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Chipotle Caves to Twitter Mob, Fires Employee Trying To Prevent “Dine and Dash,” After False Accusation of Racism

Chipotle Caves to Twitter Mob, Fires Employee Trying To Prevent “Dine and Dash,” After False Accusation of Racism

The guy who started the controversy bragged online about ripping off restaurants. Chipotle offered the manager her job back after online pushback.

Will corporations never learn that knee-jerk reactions to online outrage are almost always factually vapid? Apparently not.

Fast food chain Chipotle recently fired a manager after a viral video showed her refusing service to a group of young, black men. She also suggested the group of men did not have money to pay for their food, saying the last several times they frequented the restaurant, they didn’t have money to pay.

“You gotta pay because you’ve never had money when you come in here. We’re not gonna make food unless you guys actually have money,” she said.

The video, taken by Masud Ali, one of the men refused service, instantly went viral. Chipotle acted swiftly, firing the manager.

First, the video:

It took a whole five minutes to unearth tweets, made by Ali himself, discussing previous dine and dashes.

Predictably, Ali made the ordeal about race, conveniently neglecting the fact that he has a criminal record which includes convictions for, wait for it… theft!

Of course, news outlets jumped on the Racist™ bandwagon without bothering to research whether or not the manager’s claims were true.

More from The Daily Caller:

Ali later told the Star Tribune “the way [the manager] said it was racist. She asked for proof of income as if I’m getting a loan.”

He also said he didn’t appreciate being called a thief.

But Ali was sentenced to two years of probation in January for theft over $1,000, according to Minnesota court records. All but two days of a one-year jail term was suspended.

He also pleaded guilty to theft in November 2015 and received a year of probation, court records show.

Meanwhile, many people posted screenshots of Ali’s previous behavior in replies to his tweets. Yet newspapers across the country published stories without these facts.

The Miami Herald, for example, ran a story headlined “Chipotle manager fired after employees refuse to serve five black men.”

The story has since been updated to include Ali’s background and the reporter, Monique Madan, told TheDCNF they were not aware of the tweets and would have included them in the story.

When Good Morning America producer Lauren Dozier asked Ali for rights to run the video on television, she received more than 200 replies from people, many saying things like “Don’t do it,” “Do your research,” or screenshots of Ali’s past tweets bragging of schemes to “eat for free.”

She responded to Ali “Thanks,” but did not appear to respond to any of these warnings.

Chipotle stepped in it. Big time.

What did they know and when did they know it?!

Sunday, Chipotle offered the manager her job back:

But really though, how many?


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So many restaurant chains have caved to racism claims. And I have watched as those chains have acceded to racial quotas in there hiring practices. The quality of the dining experance has fallen. While personal observation does not prove cause and effect it does make for interesting water cooler debate.

    Arminius in reply to Shadow5. | November 19, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Never, ever, give in to extortion. It’s what they want. The Al Sharptons of the world want something to point at and say, “Aha!” Of course you, Cracker Barrel are racist. You settled.

I am so done with this ‘puter. I was writing an eloquent speech about the cowardice of corporate culture.

But then it dropped. It was about how I’m not bragging, but simply not slitting my own throat.

In the Navy my word is my bond. I had deadly force authority over an installation deemed vital to national security. I did not abuse that authority. I considered them my Marines, but they were your Marines. Do you appreciate that? I think when my Marine Drill Instructor toward the end of AOCS, probably the opposite of all his training, that I would make a good officer, he already knew this about me.

They are not my Sailors. The are not my Marines. I consider them as mine. But when under my command they are not my Soldiers, Airmen, or Coasties. They are yours. And they are my responsibility.

“I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. I felt I owed it to them.”

Judge Elihu Smails, Caddyshack.

Part of the real problem is that a chain like Chipotle is in a no-win situation: if they say “we’re investigating the facts first” (the right answer), they’ll be boycotted by the Social Justice Warrior crowd and activists playing the “covering up racism” angle.

What we need to do is make the cost of giving into the activists on the Left without any due process far greater than the cost of giving in in the first place.

And we need to hold the Left who goes on a rampage at the drop of a hat without allowing due process to play out pay the price of their actions.

Until this happens, you will see more shit like this.

The first step, of course, would be a 7-figure settlement to the fired manager.

    Shadow5 in reply to w3woody. | November 19, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    I’m not so sure that doing the right thing in the first place is a no win scenario. Look at Chic-fil-A. No if you stand on firm ground good people will stand with you. Chipotle’s is going to find that by caving they are going to have trouble hiring quality employees.

I also believe Gunnery Sergeant Anti-Christ knew I could be a D*** if that’s what it was going to take.

w3woody, it’s not a foregone conclusion that it is a no win situation. Only if we let it be.

4th armored div | November 19, 2018 at 10:24 am


It sounds like the company is paying for so hastily taking the side of the mob. Shocking as that is, I’m doubtful it means that company will learn a lesson and revert more towards due process for employees. They are very “progressive” in the image they want to build and probably fear tarnishing that more than any one lawsuit.

Occasional Thinker | November 19, 2018 at 10:45 am

This is life in retail/food service being run by management that has a business degree but has never had to deal with the public. And college professors teaching those degrees also do not have that experience. It is not just a race issue, managers learn corporations will through them under the bus for following corporate policy anytime a customer complains.

    It’s more likely somebody just trying to minimize the money he has to waste on utter bullshit. The choice actually made may not be optimal, but we can’t just assume laziness or malevolence on management’s part.

    Low-level extortion pays. That’s just an unfortunate fact. Medical malpractice insurers routinely settle even the most outrageous fraudulent claims because the legal costs of fighting them out are so extreme. Far cheaper to pay for them to go away. Doctors and hospitals are none to keen on this, as it means that they officially lose malpractice cases even when no actual malpractice was involved. But they have nothing to say about it—it’s the insurer’s money, and they look to minimize costs, even if it makes the problem even worse in future. They’ll worry about those costs when they happen. Business is a dynamic concept—money you have now, when it’s time to meet payroll, is worth far more than money you may have later.

Never liked that place anyways.

Can you please write up the story instead of putting up two dozen tweets. Tweets are confusing with all of their @ and #WTH stuff. Just write up the story.
Twitter is an absolute sewer and is one of the most evil of all the social media sites.

    The tweets are the original, underlying facts. I want to see them. After a while, you will get the hang of reading them: Ignore the portions that are not of interest to you, usually the names and dates and times.

    tom_swift in reply to American Human. | November 21, 2018 at 2:10 am

    Yes, they do get pretty repetitive. Reading the exact same text two or three times is a waste of time; and seeing it separated by only an inch or two on screen is ridiculous.

    If it’s worth putting in, put it in . . . once.

I hope she sues them and gets the money. Please keep us updated if she does. I really hope she doesn’t go back to work for a company that doesn’t support her. She was polite but direct the entire time, as was the other employee.

    pwaldoch in reply to healthguyfsu. | November 19, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    The Manager is in a bad situation at this point. If she sues, she’s already been offered her job back, and she may get some pittance for last time but she already has her job back. She won’t get enough on a lawsuit against her employer to “retire” so she will have to eventually find a new job, unless she want’s to keep working for a company that she knows she can’t trust. So now trying to find a new job becomes an issue as shes known to sue her employer. Most other employers will see that as a negative mark against her. Her best option may to just take back her job and go on an active job hunt for a new position somewhere else where she may be more valued as a manager willing to help with loss prevention in her store.

      Olinser in reply to pwaldoch. | November 19, 2018 at 3:09 pm

      She’s not in a bad place AT ALL. She’s in a fantastic place for a huge lawsuit.

      The company PUBLICLY libeled her as a racist when they PUBLICLY fired her, and there is an unambiguous statement from a representative of the company that they KNEW of this scum’s previous statements and thefts before the firing.

      Publicly announcing why somebody has been fired, ESPECIALLY when you’re wrong, is a massive HR no-no, for exactly things like this.

      A lawyer fresh out of law school with this as his first case would get 7 figures easily, never mind a GOOD lawyer.

      The final tweet linked here is correct. At this point the only argument is whether her settlement check has 6 or 7 zeroes on it.

        Milhouse in reply to Olinser. | November 19, 2018 at 3:30 pm

        The company was careful not to libel her. It did not say she was a racist. It said that since she could not be 100% sure these were the same customers who hadn’t paid the previous time, and they denied being them, it had to take their word over hers. Then it said she should have had the food prepared but not given it to them without payment. I don’t really see the difference there; would they not have complained then? Could the food then have been given to another customer? I understand Chipotle has no table service, but when does one normally pay? When getting ones order, or after eating?

One has to wonder at what level within these organizations are the decisions to fire managers is being made. The Starbucks incident early this year also comes to mind. Where are the adults in these companies? It may very well be at the top, with virtue signaling being paramount, and all that talk about “our employees are our most important assets” so much rubbish. There will always be pirates seeking to plunder from others.

I used to visit a restaurant for coffee. The wait staff would frequently point out a group to me, and say ‘They are about to complain about the food. The key phrase? “This meal was not up to my expectations.” Then the manager will comp the entire bill.’ The scam was for a large group to come in, order and eat the majority of the meal, complain at the end, and receive a free meal. My question was “Can’t you just kick them out?” The answer: “OMFG No!!! They practically riot when we do. Corporate would fire us all.” The events always unfolded as expected, and it was always one demographic. That restaurant is no longer there.

Sometimes I stop by a convenience store because I need to use the bathroom. I always buy something first.

Maybe that’s not what’s going on here. I never argued with the proprietor, though. Jesus Christ, are these people arguing about what the rules of service ought to be?

OK, Majestic Bakery, all rules are off.

Odd. Chip here does not give you the food until you have given them the money. Then again, ours is not a “sit down and somebody takes your order” type, it’s a “Walk through the line while specifying your order and pick it up at the cash register”

My son works at a sit-down restaurant. They have a camera system to take a nice picture of everybody who comes in. Complaining about service or food does *not* get the complainer a comp, it gets them a coupon for their next visit. And skipping out gets them a cop. They have remarkably few problems.

    Blueshot in reply to georgfelis. | November 19, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Apparently whats is happening is that as the food gets to the register the fake customers pick up the bags and either walk or run out the door. The bags are right there so it’s rather easy.

    I do wonder if they could be charged with strong-arm robbery if a cashier attempted to stop them and they hit the cashier.

I can’t help but observe the irony here. Noted Islamophobe, I am. If I could employ this entire crew I would. Masud Ali? H3lls yes.

Isn’t this the restaurant chain with repeated episodes of lettuce induced diarrhea? Pass!

The Social Justice Warriors invented a diversity claim, a color judgment, the company accepted the claim without due process. The first were lying for profit, the second went along to get along. Both were wrong, and violated the employee’s civil rights. Much of Africa, the Middle East, and now Europe and abroad, have needlessly suffered on Social Justice for nearly a century.

    This article is total crap. First, they waited their own meal. The picture shows them at a counter being handed their food. There was no service involved, so no tip is customary. The pathetic store manager brought this non-event to the attention of the media because he had a “tip jar” and they didn’t contribute enough in the right way so he purposely exposed his customer to ridicule. This manager needs a demotion.

Nice – a mendacious, profane, self-entitled and loathsome criminal.

Perhaps he views stolen restaurant meals as part of his “jizya” payment from the “infidels?”

I forgot to add “misogynist,” to my previous post. Islam’s wonderful treatment of women by Muslim men continues, apace. Ali feels quite comfortable calling this woman a “bitch.”

What a wonderful example of Somali Muslim character. As

HAHAHA Dozier’s profile is now protected.

American Human is so, so right. Twitter is a sewer. I was so turned around that I was under the impression that Masud Ali was the good guy in this story instead of being the thief.

As a matter of general principle I do tend to look after employees that look after me.

Of course, that’s exactly the impression that Masud Ali would try to create, wouldn’t it?

Richard Aubrey | November 20, 2018 at 8:55 am

I emailed corporate and asked what their policy was wrt dine&dash. They said they’d reviewed the incident and offered the manager her job back. There will be retraining….no mention of D&D…but the references to unspecified situations didn’t have to be dissected.