Tuesday was another bloody day of Palestinian knifings, shootings, car rammings, and rock throwing.

Bret Stephens in The Wall Street Journal summed up the current knifings in Israel quite well, Palestine: The Psychotic Stage:

Today in Israel, Palestinians are in the midst of a campaign to knife Jews to death, one at a time. This is psychotic. It is evil. To call it anything less is to serve as an apologist, and an accomplice.

But its psychotic for a reason — generations of lies about Jews fed to Palestinians in schools, media, social media and mosques. Yaacov Lozowick, Israel’s State Archivist, explains at this personal website, This is what long-term education to hatred will do :

Palestinian society sends itself into spasms of bloody and murderous irrationality from time to time; at the moment the present case doesn’t seem the worst of them. Yet what’s striking about this time is the age of the culprits. If in the second Intifada there were hundreds of suicide muderers and would-be-murderers, most of them were young adults, and they mostly had some sort of organization behind them. Someone had to give them an explosive belt and drive them to their target inside Israel. This time many of the attackers are teenagers, some even young teenagers; and since they’re using kitchen knives, all they need is access to their mothers’ kitchens.

The pundits will pontificate on their motivations. Israel’s critics will say it’s all about the occupation. Israel’s enemeis will say it’s about Israeli brutality and general evil. The historians wil probably not have unravelled it many decades from now, and they, like the pundits, will find comfortable pat explanations.

The part that impresses me is the public atmosphere forming the minds of Palestinian teenagers. In order for significant numbers of them to be willing to be killed for the chance to stab an Israeli, they must be steeped in hatred to a degree most Western pundits can’t even recognize. Many westerners don’t even accept the reality, let alone the legitimacy, of the concept “enemy”. These young Palestinians seem unable to accept the reality, let alone the legitimacy, of their common humanity with Israelis. For this, blame their parents and grandparents and society at large.

Spend decades telling yourself, your children and your grandchildren that Jews have no legitimate reason to be here, and that now they’re here they spend their days cooking up nasty ideas about how to be cruel to Palestinians and destructive towards Islam, and eventually this is the result you’ll end up with.

This video nicely sums up how the incitement has played out:

The only good news of the day is that these terrorists set themselves on fire when mishandling molotov cocktails, rather than trapping some innocent motorist in a car or street:

Otherwise it was bloody, including this ramming and axe attack that killed a revered elderly Rabbi:

And a bus was commandeered by armed terrorists, but the passengers fought back and the army stormed the bus:




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