So this is what it comes to. After eight years of protesters hanging George Bush in effigy, calling him a Nazi, disrupting conservative speeches on campuses by taking over stages or throwing pies, creating websites and movies that wished for Bush’s death, and a myriad of other indignities…. After all this time, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer discover what it means to be “Un-American.”

In today’s USA Today, Pelosi and Hoyer brand those speaking up at town hall meetings “Un-American.”

“Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. “

Now you tell us. Drowning out opposing views has been standard fare for almost a decade, but never a word of complaint when the views drowned out were conservative.

What does it now mean to be Un-American? For people, many of them elderly, to stand up at town halls and demand to be heard on the Democratic health care proposals. Rather than the tightly controlled puff pieces which politicians love, the town halls have turned into the one outlet people have to let politicians know how they feel.

Almost all other outlets have been shut down; the mainstream media is overwhelmingly liberal and supportive of the Obama administration, as is academia. We have single party rule in Washington, and it is almost impossible to criticize the Obama administration without being falsely branded a racist.

Town halls have become a primary forum for people who have no voice to be heard. While people attending town halls should not disrupt the proceedings to the extent of shutting them down, people do have a right to voice their opinions loudly if the way the town hall is being run is meant to stifle not encourage debate. Other than the internet, town halls may be the only forum where ordinary people, not connected to the party in power, have a voice.

It is too late for Pelosi and Hoyer to shut down opposition through name calling, because increasingly people are willing to speak out. That fact must be really frightening to Pelosi and Hoyer.

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