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Media following same script against MAGA as it did against Tea Party

Media following same script against MAGA as it did against Tea Party

From Bill Sparkman to Jussie Smollett, the media still creates false narratives that ordinary law-abiding Americans who oppose liberals are dangerous and prone to violence.

The Jussie Smollett claim of a racial and homophobic attack in late January in Chicago by two white men wearing MAGA hats is falling apart.

The story was suspicious from the start. While not impossible, it was improbable that two white guys were running around Chicago in the middle of the night during a sub-zero Polar Vortex wearing MAGA hats while carrying bleach and a noose and just happened to find a high-profile gay black actor to attack.

Democrat politicians ran with the story as a cudgel against Trump and Trump supporters.

Yet even more fervor was shown by the mainstream and entertainment media, who fell all over each other to amplify Smollett’s claims without critical analysis. The media out-hustled the politicians on this story to tell an anti-Trump narrative smearing Trump supporters, particularly those who wear MAGA hats, as racist, homophobic and violent.

Non-liberal media is pointing the finger at the media role. As Sean Davis noted:

News media hopped from the laughable Steele dossier, to CNN’s bogus Don Jr. emails scoop, to BuzzFeed’s bogus Michael Cohen scoop, to the vile Covington smears, to the obvious Jussie Smollett hoax, and yet journos wonder why people say “Learn to code” when they finally get fired.

While the current specific hoaxes and accusations are new, the media tactic is not.

I covered the media mistreatment of the Tea Party starting in 2009, and the same pattern took hold: An act or alleged act of violence immediately was blamed on Tea Party supporters in the absence of actual evidence that the alleged perpetrator was a Tea Party supporter, and in many cases where there was evidence the alleged perpetrator was liberal or leftist.

It all was for the purpose of portraying Tea Party supporters specifically and the “right-wing” more generally as “eliminationist,” people who were prone to political violence:

It started with Bill Sparkman, the part-time Census worker who went missing and then was found dead, setting off an avalanche of mainstream media and left-blogosphere accusations that he was the victim of anti-government “right-wing” hate.  It turned out that Sparkman killed himself, but there were few if any apologies coming.

The Sparkman accusations were based on nothing more than a desire to demonize the newly formed and rapidly growing Tea Party movement as terrorists and un-American.  It was as if they were hoping for an act of Tea Party violence.

The false eliminationist narrative directed at the Tea Party went on for years, aided and abetted by Democrat operative groups like Think Progress and by establishment Republicans who hated the Tea Party.

The prolonged — to this day — attempt to blame Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabby Giffords by Jared Loughner was one of the worst examples, but just one of many that we covered.

In each of these cases, when the hoax or false narrative was exposed, the mainstream media no longer was around, they had moved on, leaving the false perception that Tea Party supporters were dangerous and violent.

Nothing has changed, other than the names and faces. The media still plays the role of creating false narratives that ordinary law-abiding Americans who oppose liberals are dangerous and prone to violence.

Watch how they will run from their complicity in the Jussie Smollett story, how they will try to blame Smollett and society at large for their own journalistic malfeasance and political bias.

[Featured Image: Rachel Maddow Show, September 2009, via Crooks and Liars]


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Had to laugh at a story today about aoc having deleted her tweet about jussie.
She’s getting a whole metric s*** ton load of practice at deleting her stupidity.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary. progressives KNOW conservatives are violent. If we turn out not to be violent in any particular case (or in all cases!), it is only because we are clever and are biding our time and waiting in the shadows to “pounce” when the time is right!

Some progressives actually believe this, some are fundamentally dishonest, some are just plain evil and some are a combination. Sad.

    “Some progressives actually believe this…”

    We collectively surrendered our schools to the left, we supported the leftist media by buying their products and we continally elected corrupt GOPe rats to protect our interets. What else would anyone expect?

    We collectively share the blame. So let’s collectively share the cure.

    Right, Erik Erikson?

“While the current specific hoaxes and accusations are new, the media tactic is not.”

This permeates even the smallest niches of the culture. I’m reminded of the Minnesota Chipolte manager who refused to serve a group of young Negros who would brag online about their dine-and-dash exploits at Chipotle.

A video of the incident went viral, the tweeter mob went ballistic, some MSM outlets twisted it into a racist frenzy (‘the way [the manager] said it was racist’), and the manager was fired.

Fortunately, Chipotle concluded they’d been scammed by this group of lying thieves, and re-hired the manager. No word if the theives were prosecuted, but probably not. No apologies from the MSM for promoting this garbage.

The same will hold true if Jussie Smollett is proved to be a liar who faked a crime.

In 2009 there was no competing narrative to counter the portrayal of the tea party as violent. The traditional media now has counter narratives from the right that quickly debunk the attempts to smear the nationalist movement underlying the MAGA supporters. The media recognize a threat when they see one and quickly mobilize all hands on deck to push the narrative they want everyone to discuss. The new online media don’t play this game and are under attack as a consequence. It is no coincidence that deplatforming of alternative voices is excellerating, they don’t answer to the same corporate masters.

The media has a very progressive/monotonic perspective, which would be tolerable with the right principles, but they are also Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, and betrothed to special and peculiar interests in that genre.

Colonel Travis | February 17, 2019 at 9:03 pm

Leftists must lie. They wouldnt be able to attract adherents otherwise. If they told people how much control they really wanted, they would never be allowed to come close to that power.

There is no slavery in America, no Jim Crow, no poll tax, no separate water fountains, yet we see a black guy who is rich and famous in the year 2019 (not 1919) has either been so brainwashed, which is beyond tragic, or knows better but was compelled to invent racism to further a political point, which is evil. How insulting is that to the legacy of, say, someone who ultimately triumphed after slavery, like Booker T. Washington? Or Clarence Thomas, who was born under Jim Crow and ended up being a judicial check on real oppression. Or the millions of others who never became famous but still kept their dignity after suffering like this Hollywood fop never has?

The left is disgusting. And it is trying to kill this country and turn it into every other world failure, not counting the elite who would get to gleefully rule over all the slobs.

Once again, the media and Hollywood believed what it wanted to believe: 2 AM on Tuesday; zero temperatures; he beat off the attackers without losing his sub or cellphone; most Trump supporters didn’t even know Empire existed let alone who Jussie Smollett was; the list goes on.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | February 17, 2019 at 9:27 pm

Tech Nerd have you seen this:

Hate Hoax – Jussie Smollett Rehearsed Fake Hate Attack With Two Pretend Attackers…

Chicago investigators continue to share stunning evidence about the hate-crime hoax carried out by actor Jussie Smollett with the assistance of two brothers.  It appears the trio even rehearsed the attack. – The Last Refuge.

just happened to find a high-profile gay black actor to attack.

High profile is a tad generous. Be honest when answering the following question. Did you have a clue, any clue at all, that this actor existed prior to this brouhaha?

My answer- No. Just checked his IMDB page. The only thing I would have seen him in is The Mighty Ducks, films when he was 10 years old. According to Empire had a whopping 6.1 million viewers. Less than 2% of the U.S. population.

Corrpt swine. Betrayors of our country.

I would argue that President Trump learned by watching the Tea Party…especially its takeover by the GOP. There would be no MAGA without the Tea Party.

    true for the primaries – but what won the election was Trump flipping a few select states. Those were not tea party types. Those were people who would not hold their nose to vote for Hillary.

    I love what Trump is doing. But I don’t pretend for a minute to be able to predict the hearts of those voters who flipped.

Notice that Netflix has been spawning a lot of “provocative” political documentaries lately catering to an ever more left leaning narrative?

    MAJack in reply to Andy. | February 18, 2019 at 7:16 am

    Cancelled my subscription once Barry O was signed on.

      PersonofInterests in reply to MAJack. | February 18, 2019 at 8:03 am

      I dumped Netflix when Susan Rice, i.e., Obamas Benghazi Liar, and that decision was confirmed to be correct when they added President Zero and his racist wife.

      It’s one thing to endure the bad decisions of others who voted for America’s First Communist President but another when choice to avoid them and their enablers is in our hands to decide. I look forward to the day when they get the Karma that they richly deserve while seeing Justice served remains in abeyance.

PersonofInterests | February 18, 2019 at 8:07 am

I love Legal Insurrection, but they really do need to add an “Edit Feature” for those who comment; sometimes our brains are moving faster than our fingers when we tap out comments and we could correct oversights and misspellings.

New media has really ended the ability of liberals to reliably slander. Remember at the grotesque spectacle of the signing of Obamacare, they tried to claim the Tea Party was “chanting” the n-word. It was reported breathlessly without question. Andrew Breitbart proceeded to collect cell phone video and was able to prove beyond ANY doubt that there was no harrassment at all, the entire time the Dems had their victory parade. He created the script of how we must defend ourselves. It worked there and the same thing worked with the Covington smears. Rule: If ever in a situation with a lot of leftists, keep your camera running.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Mr85. | February 18, 2019 at 11:48 am

    Have you seen this today? This was in a major Sam’s Wholesale Club store I believe.

    Man accused of pulling gun on victim wearing MAGA hat

    MajorWood in reply to Mr85. | February 18, 2019 at 11:53 am

    I still think that the Oberlin trial will change the game. After what I suspect will be a large punitive settlement, they will fire Raimondo (she is only there now for appearances sake), who will go bat-shit nuts and spill the beans on the college (she will now be too toxic for anyone to legitimately hire) and then the alumni will learn bout what is happening. I highly suspect that the college is stringing this along as a justification for not talking about it. They want to keep the alumni in the dark for as long as possible. Remember, it is only the current students who have a problem with Gibsons. ALL of the alumni love the place and they will be sorely disappointed to learn just how dickish the college has been. But most importantly, it will be a precedent that people can stand up to the onslaught of slander and win big, which should hopefully decrease the amount of slander.

Not just the media, but the GOP-e. Back in the Tea Party Movement days they joined forces with the Left in disparagement against the Tea Party folks as strenuously as do the #NeverTrumpers of today.

Always remember: This Leftist narrative would have far less power if not for Cruise Ship Cons like the ones over at National Review and now NeverTrumpers like Rags. Their willingness to echo the smears while posing as “conservatives” and “Republicans” gives “bi-partisan” cover to Leftist lies.