The First and Second Intifadas were bloody, with thousands killed.

The Second Intifada was particularly gruesome, with Palestinian suicide bombers blowing up restaurants, buses and just about every other civilian target they could reach. Israel reacted by constructing the security barrier and launching Operation Defensive Shield.

In the past couple of weeks in particular, there has been a surge in Palestinian violence with stabbings, firebombing and rock throwing. The uptick has been fed by deliberate incitement by Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian authority:

Some Arab Israeli members of the Knesset also are involved in fanning the flames, like this Knesset member screaming at Jews to leave the Temple Mount:

The Joint Arab List is standing behind Jamal Zahalka, an Arab Member of Knesset (MK) who on Tuesday hurled abuse on Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, which was caught on film. Zahalka, the Balad party chairman, visited the site – Judaism’s holiest – on Tuesday in support of Muslim rioters who have stepped up their violence against Jews for the High Holiday season.

“Why are you letting them in? It’s a disgrace, only to hurt Muslims’ feelings. This is not yours, get out of here, go home, you’re not wanted,” Zahalka was seen yelling at a police officer sent to protect visitors to the Temple Mount.

Hamas is getting in on the act as well:

Some leading American Boycott Divestment and Sanctions leaders are near giddy at the thought of renewed conflict. Another Intifada has been a common demand on campuses:

(language warning)

Videos and social media are calling for a Third Intifada:

An Israeli civilian was killed when rocks hit his car. Two Israeli parents were executed point blank in front of their two children.

Two Rabbis were stabbed to death in the old city of Jerusalem in front of their families on Saturday.

There have been other stabbings as well.

Needless to say, international media is showing its bias already:

It’s evening in Israel, and from social media accounts, the temperature seems to be rising on the ground.

We will update as events develop.

A lot of people are wondering whether this will be the Third Intifada.


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