Among the wave of attacks on Jews in Israel was the attack on Bus No. 185:

Shortly after 8 p.m. on October 12, 22-year-old Muhammad Shamasne boarded bus No. 185 near the entrance to Jerusalem and stabbed a 19-year-old Israel Defense Forces soldier and unsuccessfully tried to grab his gun.

Shamasne was shot and killed by police while passengers were attempting to subdue him.

You may remember that attack because we featured one of the heroes.

Yair Ben-Shabat, an Israeli Seniors martial arts expert, helped subdue one of the attackers … with his nunchucks.

Hamas celebrates such attacks with video reenactments, such as this one for the attack on a different no.78 in which two Israelis died:

In an interview for Lebanese television, the mother of Shamasne offered the interviewer candy to celebrate her son Muhammad’s death.

What’s getting much more attention, however, is that during the interview the mother pulled out a knife which she promised to use. Via Israel National News:


“Allah be praised, Muhammed was martyred for the sake of Al-Aqsa,” she said, smiling. “Allah willing all my children will follow in Muhammed’s footsteps.”

“We knew (what he had in mind),” she continued proudly. “I did not cry, and I am angry that he did not take me with him.”

“We regret nothing, we are proud of him,” she added, before offering her interviewer a plate of sweets “to celebrate Muhammed’s martyrdom.”

When asked whether she feared that Israel could demolish her son’s home in response to the attack, she responded that they had not yet received a demolition order from the Israeli authorities – likely due to a recent halt of the practice ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court.

But, grinning widely, she declared that “no threats will have any effect on us. Let them destroy the house, let Mu’tasim and Yousuf [her other sons – ed.] be martyred as well,” before suddenly unsheathing a massive knife concealed under her dress.

“As for me… I am concealing this knife for Israel!” she said, staring into the camera. “Watch out Israel! Watch out!”

The gesture alarmed even her sympathetic interviewer, who urged her repeatedly to put the knife away.

But even after eventually acquiescing to her interviewer’s pleas, the woman then made an apparent threat to carry out an attack.

“Watch out Israel, you have brought the fire of hell upon yourself, and you don’t know who you’re dealing with.

“There’s no need for me to say any more – my deeds will speak louder than my words,” she concluded ominously.


I wonder what the “as a Jew” progressives think about such people. Let me guess, it’s the occupation!


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