Sometimes anti-Israel media bias is blatant, like the NY Times disgusting attempt to deny that Jewish Temples stood on the Temple Mount. A serious backlash forced the Times to issue a correction — but why did it even attempt to feed into the incitement that denies the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount?

Other times it is more subtle, like the the headline from The Independent in Britain about the shooting of a 16 year old Palestinian boy in Jerusalem.

The headline, which is what most people read and sets the theme of an article, portrays the boy as the victim, and only obliquely references some connection to stabbings in Jerusalem.

In fact, the 16 year old had just stabbed two elderly religious Jews on their way home from Shabbat prayers at the Western Wall. They survived, but one is in serious condition.

Here’s that 16 year old as he went on his stabbing spree, and then attacked a policeman. At that point he was shot dead. (Images via @IdoDaniel Twitter)

Why are Palestinian “children” engaged in such acts?

Because Palestinian media and social media is inciting stabbings.

(Image via @idfelite Twitter)

(Image via @elitabori Twitter)

And those who succeed in killing Jews are celebrated.

It’s starts at the youngest level:

When you see the headlines about Palestinians being killed in the current wave of violence, keep in mind that almost all of them are engaged in stabbing, firebombing or rock throwing.

Here, I’ll fix The Telegraph’s headline for you:

Palestinian killed by police to stop stabbing rampage


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