. Mohammed set the tone and practice of Islam. With Islam and Muslims, it is never wise to look at the now. You have to have an historical perspective. The evil is an ancient one, some 1,300 years old. Did the boy in Australia need Abbas to incite him to kill? No. He only needed the Koran and its vile teachings.

Better headline: “Arab goes on stabbing rampage, stabs 3 Israelis.”

Later in the article it is mentioned that police stopped him by shooting him.

Better to kill a homicidal 16 year old then have him kill an innocent 15 year old.

Your link and screenshot are to the Independent but your final comment attributes it to the Telegraph.